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Top 30 Best Grim Dawn Mods [2024]

Top 30 Best Grim Dawn Mods [2024]

The world has seen the success of the game Diablo and what it has achieved. However, it has also seen a horde of repetitive Diablo clones that are mediocre at best.

Released in 2013, Grim dawn brought hope to gamers taking the classic Diablo ARPG ingredients and mixing it with Victorian-era style unique lore.

Developers of the game took feedback from gamers, fans, and critics, creating an ARPG masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come.

Grim dawn might be the best Diablo clone out there (If that’s how you want to put it), but you can make it even better with our list of top 21 best grim dawn mods. Have a look at our picks for the coolest mods below.

Best Grim Dawn Mods

30. Run Speed

Run Speed

This mod for Grim Dawn is excellent for players who want to move around the game world more quickly. Movement speed mods are never a bad idea, in our opinion.

It increases run speed from 0.92 to 1.6, making it much easier to get around.

This can be especially helpful in larger areas or when fighting enemies that are spread out, as it can help shave off precious seconds when traveling between points on the map.

Run Speed is compatible with pets and all DLC, too!

29. Vanilla Necromancy Overhaul

Vanilla Necromancy Overhaul

Vanilla Necromancy Overhaul (VNO) is a mod for Grim Dawn that separates the summons into each distinctive skill.

Instead of just “Raise Skeletons,” the skill is broken into four distinct new ones to enjoy.

Cast Skeleton Soldiers, Skeleton Arbalesters, Skeleton Mages, or Deathknights to raise a custom undead army with the exact skills and power you’re looking for.

This allows players to customize their pet army to be fully ranged or melee. This is one of the best Grim Dawn mods for us since we love summoning in RPGs.

28. Combomod


Do you like Grim Dawn? Do you like quality-of-life mods? If so, then you’ll love ComboMod!

This mod contains dozens of other useful mods that make your game experience better without doing too much hunting and installing.

There are mods for combat, inventory, travel, and more. But no mods that feel like cheating.

Why is ComboMod good for the game? Well, for one thing, it makes the game more fun! But also it makes the game more convenient.

With all of these mods working together, you’ll be able to spend less time micromanaging your character and more time enjoying the action.

So if you’re looking for a mod pack that will improve your Grim Dawn experience, ComboMod is the way to go!

27. Pet Patch

Pet Patch

Pet Patch revamps the entire pet system.

This mod makes temporary pets permanent, large summons last longer, and allows you to have more pets.

These changes make the pet system much more forgiving and versatile, which is great for players who want to make the most of their builds.

A whole new world of possibilities opens up when you can count on your new pets as a persistent tool.

Pet Patch is an excellent mod that makes the Grim Dawn pet system much better.

26. Grim Dusk

Grim Dusk

This is one of the more ambitious mods on this list, but its goals sound amazing.

Grim Dusk is a massive overhaul mod for Grim Dawn that adds tons of new skills and items to the game.

It also increases the stash and inventory sizes, allowing you to store more loot and gear. The modder also plans to introduce new, custom classes that will add new ways of playing the game.

If you’re looking for more things to do in Grim Dawn or just want to make the game even more awesome, then Grim Dusk is definitely worth checking out.

25. Reign of Terror

Reign Of Terror

If you are a fan of Grim Dawn and Diablo, this Grim Dawn Reign of Terror mod is for you. This mod includes redesigned maps and a combined dual-class system.

The Reign of Terror mod takes inspiration from Diablo II, overhauling Grim Dawn to craft an experience similar to the popular ARPG.

This mod includes many aspects of Diablo II, including items, skills, and classes. Combined with the Grim Dawn aspects, this mod makes for an interesting combination of synergies.

24. Warhammer 40,000 Global Conversion

Warhammer 40,000 Global Conversion

Another game combination that mixes aspects of Grim Dawn and Warhammer 40,000. The Warhammer 40,000 Global Conversion mod provides a multitude of new features to Grim Dawn.

With this mod, you will have access to over 800 new weapons, new armor pieces, new abilities, and two brand new classes that have been redesigned!

Weapons include over 200 types of small arms, over 150 melee items, over 150 sets of armor, and more.

This mod also takes the time to provide over 40 new animations with new sound effects. The game will also be upgraded with over 70 new visual effects.

23. Grimarillion


The Grimarillion mod greatly expands the content in Reign of Terror by adding new masteries and increasing the stash size by three times.

This mod also allows players to change the game difficulty and how dense the mob groups become. Grimarillion also includes new hairstyle illusions, new relics, new customization items, and new affixes and loot.

With the wide range of new material included in this mod, your Reign of Terror game will feel more diverse and fresher.

This mod takes inspiration from the Diablo and Zenith mods as well, so you will see a cross-over.

22. Grim InternalsGrim Internals

If you’re looking for a mod that alters and expands the internal aspects of Reign of Terror rather than the exterior and appearance, then this mod is worth the download!

With the Grim Internals mod, your game experiences multiple interface upgrades, including customizable health bars, time alternation, debuff tracking, and more.

