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Top 25 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods [2024]

Top 25 Best Dark Souls 3 Mods [2024]

The award-winning dark souls 3 is an action role-playing game that has stepped up from the last game in the series, dark souls 2.

The game sees better visuals, new weapons, amazing combat mechanics, and more, making it a hit among gamers across the world.

The game is known for its challenging environment, but that is why it secured the title of the best game of the year in 2016. Challenges is what drives us forward.

However, there are some mods that can make the game a tad bit easier and visually perfect.

Let’s look at the top 21 dark souls 3 mods available on the internet.

Best Dark Souls 3 Mods

25. Comfort Mod

Comfort Mod

Before jumping into what this mod does, the creator made a special note about only using this mod while playing offline. If you use this mod online, your account will get penalized.

The Comfort Mod is designed to make playing offline more comfortable for you by offering health and magic tweaks.

These tweaks allow for some regeneration, meaning you can save Estus flasks for when they are absolutely needed.

Any type of Life Ring and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring will provide your character with 25% max HP, FP, and Stamina.

They will also receive a 35% boost on souls gained and a plus 40 of fake dexterity.

24. All PS4 Controller Icons for IGP11

All Ps4 Controller Icons For Igp11

Many a Dark Souls 3 player prefer playing on PlayStation versus Xbox, but that comes with the struggle of the icons on screen not matching the controls.

Thankfully, the All PS4 Controller Icons for IGP11 mod fixes that! This mod switches all Xbox-related controller icons out with the icons for a PlayStation controller.

This may seem like a minor mod, but for some players, it helps to improve their playing experience.

23. Draw Distance Increased Ultimate

Draw Distance Increased Ultimate

Although Dark Souls 3 is the most recent title in the series and is by far one of the most stunning games in terms of graphics. However, it does lack in other ways, as many newer games do.

The Draw Distance Increased Ultimate mod increase the draw distance to improve the detail you can see from a distance.

This is nice to have as it fixes the issue of graphics taking far too long to load from a distance.

However, you will also want to only use this mod when playing offline, as using it online will result in your account being banned.

22. Hunter’s Combat

Hunter’s Combat

If you are a fan of Bloodborne, this is a mod to check out!

The Hunter’s Combat mod allows you to experience a merger between Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. This mod replaces the base game weapons, movements, and animations with those from Bloodborne.

Weapons swapped include Ludwig’s Holy Blade, Saw Cleaver, and Rakuyo. Players can also use the Bloodborne dash when they are carrying less than 30%.

This mod also fixes a few bugs along the way and adjusts visceral attacks.

21. First Person Cam

First Person Cam

Dark Souls 3 has a charm among gamers with its 3rd person view, however, many gamers who are used to the first-person cam mode may not enjoy the dark souls 3 gaming experience.

This can be fairly disappointing since the game is outstanding and needs to be enjoyed by everyone.

With a first-person cam, you can do just that. Enjoy the most notorious game on the planet the way you want to play it, now in the first-person view.

The first-person cam will take you right in the midst of action by providing a realistic first-person view that blends in with the game’s mechanics and graphics.

20. Dark Souls 4.0

Dark Souls 4.0

Why have less when you can have more? Dark souls 3 has superb graphics, but what if you can take it to the next level? Yes, it’snow possible with Dark Souls 4.0.

Step up the game’s graphics and immerse yourself in the surreal fantasy world that is dark souls 3.

Experience the game completely differently with better sharpness, perfect contrast, beautiful blacks, and crisp visuals.

We don’t know about you, but aesthetic details play a huge role in improving the gaming experience, and for us, we take time to find the best visual mods like this one.

19. Honest Merchant

Honest Merchant

This is perfect for those who have already completed the game and want to try new builds.

However, those who do not have the time to complete the game can also get honest merchant.

Yep, as the game suggests, you won’t be nicked at this shop with high prices.

Players can get any and all items at the shop at great prices, making it a superb mod for anyone looking to access all items at the start of the game…noobs *cough cough*

You can either choose to complete the game as it is or even start with all item’s available for you, it is a difficult game, and you will need all the help you can get.

