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Top 20 Best Battletech Mods [2024]

Top 20 Best Battletech Mods [2024]

BattleTech, the turn-based strategy game and the latest entry into the BattleTech franchise, is a relatively new game but already has a thriving mod community. 

The game doesn’t have an official mod support system, but most modders have been courteous enough to make their mods simple to implement into the game.

Below, we’ve listed twelve of our favorite mods for when you want to add a few tweaks or a bit of variety to your turn-based mecha experience.

Best Battletech Mods

20. All Equipment at All Stores

All Equipment At All Stores

This mod makes all items and mechs available at the stores in every system, removing the need for players to deal with the black market.

As a result, you’ll have access to the best gear and mechs no matter where you are in the game at regular prices without having to hunt anything down.

In addition, the mod also makes it easier to find rare items and components.

So if you’re looking for a way to give yourself an edge in BattleTech, be sure to check out the All Equipment At All Stores mod.

19. Less Head Injuries

Less Head Injuries

The mod is designed to reduce the number of headshot injuries players receive from enemy fire.

In the game, it is often possible to take out a mech with a single shot. This seems unrealistic, and it undermines the tactical depth of the game.

In the base game, bullets that hit your armor can cause critical damage, regardless of the type of armor.

This mod will adjust the damage logic and formulas so that only certain types of appropriate hits can cause critical damage.

18. Loot Magnet

Loot Magnet

Some gamers get a thrill from managing their inventory and making sure they’re always collecting the best loot, while others see it as a necessary chore.

As the name implies, this mod groups together all of the salvageable items in a single pick-up, making it much easier to collect everything you need.

Not only does it save time, but it also ensures that you don’t miss anything important. So if you’re looking for a way to streamline your BattleTech experience, be sure to check out Loot Magnet.

17. Easy Game

Easy Game

Easy Game is a great mod for players who want a more relaxed experience.

It significantly increases your starting Cbills and mission payouts, and overall makes the game much easier. We would definitely recommend this mod to any player who’s looking for a less challenging game.

In the world of video games, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can find games that will push you to your limits.

But sometimes, players want something a little more relaxed. And that’s OK.

If you’re looking for a way to make BattleTech more accessible and fun, then this mod is definitely worth checking out.

16. Enhanced Star League Gear

Enhanced Star League Gear

In the game of BattleTech, the Star League gear is some of the best in the game. It is hard to get, but if you can get your hands on it, you will be sure to dominate the battlefield.

For those who are already familiar with BattleTech, Enhanced Star League Gear is a must-have mod.

This mod straight-up makes the Star League gear set available right away, but it also makes quite a few improvements to the set’s power to make it as strong as it should have been from the start.

With Double Heat Sinks, you’ll be able to stay in the fight longer and come out on top.

So if you’re looking for an edge in your next battle, be sure to check out Enhanced Star League Gear. You won’t be disappointed.

15. Tommygunn’s Targets Mod

Tommygunn’s Targets Mod

Being able to create modified weapons and customized mechs is great until you realize that testing them out before setting out to use them isn’t possible.

That’s where TommyGunns Targets Mod comes into play.

This mod is straightforward in that it always allows you to test out your weapons and weapon modifications on test dummies!

The test dummies are given maxed-out armor and are only provided with minimal weaponry.

So, you can test out your weapons without much fear of receiving severe damage in return.

This mod will only work in Skirmish, and the dummies will not appear in Career or Campaign modes.

14. Melee Mover Mod

Melee Mover Mod

This is another simple yet straightforward mod that can make a world of difference when in combat.

The Melee Mover Mod allows you to move while engaged in melee combat, similar to how the AI is able to do so.

The inability to move in the vanilla version BattleTech seems like quite the forgotten detail on the devs part, but mod creator Morphyum brings it to the players!

This simple mod is a great mod to have to improve the quality of life in-game.

Now, players can move to a new position during combat, as you can do in many other fighting games.

13. Commander Portrait Loader Mod

Commander Portrait Loader Mod

There are two types of games: those that care about character customization and those that don’t.

The Commander Portrait Loader Mod is a mod for games that do care about it!

This mod may be a cosmetic one, but it is worth the download for the customization of identity in the game.

With this mod, you can use custom PNG files for portraits. You can also choose from the 26 voices before starting a new campaign!

There are 13 female and 13 male voices to choose from, which is also a great feature of this mod.

12. Skip Intro

Skip Intro

BattleTech has been praised for its engaging and involved storyline, but the gameplay is a major part of the experience too.

The Skip Intro mod, which lets you, well, skip the intro cutscene, is great for the fourth or fifth time you play through the game and are just doing it for the gameplay.

Even the most immersive cutscene can get dull after enough watches.

11. Injuries Hurt

Injuries Hurt

Even all these years later, the logic of many games seems to be that you can take a whole submachine gun clip to the leg and still keep standing up as long as you’ve got at least one hitpoint left.

The Injuries Hurt mod, as the name indicates, aims to combat this little break from reality.