The focus of this mod is customization to increase the flexibility and comfort level of Reign of Terror, so downloading this mod will provide a great refresher to your next playthrough.

21. Larger Cursors

Larger Cursors Grim Dawn

Don’t you just hate it when you’re at the game for hours with a barely visible cursor? What’s with the small cursors anyway?

We know it’s less obstructive and looks neat, but why is everyone hopping on the small cursor hype train?

Many mods for different games have started featuring smaller cursors. Although it may improve the gaming experience for many, however, if you’re playing for long hours, it can definitely put a strain on your eyes.

Larger cursors are the perfect mod to keep you going for longer gaming marathons as it increases the size of the cursor from 32×32 to 64×64. That’s double the default!!

20. Cataclysm


Tired of the same gaming experience while playing grim dawn? Want to spice things up and bring something new? Cataclysm is just the right thing for you.

The mod adds 8 new classes with 6 different and new vanilla classes. Gamers are able to experience whole new gameplay that’s not present with the original version of the game.

The mod allows gamers to combine classes to create something new like Druid with Voidcaller to control an army of creatures.

19. Smash N Grab

Smash N Grab

Ah, the classic smash n grab. No, we’re not referencing president (former) trump here. Sometimes leveling up in the game can take a lot of effort and time.

This is why we recommend smash n grab to all those players looking to expedite the leveling process.

Smash n grab makes leveling up easier on grim dawn as players are now required to have fewer experience points to level up.

Gamers can also expect quick drop rates when it comes to epic or legendary items. Just the type of mod to impress your unaware friends.

18. Grim Dawn Reborn

Grim Dawn Reborn

Grim dawn reborn is another gem of a mod waiting to be discovered by many. It is somewhat similar to cataclysm as it provides a completely different yet unique gameplay experience.

The mod allows gamers to merge classes and have new skills that are currently not present in the original game file.

There are new skills like leap slams, volcanoes, cyclones, and more. Not only can players expect new skills but also visual effects that go along with it.

Players need to use their gaming intuition to be able to enjoy the mod to its fullest.

17. Faster Loot

Faster Loot

This does exactly what it says. Faster loot is the quickest way to increase the drop rate for legendary and epic items.

With the latest update, the chance of getting a rare item has been increased from 6% to 20%, making it easier for players to get unique items and improve their character.

Although 20% might not be enough for many, trust us, it’s a huge boost from what the current game offers right now.

Faster loot is a simple mod for those that simply want a faster loot rather than other perks along with it like weak enemies, buffed characters, and more.

16. GD Stash

Gd Stash

Feel constricted by the limited stash one can keep with themselves in the game? We’ve got you covered with GD Stash.

This mod allows gamers to store all their stash off game in a database enabling users to have unlimited stored items. Players can view the stash, transfer items, import or export, and be able to custom craft items.

That’s pretty dope, considering you’re picking up all the items along the way in the game without any worry of filling your stash.

15. Darkest Dawn

Darkest Dawn

Darkest dawn takes your favorite game, grim dawn, and takes it to a whole new level.

The mod adds finer details to things that made the game more intriguing and fun to play. So, what does it offer?

Existing classes are upgraded while 2 new classes are added with more than 31 new skills. The mod even has new rare and legendary items.

You can see that the mod has a lot of attention given to it as custom art and animations are used to ensure nothing feels off or wonky when playing.

14. Grim Legion

Grim Legion

Some mods change a character or buff, while others influence the environment. Grim Legion does everything.

The mod is responsible for changing everything completely or making improvements. The base game that you’re used to is no more with Grim Legion.

With this mod, maximum levels have been increased to 100, damage has been modified to being 20% less, shops sell oil with increased inventory, attribute points have been changed, and many more.

Grim Legion makes the game challenging and new at the same time as players used to the current game will have a different gaming experience.

13. Aetherial Reshade

Aetherial Reshade

Why do we all love playing Diablo 3? Because of the graphics!

Diablo 3 is a no-brainer for gamers, and many of us playing grim dawn came to it because they were done playing Diablo 3.

Aetherial Reshade ignites the nostalgic feeling within. It is an excellent tool used to enhance the games aesthetics making it look like you’re playing Diablo 3.

The mod enhances graphical qualities without compromising on performance. It even saturates and sharpens the colors making it aesthetically pleasing.

12. Dawn of Masteries

Dawn Of Masteries

There are so many mods out there that it becomes frustrating choosing the best one out of it. What if we were to say you can have multiple mods in a single mod. Modception? Yes!

Dawn of masteries incorporates several mods together, ensuring everything needed by gamers is in one place.

Cataclysm, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, Wings, Hairstylist, Grimmest FG, Grim Quest, and many more are added in this single mod, making it easier for gamers and also enjoyable at the same time.

You are able to save time while you’re gaming, how about that?

11. Nomads Nothing Naughty

Nomads Nothing Naughty

Yes, we were also expecting something along the lines of Japanese girl cosmetic mods, but that’s not the case.

