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Top 5 Best Cactus Pokemon [2024]

Top 5 Best Cactus Pokemon [2024]

Cactus type pokémons may not be the flashiest of them all, but they sure are rare. You won’t find them in all the pokémon seasons. But we developed a curiosity, and it turned into something deeper – a challenge.

So if you’re planning to choose the best cactus type pokémons, whether in a video game or for collecting cards, you’re in luck!

We have compiled a list of the top 5 cactus pokémons considering their designs, stats, and overall coolness.

Best Cactus Pokemon

5. Ludicolo


Ludicolo is one of the best cactus pokémons out there. In many games, it is pretty easy to find Lotad, and Ludicolo is the third evolution of Lotad.

Ludicolo is also a very decent pokémon if we look at the stats. A lot of people love comparing Ludicolo with another grass-type Pokémon named Shiftry, but when it comes to battle, Ludicolo is actually pretty resourceful.

As a water/grass type Pokémon, Ludicolo is hard to counter.

Most cactus pokémons have a crown that resembles a real cactus, and Ludicolo is no different either.

4. Cacnea


Cacnea is another reliable cactus pokémon that has been rock solid for Team Rocket.

James has a knack for leaf-type pokémon, but his love is unforgettable when it comes to Cacnea. Cacnea sure knows how to throw a surprise once in a while.

It literally amazed us when it had to survive without water in a desert for 30 days! Often called the “King” of cactus pokémon in the series, it also has a cute little crown on its head.

Thankfully, that’s not an actual crown. Because if it was, Team Rocket would have gathered hundreds of Cacneas only to steal those crowns.

It has a beautiful fragrance that lures people towards it. Now we know why James always hugged it!

3. Cacturne


The evolution of Cacnea is “Cacturne.” We just can’t make the list of best cactus pokémon without including Cacturne. Cacturne looks more like a scarecrow than a cactus.

It has a sun hat, and the whole design looks like he’s about to scare some Taillows out there.

When we’re talking about menacing pokémons, Cacturne definitely makes the cut. It has one of the most intimidating designs and coupled with the evolved powers, you have a solid pokémon at your hand.

2. Carnivine


It seems like James has a weird obsession with cactus pokémon. Carnivine is another pokémon owned by James that he got in the Sinnoh Region.

Carnivine has sharp teeth and small eyes, but more importantly, it can open up its mouth to 180°, making him highly successful against air-type attacks.

In many games, Carnivine is rather hard to confront. But if you do, make sure you do not let it escape! It’s rare—all in all, another excellent Cactus Pokémon that is worth checking out.

1. Maractus


Most of the cactus pokémon appear rough and intimidating. But this one’s an exception. Maractus is a cactus pokémon that is one of the cutest dancing Pokémon we’ve seen in the whole series.

Its uniqueness lies in its beauty and aesthetic design.

Other than that, Maractus is a pretty normal pokémon when it comes to actual battle capabilities. It seems that Maractus was developed by Game Freak just to promote cactus pokémon by making them visually more appealing.

Final Thoughts

From some of the most intimidating designs to the small and cute ones, cactus pokémon come in all shapes and sizes. You will be surprised how they can hold their own in a battle. So if you get hold of one, don’t let it go.

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