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Top 25 Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods [2024]

Top 25 Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods [2024]

There may have been several new entries into the series since, but Mount and Blade: Warband, the updated re-release of the first game in the Mount and Blade series, still enjoys a tremendously large player base.

With its unique blend of genres, heavy emphasis on strategy, and unusually realistic representation of medieval society, it’s a tremendously replayable game.

Still, like any game, once you’ve played it long enough, you do start wishing for a few extra features to give the experience some fresh variety.

Like any game with a sizable fanbase, you can trust that there are plenty of mods out there to provide you with exactly that.

Below, we’ve listed twelve of our favorite mods for Mount and Blade: Warband.

Best Mount and Blade Warband Mods

25. Virake’s Male and Female Face Replacer

Virake's Male And Female Face Replacer

This mod is a combination of other Mount and Blade mods that result in a massive increase in the quality of characters’ faces.

The Virake’s Male and Female Face Replacer mod merges two different face replacer mods, Iboltax’s Male Face Replacer and Adeline and Waswar’s Female Face Replacer.

It also includes a new vibrant eye texture for women and new face textures for men, which were taken from other authors.

The mod also replaces one more vanilla female hair, reverted the male ponytail hair back to vanilla, and switched the female ponytail hair to the male version.

Finally, the BRF-files have been cleaned and reorganized.

24. Warbands Battle Size Changer

Warbands Battle Size Changer is a tool that lets you modify the game’s battle size up to 1000!

But be aware – if your computer can’t handle larger battles in the base game, it will struggle with the giant battles that this mod for Warband can create.

Lower-end systems can even crash under the pressure.

Make sure all processes which require quick responses don’t need system resources during these large battles to boost performance, such as recording videos with capturing software.

This mod is NOT meant for multiplayer battles.

23. Bannerpage


BannerPage takes the game in an entirely new direction, overhauling the graphics and mechanics to create a more immersive experience for hardened players.

The creators paid close attention so as not to break any core aspects of vanilla gameplaywhile adding variety with fresh options available at every turn

This means it will be easier than ever before to get hooked on the classic formula behind the Mount and Blade games.

Graphical quality, mechanics, and bug fixes are important elements of any PC.

This mod makes the game more replayable by providing new challenges and opportunities for players to have fresh experiences.

In short, these updates and improvements can extend the life of the game for everyone. If you’re looking for a reason to return to Warband, BannerPage could be it.

22. Perisno


Perisno is a fantasy mod that completely reworks the base Mount and Blade Warband game that takes place in the fictional realm of the same name.

This mod adds new content to every facet of the game, from faction battles, new events, and a brand new storyline and set of lore to explore.

The usual fantasy world suspects are present, including elves, dwarves, and giants.

Though Mount and Blade is usually rooted in gripping realism, this trip to the fantastical is a novel experience for even the most hardcore player.

Total conversion mods of this quality are closer to new games than they are simple changes.

21. Mackie’s Osp Weapons Pack

When gameplay is as tight and well-loved as Warband’s, a simple cosmetic mod can enhance the immersive role-playing experience more than you’d expect.

From the Middle East to Middle Earth, without the right look, it’s hard to get into the game.

Mackie’s OSP Weapons Pack is stuffed with 42 custom models that range from historically accurate and functional to high-fantasy and impractical.

Most of these weapons were modeled by Mackie, with a few additions made by Xenoargh, who also took the time to recolor and improve some of the original pieces.

20. SSH Samurai Armor Set

Ssh Samurai Armor Set

Any fan of Japanese culture or history knows that the samurai were some of the most badass warriors to ever walk the earth.

Part of what made them so feared and respected was their skill with a sword.

They would be right at home in a band of hardened warriors on the battlefields of Mount and Blade Warband; this mod adds a full set of custom-made Samurai Armor for players to enjoy.

A good samurai could wield his sword with speed, precision, and lethal force. But swordsmanship was just one part of what made a samurai great.

They were also masters of horsemanship, archery, and strategy. It’s no wonder that the samurai have inspired so many stories over the years.

There’s just something about their blend of strength, skill, and honor that makes them truly Cool.

19. More Women

More Women

For most of history, warfare has been a male-dominated activity. But women have always played a vital role in wartime, both on and off the battlefield.

It could be for personal representation or a search for a more diverse game experience; either way, this mod is for players looking to see the world of Warband in a new light.

More Women is a version of the base game with new units, reworks, and NPC changes to increase the number of women in the game.

This mod adds a new female version of most units, plus new gender-swapped companions and lords.

