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How To Get More Retainers in Ffxiv

How To Get More Retainers in Ffxiv

Life in Eorzea would be unlivable without the help of hardworking, dedicated retainers.

They enable you to sell on the market and store all your junk. If you read our gil guide, you’ll know they also go out on ventures to bring you valuables.

You’ll be able to hire two retainers for free through the Main Scenario Questline, but what if you want more employees at your disposal? It’s going to cost you.

Keep reading to find out how to get more retainers in FFXIV beyond the standard two.

Hiring More Retainers

Before looking into expanding your retainer roster, consider your needs. If you need storage, consider some spring cleaning before making the decision. If you need more market board slots, more retainers are the only way.

If you want more retainers for running ventures, consider the steep time investment that comes with leveling retainers to level 90. There is no way to speed this up without using real money.

Also, consider your stockpile of venture tokens and how you plan to get more before you expand your venture capabilities.

How To Hire More Retainers

Ffxiv Retainer Vocate Hiring

Just like fantasias, additional retainers will cost real currency.

Retainers beyond your second will cost two dollars each and can be added as additional account services through the Mog Station. You can buy seven retainers this way, up to a total of 9 retainers maximum per character.

I use four retainers, and it’s plenty for selling on the market board and keeping ventures rolling. Plus, storage for all my junk; I hate throwing away items.

I can’t imagine needing more, but if you do, consider making some alts.

Optional Retainer Items

Freshly hired retainers will start at level 1.

This is fine if you need market functions and storage, but you’ll need to level them up if you want a complex venture farm. Sadly, leveling up retainers is a massive pain in the popoto.

There is a purchasable level boost for retainers, just like the level boosts available for Disciples of War and Magic. It is called Tales of Adventure: One Retainer’s Journey III; You can purchase it on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store for $9.00. There are bulk discounts for quantities of three and five.

If you can afford it, these items are beyond worthwhile. Leveling a retainer to max level takes a boatload of time and venture tokens. There is really no way to hasten the process other than a Tales of Adventure boost. Do it. Buy it. You’ll love it.