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Top 10 Best Link Monsters in Yugioh

Top 10 Best Link Monsters in Yugioh

There is a surplus on powerful link monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! to a point where some of them could be considered overpowered.

Some cards make others look pointless, and some make us wonder how they’re still allowed in official tournaments; but whatever the power level, here are 10 of our favorite link monsters with some of the best effects in the trading card game.

Hot Tip
An important note about link monsters: Link monsters have several arrows around the frame of their card image when a link monster’s arrows are adjacent to a card zone, and another monster is occupying that zone, then the link monster is pointing to that monster, and the cards become linked.

10 Best Yugioh Link Monsters

Decode Talker

With 2300 attack points, Decode Talker is already a heavy hitter, but then you should go ahead and look at its effect.

For every monster card that Decode Talker points to, this link monster gains 500 more attack points on top of what it already has.

In addition, if your opponent activates the effect of one of your cards, you can tribute a monster that Decode Talker points to and negate the effect.

Decode Talker is incredibly easy to summon, and with its attack power and its effect, it makes for an amazing cyberse monster card to have in your deck.

Firewall Dragon

A slightly pricier but sought-after monster card, Firewall Dragon has a solid 2500 attack points, and a few more pointing arrows than most link monsters usually have. Firewall Dragon also has two abilities.

The first ability allows Firewall Dragon to return a card from the graveyard or the field to the owner’s hand.

You can do this for the number of cards equal to the amount that are linked to Firewall Dragon through its pointing arrows.

The second ability enables you to special summon a monster from your hand when Firewall Dragon destroys a monster that it’s pointing to.

Tri-gate Wizard

This card is perfect for duelists that already own several link monsters and are looking to expand their collection a little more.

Tri-Gate Wizard has 2200 attack points and is able to gain its effects based on the number of monsters that are linked to it via its arrows.

The three effects are as follows: 1. If a monster that is linked to this card battles a monster your opponent controls, any battle damage that is inflicted on your opponent is doubled. 2.

Once a turn, you can banish one card on the field. 3. Once a turn, when a card’s quick effect is activated, you can negate the effect, and banish the card.


Definitely one of the cuter and more attractive link cards to own, Linkuriboh is the link monster/cyberse version of the fluffball Kuriboh; who has had several forms in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe since its conception.

Kuriboh has always been good at making combinations more effective, and Linkuriboh is no different. Though it only has 300 attack points, it’s a sacrificial card with a powerful effect.

Tribute Linkuriboh when your opponent declares an attack and change the attacking monster’s attack points to zero until the end of the turn.

If Linkuriboh is in your Graveyard, you can tribute a level one monster to special summon this card back to the field.

Saryuja Skull Dread

A dragon in the earth attribute with a whopping 2800 attack points, even without its effects, Saryuja Skull Dread is a card to be extremely cautious of.

This card’s effects are gained depending on the number of monsters you manage to link it to.

With two monsters, Saryuja gains 300 attack and defense points for each monster summoned into a zone it points to. With three monsters, you can special summon a monster from your hand.

With the full four monsters, you can draw four cards and also place three cards from your hard to the bottom of your deck.

Knightmare Gryphon

There is a whole host of Knightmare link monsters, but including them, all would take up far too much space in this list. Knightmare monster cards are included in almost every link deck out there; a favorite among duelists.

When link summoned, you can discard one card and then target one spell or trap card in your Graveyard to set on your field.

The card cannot be activated until the next turn, but if Knightmare Gryphon was linked to other cards when you activated its effect, you can also draw one card.

Borreload Dragon

Borreload cannot be targeted by monster effects, which makes it a formidable card to have on your side of the field. Each turn, you can target a face-up monster, and it will lose 500 attack and defense points.

If this card attacks a monster, you can also take control of that monster, but it must be sent to the Graveyard at the end phase of the next turn.

Aromaseraphy Jasmine

Another cute card hidden in the depths of the link monster world, Jasmine has fairly standard attack points at 1800.

She uses life points to her advantage. When your life points are higher than your opponent’s, Jasmine and any of your plant monsters cannot be destroyed.

Arcana Extra Joker

2800 attack points, and a card that gives you a reason to make sure you keep as many cards in your hand as possible.

When an effect activates that targets this monster, or another link monster points to it, you can discard a card of the same type to negate the effect.

When link summoned and destroyed by battle, you are given the opportunity to special summon a level four warrior monster from your deck to your hand.

Crowley the Origin of Prophecy

Despite its lower attack points of 1000, Cowley is great for spellbook and spellcaster decks.

When Crowley is summoned, you can choose three different Spellbook cards from your deck, and your opponent must randomly choose one for you to add to your hand.

Once per turn, you may also summon a level five spellcaster.

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