18. Xl Samurai Weapon Set

Xl Samurai Weapon Set

Samurai weapons are some of the sleekest in the world. They are precise, powerful, and sharp, and they have a long and rich history.

The XL Samurai Weapon Set introduces a line of these weapons into the game.

Swords were the most important weapon of the samurai, and they were traditionally made of high-carbon steel.

Because of the quality of the steel, these swords were incredibly sharp and could easily cut through armor.

In addition to swords, samurai also carried bows, daggers, and blades of various lengths.

This mod pack includes different kinds of Samurai swords as well as the Yumi bow and arrow quiver.

17. Doghotel’s Brainy Bots

Doghotel's Brainy Bots

While the game’s default melee AI is functional, it can often feel simplistic and unimaginative. This is whereDoghotel’s Brainy Bots comes in.

This mod makes a number of changes to the way that melee combat works, with the goal of making it feel more strategic and exciting.

One of the most notable changes is the addition of kicking, which can be used to knock an opponent off-balance or break through their guard.

Other changes include better blocking, feinting, attack holds, kick avoidance, and less idle time between attacks.

These improvements work together to create a more robust and engaging melee AI system that should be a welcome addition for any fan of Mount and Blade Warband.

16. Diplomacy Compilation

Diplomacy Compilation is a well-rounded mod that improves many different areas of the game. This mod provides every upgrade a player could want from graphics to items and character balancing.

The goal of this mod is to extend the base gameplay as much as possible, so it isn’t a flashy mod, but it is a worthwhile practical one.

Most of this mod’s features can be found in a comprehensive list on the mount and blade wiki, but here’s a brief glimpse as to what this mod offers.

With this mod, you can let companions pick items, appoint a constable, send patrols, threaten other kingdoms with war, send a spy, and form an alliance.

15. Sweetfx Mod

Any gamer knows the struggle of wanting improved graphics without their game crashing, but this mod provides a solution to this problem.

This mod doesn’t affect the game’s natural look, only enhances the graphics so players can enjoy a cleaner look to Mount and Blade.

Because this mod improves graphic quality, this prevents players from experiencing further performance issues such as lag and freezing.

Although this mod only enhances the graphics, it is still a worthy mod to download because there have been many games that would be more enjoyable with just some tweaks to their graphics, and that includes this game!

14. The Bones of Ragnvald

The Bones of Ragnvald adds a new story to Mount and Blade and many new features and changes to the game.

This mod has been updated more recently but was originally released in 2018 and started with seven towns receiving new scenes, additional minor factions, a new voiced intro, two new companions, and an updated campaign map.

The mod developers also fixed some minor bugs, updated some items, and added more music to the game’s soundtrack! The towns that received the new scenes include Durovernon, Akrendos, Cairnloch, Adurni, Duniadh, Knosson, and Nordenfjoror.

The original Mount and Blade feels more expansive and revitalized with this mod.

13. Rise of Islam 634 A.D

This mod is settled in the medieval middle east and eastern Europe and, according to the dev, is also based on the mod, Sands of Faith.

This mod adds a new storyline following the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the events that had taken place after a war in 602.

There are six factions included in this mod, as well as several new features. These features include a historical map and new map icons, new banners, new armor and weapons, and additional music to the soundtrack, among many more additions.

Other features of this mod come from the Sands of Faith mod, which includes an advanced diplomacy system, quick battles, sea travel and battles, voiced battles, new scenes and animations, events with choices/consequences, and many smaller details.

12. Decapitate and Dismember

Okay, this one’s simplistic and a little bit mindless, but small mods can be just as fun as big ones. As the name implies, Decapitate and Dismember adds the ability to lop off enemies’ heads and limbs during combat.

Mount and Blade is already a grimly realistic portrayal of life and war in medieval times, after all. A little more dark realism just feels right.

11. Warsworn Conquest

Warsworn Conquest

If you’re a fantasy fan with a taste for the more over-the-top sort of setting, then Warsworn Conquest is probably the mod you’ll want.

It’s set in the vicious and bloody world of the Warhammer tabletop game, with all the factions, soldiery, and general mayhem of the setting.

It probably makes for the sharpest contrast with the grounded nature of the vanilla game’s setting, but the mod makes it work well.

10. The Last Days

The Last Days

Don’t worry, though. The more classic fantasy settings haven’t been neglected either. The Last Days transforms the setting into the world of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Set during the War of the Ring, the game implements all the factions and races from Tolkien’s genre-defining world, faithfully recreating the various factions and divisions established within the books. It’s simply a must-play for Tolkien fanatics.

9. Clash of Kings

Clash Of Kings

No medieval-themed game would be complete without a Game of Thrones mod. There are, naturally, several for the Mount and Blade series, but one of the most well-regarded is Clash of Kings.