Well, it’s completely the opposite. Nomads Nothing Naughty is the mods for you if you want more action and less talking.

The mod allows gamers to spawn more monsters for gore practice and increase skill points and attributes, ensuring fun grim dawn gameplay. However, I don’t think that the game gets easy with this.

If the mod is increasing your skill points and attributes, it balances it out by decreasing the damage output. As the saying goes, there is no such thing as free lunch!

10. Playstation Button Prompts

Playstation Button Prompts

Wouldn’t the game seem a lot easier if one was to use a gamepad? If only there was gamepad support with grim dawn. Well, technically, there is.

With PlayStation Button Prompts, you can do just that. The mod makes the game even more enjoyable, allowing gamers to play using a gamepad instead of a mouse and keyboard.

We know keyboard warriors will be fuming at this, but it’s what the public wants; easy controls. Remember how Witcher gets complicated with all the commands using a keyboard and a mouse?

Well, that’s why many of us play it using a gamepad. You don’t need to tell anyone about it, though.

9. Not So Grim

Not So Grim

This next entry definitely has a broader scope when it comes to changing gameplay experiences. Most of the mods focus on leveling up or increasing drops, buffs, and more. But what about the smaller things that one doesn’t notice but can make a huge difference.

Introducing Not So Grim.

This mod brings in cool features that make the game a bit easier, such as picking up items automatically, bounties unlocked, coronus mastery, a new vending area, and many more!

You can even buy new difficulties at vendors. Talk about convenience!

8. Path of Grim Dawn

Path Of Grim Dawn

What’s better than the path of exile? Path of grim dawn!

Grim dawn is known to be a bit slow when compared to games of a similar genre. Speed it up with a path of grim dawn.

With this mod, players can experience the path of exile playstyle while playing grim dawn. The mod increases mob density, removes player speed caps, introduces path of exile skills, and more.

Now you can unleash ground slam crushing your enemies or freezing them with herald of ice. Experience something different with the path of grim dawn.

7. Grim Truce Mod

Grim Truce Mod

So, what do you do when you’ve completed the game, gotten all the items, mastered all skills, and gone on countless adventures? Well, it’s simple. Turn the game into another game using the grim truce mod.

Yes, you heard us right.

If we can turn grim dawn into a path of exile, then you bet, we can turn grim dawn into dark souls. We’ve got dark soul type game releases every year, so why not bring it to grim dawn.

The mod changes the combat and skill system to work like Dark Souls. The mod’s best thing is that it has an over-the-shoulder view rather than from the top.

One more thing, you’ll lose all your experience points upon dying, which we assume will happen a lot.

6. Legendary Cap Remover

What has your teacher taught you about the rules? That they’re not meant to be broken, right? Wrong!

With legendary cap remover, you can break the rules without any consequences. The mod is a collection of rules changing mods.

Players can hunt for unique items, set champion spawn rate extremely high, have a higher zoom on the camera, and have increased attack range. Crush champions, fly like the wind, or simply enjoy the scenery. No rules mean more fun.

5. Grimcam

Camera controls can make a huge difference in the gaming experience. However, grim dawn has restrictive camera movements, which can get annoying at times.

With grimcam, you can easily enjoy a different view. Instead of just rotating the camera to the left and right, the mod allows gamers to move the camera up and down as well.

We know it isn’t much, but even the smallest things can make a huge difference.

4. Nydiamar


You’ve finished the game but are still not satisfied and want to play more. What do you do? Get Nydiamar.

The mod is a stand-alone campaign that offers gamers over 7 hours of exciting new gameplay.

Players can explore more than 20 new environments and also get to try out new puzzles and mechanics. Everything is a lot faster than the vanilla game, with more new quests and mouthwatering bounties.

Currently, the mod is being updated with new things added to it every now and then, keeping things fresh.

3. Dread

Dread Grim Dawn

How about making things a tad bit challenging? Download dread now if you’re up for challenges. The mod reduces the number of enemies in the game; however, it adds tougher monsters.

Monsters that pass the “How tough are you?” salty spittoon challenge from SpongeBob SquarePants. Yes, they’re mean, they’re tough, and they’re out there to get you.

Players can expect losing experience points upon dying; however, attributes are no longer required to equip gear. Players also have a lower healing rate and reduced attack speed.

2. Legendary Drop Sound

Gamers are at the game for hours to collect rare and legendary items to show off to their other gamer friends.

However, most of us, when playing the game, miss out on legendary drops. Not anymore. With legendary drop sound, the game will make a sound every time a rare or legendary item gets dropped.

You get two different sounds with this mod, one for when legendary items drop while the other is for when epic items drop.

1. Grim Damage

Grim Damage

Since we’re a page catering to gaming nerds, Grim damage had to be there on our list of top 21 best grim dawn mods.

This mod aims at all those number fanatics that like to analyze things and make decisions. Gamers can see who or what killed them, how much damage was dealt with each blow, what type of damage was sustained, and more.

Stats and analytics might just give you an edge over other players. So, hurry up and get your excel sheet going.

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