Don’t feel shy using an honest merchant.

18. Dark Souls 3 Save Game Backup Tool

Dark Souls 3 Save Game Backup Tool

Don’t you hate it when you’re playing your game and forget to save it. Or how about all the save spots gone, and you have to replace the old save games?

Well, not anymore with dark souls 3 save game backup tool.

You can now automatically have your game saved every 2 minutes without having to worry about limited save space.

You can choose to delete any save game or simply just ignore it and keep on saving. There is absolutely no save limits with this mod.

17. DS3 Ascended Mod Rpg

Ds3 Ascended Mod Rpg

If you feel like dark souls 3 is not challenging enough, then you’re one of those few. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. DS3 ascended mod RPG will have your head spinning.

The difficulty level jumps up a notch with this mod. Add new enemy types, change enemy physics, alter boss fights, get new armor, and more.

If you think it’ll be a breeze in the park, yes, it is if that park is a cold Antarctica landscape where even the slightest breeze can become a challenge that is hard to overcome.

Encounter enemies the likes you’ve never seen before and experience a new fighting style pose a challenge beyond your wildest imaginations.

16. SL 120 All Items Plus

Sl 120 All Items Plus

Why not witness the game from the eyes of some of the best players in the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all the items a pro player has in their inventory or the places they have visited?

With SL 120 all items plus, you can continue the game with quality build 40/40 and all items explored.

It’s basically a save file with all the weapons, armor, miracles, and more available to you.

There are also 1.6 million souls available for you to level up if you’re feeling a bit extravagant.

15. Dark Souls 3 Checklist

Dark Souls 3 Checklist

We understand that the game is too extensive with a lot of things or items to explore.

And we also understand that fans of the game want to search every nook and cranny for anything new they can get their hands on. But what do you look for when you really don’t know what you need?

Not anymore with dark souls 3 checklists.

As the name suggests, the checklist is a printable pdf file that allows users to see all the game’s available items.

This makes it easier for gamers when they go on a treasure hunt, at least now they would know what they’re looking for.

14. Extreme Megamule

Extreme Megamule

This is the perfect trainer mod, as they call it. The extreme megamule will accelerate your gaming performance by unlocking all available weapons, armors, spells, clothing, and more.

It even has all the shortcuts on the map open for beginners to cut through all the harshness of the dark soul’s world and reach their destination without a sweat on their brow.

The mod works will all DLCs allowing gamers to enjoy, and there are two versions that can be played, one classic and the other one NG.

13. Yorha No.2 Type B

Yorha No.2 Type B

Automata is one of those games that will be in every hardcore gamer’s heart. The game has superb mechanics, graphics, and the stunning Yorhan No.2 Type B droid.

If you’re a big fan and wouldn’t mind having type b around you in dark souls (perhaps for companionship), then you can always replace the fallen knight set with 2B model.

Don’t forget to wear a helmet as there might be some neck model issues.

12. Revenant Reshade

Revenant Reshade

Dark souls have a dark and grim atmosphere that is notorious among gamers as a medieval fantasy setting.

With revenant reshade, enhance the atmosphere around you, making the game look more surreal than ever before.

A dash of color grading and the cinematic flair added to dark souls with this mod will have you hooked to your screen and wanting to see more.

There is ambient light, tonemap, tilt-shift, and more.

11. Champion’s Ash

Champion’s Ash

If you want to overhaul the game completely other than the visuals, then look no further, champion’s ash is for you. 

The mod was made to bring a little more depth to the multiplayer mode by changing the combat systems, the visuals and bringing a little more flair to the game.

It has new unique weapons that is capable of delivering new combo moves that will keep you excited throughout the game. Play dark souls in a completely different way.

10. Dark Souls Iii Pvp Watchdog

We all hate those hacking good for nothing cheats on every game and every little server you find.

Just as you thought the game was going great, someone comes along to mess it up for you with their plethora of cheats.

Block such players and eliminate them from your game by installing dark souls III PVP watchdog.