The mod recreates the immense world of Westeros and Essos and is set during the Five Kings War, allowing the player to take control of any side in the conflict.

It’s the sort of scenario that Mount and Blade‘s mechanics are perfect for, and there are folks out there calling this mod better than most official game adaptations of Game of Thrones.

8. Anno Domini 1257

Anno Domini 1257

Anno Domini 1257 is a mod that takes the original game’s dedication to realistically recreating the medieval world and goes all the way with it.

Directly modeled on Europe in the year 1257, this mod adds to directly recreate the period.

It adds more than forty new factions, each modeled after a different civilization established in Europe, encompassing every region from Scandinavia to the British Isles, North Africa, and the Middle East. It’s basically a history nut’s dream.

7. Brytenwalda


Given that this mod’s developers were later hired to develop the official DLC Viking Conquest, you can be pretty confident that it’s a solid one.

Much like Viking Conquest, Bryenwalda, as the name implies, transforms the game’s setting into the British Isles during the Dark Ages.

Recreating the Saxon invasion, the mod pits Angles, Saxons, and Jutes against each other, putting the player right in the center of this grim and bloody period in Britain’s history.

It lacks the narrative of Viking Conquest, but it’s still a fascinating recreation of history.

6. Gekokujo


Several of Mount and Blade’s official DLC took the player to various historical settings across the globe, but none have yet attempted to recreate feudal Japan. Luckily, we’ve got Gekokujo to fill that void.

Set in Japan during the Sengoku period, one of the most tumultuous times in the country’s history, this mod faithfully recreates the unique armor, weapons, soldier, and factions (more than 20!) of the era.

It’s a fascinating shift from the more European-themed aesthetics Mount and Blade players are used to, and the narrow map modeled after Japan offers a highly different experience from the open, sprawling setting of the original.

5. Nova Aetas

Nova Aetas

Another mod that builds on the existing world rather than altering it, Nova Aetas centers on bringing the world of Calradia forward a few generations, bringing it to the point where the medieval era is coming to an end, and civilization is advancing into a new age.

The player is made to feel directly involved with the mechanics of how the new era is evolving and altering society. Great emphasis is placed on civil matters such as building and crafting.

It’s a refreshing instance of a historical game, acknowledging that there was more to human society over the years than just warfare.

4. Sword of Damocles: Warlords

Sword Of Damocles Warlords

If you’d prefer a mod that builds upon the established rules of the Calradia setting rather than giving it a new twist, you might want to try the Sword of Damocles: Warlords mod.

A sequel to the Sword of Damocles mod made for the original Mount and Blade, this mod manages to really feel like a genuine expansion pack.

Centered around the land of Calradia being invaded by a new faction modeled after the Roman Empire, the whole thing feels like a very organic development of the established setting.

This is all topped off with a re-tweaked set of factions and a game world three times the original size.

3. Phantasy Calradia

Phantasy Calradia

If you’d prefer a more traditional, Tolkienesque high fantasy setting or just aren’t ready to leave Calradia behind completely, then Phantasy Calradia might be the mod for you.

Taking a log of cues from Dungeons and Dragons’ Forgotten Realms setting, the mod adds a number of new factions in the form of traditional fantasy races (elves, dwarves, orcs, and so forth), as well as an extensive magic system and new items for each faction.

It’s ideal for when you want to add a more fantastical, escapist twist to Mount and Blade’s ruthlessly realist setting.

2. Prophesy of Pendor

Prophesy Of Pendor Mod

The Mount and Blade series is extremely grounded and realistic take on the medieval setting, but many mods like to add a fantastic spin to it. Prophesy of Pendor does this but in a more muted way. The plot is set in Pendor, an extensively developed original low fantasy setting.

The mod itself is noted for being challenging and should only be played by Mount and Blade veterans.

However, between the entirely new backdrop, the enhanced battle AI, and the variety of new features such as the Knighthood Order system, this mod is perfect for those who want an almost completely new experience, backed by the basics of the Mount and Blade engine.

1. Floris Mod Pack

Floris Mod Pack

Every game with a big modding community has at least one mod pack that gathers together all the essentials. The Floris Mod Pack is the leading one for Warband.

This pack gathers together a great collection of essential mods, which fix game issues and alters the experience in a great variety of ways.

It’s ideal for the player who knows that they want a new Warband experience but isn’t too bothered about the specifics.

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Where is Perisno? Perisno can easily be placed in third place instead of this crap. Phantasy Calradia is an underdeveloped mod that can still be worked on.


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