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Top 10 Best Water Monsters in Yugioh

Top 10 Best Water Monsters in Yugioh

Water decks can be extremely powerful if they contain the right cards, and many Water types have strong effects (some are so strong that it’s a wonder they aren’t forbidden yet).

All of these cards are suitable for a Water deck, but there are several XYZ cards here that you may wish to play in a different way.

Best Water Monsters in Yugioh

King of the Swamp

This monster card has been around forever, and you can tell because it talks about Fusion Monsters and Polymerization in the effect description.

Not something you often see anymore! King of the Swamp has little in the way of attack points, but as he’s an Effect Monster, let’s pay more attention to that.

King of the Swamp can be used as a substitute for anyone Fusion Material whose name is specifically listed on the Fusion Monster Card, but the other Fusion Material(s) must be correct. You can only use him to substitute one of the cards that you need for the Fusion.

Afterward, you can discard this card to the Graveyard, and add one “Polymerization” from your deck to your hand.

Abyss Soldier

This won’t be the first monster card that we introduce to you today where the effect involves returning cards to the hand. That just seems to be a theme with Water Type cards. Abyss Soldier is no different.

Once per turn, you can discard one Water Type monster to the Graveyard. Once you do this, target one card on the field and return it to the owner’s hand.

This might seem like an overused and basic play, but it’s how you play the card that matters, as much as what the effect actually is.

Nightmare Penguin

Always a hilarious card to look at, Nightmare Penguin might come off a little weak (considering its 900 attack points), but as an Effect Monster, this penguin has more to offer.

Beyond the top hat and the waistcoat, there is an effect that can help you out if you can keep him on the field.

All face-up Water Type monsters that you control gain 200 attack points. When Nightmare Penguin is flipped face-up, you should target one card that your opponent controls and return that targeted card to their hand.

Treeborn Frog

Seeing a frog with tiny angel wings is always a strange experience, but Treeborn Frog is a useful little sacrifice when you need one.

At level one and with just 100 attack and defense points, you may be wondering why he’s on our list at all.

Once per turn, during your Standby Phase, if Treeborn Frog is in your Graveyard and you do not control another “Treeborn Frog,” you can Special Summon this card to the field. You must control no Spell/Trap Cards to use this effect.

Essentially, Treeborn Frog can be used as a quick defense when you have no other monsters. But you need to get him in the Graveyard first.

Leviair the Sea Dragon

A detailed card with beautiful artwork, Leviair the Sea Dragon is in the higher end of average when it comes to attack and defense power.

Checking in with 1800 attack points and 1600 defense points makes Leviair the Sea Dragon well-rounded, but this XYZ card has more to offer.

Once per turn, you can detach oneXYZ Material from this card, then target one banished level four or lower monster, and Special Summon that target to your side of the field.

You’ll need two monsters that are both level three to bring Leviair the Sea Dragon to the field.

Number 21: Frozen Lady Justice

The Number monster cards are always powerful cards to have in your deck, and Number 21: Frozen Lady Justice is no different.

She may only have 500 attack and defense points, but as an XYZ and an Effect Monster, she has a lot more to offer than other Water Type cards.

Number 21: Frozen Lady Justicegains 1000 attack points for each XYZ Material attached to it. Once per turn, you can detach one XYZ Material from this card to destroy all monsters your opponent controls that are in defense mode.

Toadally Awesome

Rank two and hitting the field with 2200 attack points, you might want to keep Toadally Awesome in play. This XYZ card has a lot to offer.

Once per turn, during the Standby Phase, you can detach one XYZ Material from this card and Special Summon one “Frog” monster from your Deck.

Also, when your opponent activates a Spell/Trap Card, or a monster effect: You can send one Aqua monster from your hand/field to the Graveyard, negate the activation of the effect, and destroy that card.

Penguin Soldier

This ferocious little fluff ball means business. Carrying a sword into battle (that we’re not quite sure how he’s holding…), Penguin Soldier has a Flip Effect that is timeless and annoying for your enemy.

When flipped from face-down to face-up position, Penguin Soldier can target one or two monsters on the field and return those monsters to the owner’s hand. This is useful for you if you need to return a monster for some strategic reason, or if you just want to make your opponent’s life more difficult.

The Tripper Mercury

The Tripper Mercury is another of the strongest Water Type cards around. With 2000 attack and defense points, Mercury would be fine even without their effect.

When this card is Tribute Summoned, you can change all monsters on the field to face-up Attack Position. You can Tribute three monsters to Tribute Summon this card.

If summoned this way, all monsters your opponent controls lose attack points equal to their original attack point number. This card can also make a second attack during each Battle Phase.

Number 101: Silent Honor Ark

Our second Number monster for this list, Number 101: Silent Honor ARK looks a little out of place among other Water Types, given its more futuristic artwork.

This ship packs a punch with 2100 attack points!

You can detach two XYZ Materials from Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, then target one Special Summoned monster your opponent controls that is in attack mode face-up.Attach that monster to this card as XYZ Material.

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