The mod is able to identify all the hackers and cheaters and eliminate all the things they do using their cheats. Have a clean and fun multiplayer experience with this mod.

9. Wex Dust

Wex Dust

What’s dark souls III multiplayer experience if you can’t invade players? Wex dust looks towards replacing your red-eye orb.

Wex dust will help you invade players and surprise them. Simply pop the wex dust in Firelink shrine, and it will start to find nearby invasions for you to “participate” in.

8. Challenge Mods

Challenge Mods

Bringing you another great cheat engine mod, the challenge mods.

We believe that the game needs to be finished at least once without using any trainers or cheats, however, hear us out.

There are a couple of mods included in this, like first cam mod, third-person shooter cam, barrel souls, size modifier, and more.

Challenge mods have a collection of mods that will help you change your camera view, size of your playable character, NPC are given effects of chameleon, and more.

Why get individual mods when you have challenge mods at your helms.

7. Megamule Basic Edition and DKS3 Save Manager

Megamule Basic Edition And Dks3 Save Manager

Don’t have the time to play the game as peacefully and as intricately as possible?

Then get MegaMule Basic Edition and DKS3 Save Manager. Get all weapons, all armors, all rings, all spells, and more in your hands.

It even comes with a save manager who will automatically save your game as many times as possible so that you don’t miss anything in the 2 minutes interval it has.

6. Cinematic FX Lexar

As good as dark souls 3 is, many have complained about how weak the game’s colors are.

We’re not complaining about the quality of the game, but if there are things to make it better, then why not.Cinematic FX Lexar is one of those mods that improve on the aesthetics of the game.

It aims to improve the weak colors in the game, brighten places, and darken black spots to create a completely cinematic experience for gamers.

It’s absolutely worth checking out.

5. Incandescent Reshade 2.0

Incandescent Reshade 2.0

We all know how ReShade mods are responsible for lowering PC FPS.

However, hear us out on this. Incandescent ReShade 2.0 aims at improving the atmosphere by brightening torches, lights, and the sky as it emits lighter than before.

Fires feel more warmer than before, and the washed-out colors and greys are eliminated completely, giving a full definitive dark souls 3 experience.

The darker colors in the game get more darker, immersing you in the game. It stays true to the original atmosphere of the vanilla game

4. Item Randomiser

Item Randomiser

Add more variety and replayability to dark souls 3 by installing item randomiser.

The mod enables the game to randomise the drops from dead enemies and randomise all the game items.

This is perfect if you enjoy a bit of a surprise. Wherever you thought an item was, it won’t be found there anymore with this mod.

There are a few key items that you require in the game to proceed forward, this has not been affected, and you can still find them in their original spot.

It even comes with auto pick-up mod that allows gamers to pick up items without pressing any button or stopping for it, just like Mario kart.

3. Dark Souls Infinite Possibility Megamule

Dark Souls Infinite Possibility Megamule

Want any build without replaying the game? Get dark souls infinite possibility megamule. The perfect save you’ll find on the internet.

The mod will allow gamers to make any build with access to all items, modifiers, spells, rings, and more unlocked.

The mod has all the bosses defeated and all bonfires unlocked for you, making the game a bit of a breeze.

The mod is great for those looking to explore the game but finds it too difficult to play, well, not anymore.

2. IGP11


Now you can apply shader effects and dump textures in the base game, improving the gaming experience. iGP11 adds complex effect management system, improved HDR effects, texture dumping, and more.

Get visual enhancements even more than what reshadingis capable of, improve the gaming visuals to the finer details. iGP11 will put you in the driving scene with immersive reality gaming that will have you wanting more.

1. Cinders


If you’ve played Dark Souls 3 and want to play it again, but with a different twist, then cinders will be your friend. Each and everything in the game has been altered.

You can say that it is a total overhaul of the base game.

Progression with cinders is linear, while players can travel between different routes on the map. Magic is more fluid while there are more weapon arts, new classes, gifts, and more.

New friendly merchants have been added to the game with the inclusion of hostile NPC.

You need to try it if you’ve already completed the base game and enjoyed it.

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