No longer can pilots with one or two hitpoints steer an enormous ‘Mech as comfortably and efficiently as when they were in top form.

As pilots take damage, your units’ statistics suffer in turn, effectively simulating an injured pilot struggling to steer their ‘Mech. It’s one of those mods that add a piece of realism that makes you go, “how did I never notice this before?!”

10. Basic Panic System

Basic Panic System

Let’s face it: if you were steering a massive mechanical war machine, and you thought the thing was on the verge of exploding, you might be inclined to get a bit panicky, and maybe not as inclined to act like a hero as we tend to think we would.

That’s clearly what the creator of the Basic Panic System mod was thinking, anyway. This mod adds a simple system wherein a pilot must roll for Panic, determined mostly by their Strength stat, with every attack.

Should they fail their Panic roll, they’ll start rolling for the chance of ejecting from their ‘Mech.

It’s a nice bit of realism and a reminder of how, even from behind the wheel of a giant ‘Mech, the threat of dying is as terrifying as ever.

9. Battletech Sound Replacement Pack

Battletech Sound Replacement Pack

When you’re controlling an army of giant mechs, it needs to sound real.

Every step that a machine like that takes and every shot that it fires ought to be Earth-shattering. Anything less just doesn’t do justice to the majesty of mechs.

However, it seems at least one person, the creator of the BattleTech Sound Replacement Pack, didn’t feel that the vanilla game’s sounds were sufficient.

Thus, he created this mod, which replaces a number of the weapon and movement sounds to give them that punch that a giant robot game ought to have.

8. Pilot Health Popup

Pilot Health Popup

Yet another tweak to the interface during combat, the Pilot Health Popup mod enables a popup that lets you see enemy pilots’ health.

It can be great for helping you pinpoint a weak spot in an enemy group.

7. Firing Line Improvements

Firing Line Improvements

Like the previous mod, the Firing Line Improvements is a minor tweak that can be tremendously useful when aiming your shots.

It does things like making the direct line between you and the enemy and the firing arc line different colors, so they’re easier to line up, and lets you change the colors if the current environment makes them hard to see.

It’s one of those tiny tweaks that you really can’t live without once you’ve used it long enough. After all, aiming those shots can be a matter of life or death.

6. Real Hit Chance

Real Hit Chance

Without getting into too much technical jargon, the displayed chance to hit an enemy isn’t quite accurate due to some malarkey with to-hit rolls.

Basically, it makes hard hits seem too easy, and easy hits not seem hard enough.

The Real Hit Chance mod, as the name implies, alters this little issue, giving you a more accurate idea of your chances of hitting a particular enemy. The strategic value of this is, needless to say, tremendous.

5. Battletech Extended 3025

In a similar vein to RogueTech, BattleTech Extended 3025 draws from the original tabletop game and other franchise material to greatly expand upon what the game already offers.

Essentially acting as an expansion of the original, it adds a variety of new ‘Mechs, vehicles, and factions, all compliant with 3025 lore.

It’s great for players who love the base game but want to expand it a bit in an organic, lore-friendly way.

4. Battletech Save Editor

Battletech Save Editor

Another staple of large modding communities, the BattleTech Save Editor lets you, well, edit your saves.

It’s still a work in progress, but at the moment, you can tweak such things as your funds, your relationships with different factions, what ‘Mechs are in your bay, and so forth.

Further development on the mod is underway, with the developers hoping to allow players to also do things like edit ‘Mechs and resurrect pilots. It’s not the kind of mod that you install the first few times you play the game, of course.

Once you’ve played through it a few times, though, it can be nice to jump into a certain spot in a previous game, with a few details altered. It’s great for exploring the game’s possibilities.

3. Battletech Mod Manager

Battletech Mod Manager

Yet another thing that’s present in almost every thriving mod scene: a mod manager.

The BattleTech Mod Manager, like any such manager of its kind, is specifically designed to make the process of installing, injecting, and updating mods that much easier.

This is especially valuable since, as mentioned earlier, the game doesn’t currently have an official mod support system, meaning that most of them have to be directly copy-pasted into the game files without a manager.

2. Roguetech


Here’s another type of mod that most games with sizable mod communities have – a near-total-conversion mod of some kind.

RogueTech turns the game into an almost entirely new experience. Drawing on the BattleTech franchise’s extensive history, the mod adds literally thousands of new units, as well as a wealth of new weaponry and vehicles.

Along with this, players can access an entirely new module that lets them customize their ‘Mechs to an entirely new degree.

It’s the kind of mod that you can tell comes from people with a genuine love for the franchise, which feels like an entirely new experience that builds logically upon the base game.

1. Community Asset Bundle

Like any game with a sizable modding community, BattleTech has mod packs that serve as a collection of various smaller mods for the sake of efficiency.

The Community Asset Bundle, as the name implies, is a collection of various fan-made assets for the game, adding everything from new textures to new mechs.

It’s perfect for when you’ve played the vanilla game enough to want a new look and new experiences but aren’t too fussy about the details.

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