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Top 10 Best Cards for a Kuriboh Deck

Top 10 Best Cards for a Kuriboh Deck

Kuriboh is one of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards; one that hasn’t lost its touch over the years. The following cards are our best picks for a Kuriboh deck build.

Best Cards for a Kuriboh Deck


The first classic Kuriboh monster card is an obvious addition to any Kuriboh deck. Honestly, it would be a little strange if a duelist didn’t have a Kuriboh in their Kuriboh deck.

This little fella has just 300 attack points, sure, but his power lies in his ability to reduce the damage you might take from an attack to zero.

The full card effect for Kuriboh is as follows: During your opponent’s turn, when they are calculating the damage you will take from their attack, you can discard Kuriboh and take no damage at all.

It’s a Quick Effect, meaning you can use it immediately to save yourself from that battle damage.

Winged Kuriboh

The next logical card to include in your Kuriboh Deck is the monster card Winged Kuriboh. Winged Kuriboh has the same attack and defense points as the classic Kuriboh card.

Winged Kuriboh was introduced to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world as Jaden Yuki/Judai Yuki’s duel spirit. Much like Yugi Muto’s duel monster spirit is the original Kuriboh.

When Winged Kuriboh is destroyed in battle or sent from the field to the graveyard by some other effect, any battle damage its duelist may have taken gets reduced to zero.

What’s the difference between Winged Kuriboh and Kuriboh, you may ask? At a base level, nothing.

But Kuriboh’s card effect specifically points out discarding his card during damage calculation, while Winged Kuriboh’s is interpreted as an effect that is eligible at any time once the card is sent to the graveyard.

Winged Kuriboh LV10

Let’s kick it into high gear with Winged Kuriboh LV10! This fairy type monster card cannot be normal summoned without the effect of “Transcendent Wings”; so, bear that in mind when you add this card to your deck.

While Winged Kuriboh also has quite a low attack and defense points, its effect is much stronger than the other Kuriboh cards we’ve mentioned so far.

Winged Kuriboh can be used as a tribute during the attacking phase of your opponent. If you use this effect, every monster that your opponent has in attack position is destroyed.

But that’s not all: You also inflict the same amount of battle damage to your opponent’s life points as the combined attack points of the destroyed monsters.


Everyone misses the Monster Reborn spell card, but those with Kuriboh decks can still reap the benefits of a similar effect with Kuribohrn.

Kuribohrn is a level one light attribute monster with an effect that works strictly for Kuriboh cards.

At the end of the battle phase of the turn, you can send Kuribohrn to the graveyard, target one other monster in your graveyard, and special summon it to your field.

It must be a monster that was destroyed by battle and not one you put there.

When an opponent declares an attack with one of their monsters, you can banish Kuribohrn from your graveyard to your out-of-play pile, select any number of Kuriboh monster cards from your graveyard, and summon them to the field.

Rainbow Kuriboh

The weakest Kuriboh card on this list, Rainbow Kuriboh, has just 100 attack points and 100 defense points.

But it doesn’t matter when you take the card’s effect into consideration. Rainbow Kuriboh may not look much like a Kuriboh, but the monster certainly has the characteristics of one. Observe:

When an opponent declares an attack with one of their monsters, you can target that monster, attach Rainbow Kuriboh to it, and stop it from attacking while this card is equipped to it.

But there’s also a second effect, wherein you can special summon Rainbow Kuriboh from your graveyard when your opponent is declaring a direct attack.

Clear Kuriboh

Clear Kuriboh is both a light attribute monster and a fairy type, meaning he works well in a variety of deck builds, and not just for Kuriboh decks.

The effects of Clear Kuriboh can be extremely helpful if you find yourself in a tight spot.

During either yours or your opponent’s turn, if your opponent tries to hit you with any damage from a monster card effect, you can discard Clear Kuriboh and stop that attack.

Furthermore, when your opponent’s monster tries to attack you directly, you can banish Clear Kuriboh from your graveyard to your out-of-play pile, draw a card, and special summon it if it happens to be a monster card.


The last monster card on our list, Scapeghost, is a zombie type monster that looks eerily like Kuriboh.

This card fits into Kuriboh deck builds well, because tokens and Kuriboh cards are practically one and the same.

Though this is a Tuner card, you can easily play off the support characteristics of Scapeghost.

When you flip this card from a face-down position, you activate its effect: you can special summon any number of “Black Sheep Tokens” on your side of the field. Black Sheep Tokens can be combined with other cards for amazing strategies.

Token Sundae

Speaking of tokens, Token Sundae is a perfect card to play once you have your Black Sheep Tokens from Scapeghost.

Token Sundae allows you to destroy all the tokens you control on your side of the field and then destroy any cards on the field up to this number.

Three destroyed tokens in total means three destroyed cards of your choice, for example.

Creature Swap

Creature Swap is an interesting magic card to play because it can immediately give you an edge over your opponent.

When you activate this card, both duelists must choose one monster card that they currently control and exchange control with their opponent.

Imagine having a basic Kuriboh card on your field, and nothing else.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Lastly, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing; a trap card with an edge. When you take damage from battle, you can show one of your level one monsters in your hand, special summon it, and also special summon the same card from your deck.

Take some damage and be rewarded.

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