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Top 25 Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods [2024]

Top 25 Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods [2024]

We all know that Dragon Ball FighterZ has stolen the hearts of fighting game fans worldwide, thanks to its high-octane battles, jaw-dropping 2.5D visuals, and unforgettable character roster.

But what if we told you that there’s an even more exhilarating world waiting to be discovered just beneath the surface?

Hold onto your scouters, because we’re about to delve into the often-overlooked realm of Dragon Ball FighterZ mods!

These exceptional enhancements created by the passionate modding community will breathe fresh life into your game and make you feel like a Super Saiyan God among mortals.

Best Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods

We’ve scoured the corners of the internet to bring you the 25 best mods for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

From visual upgrades to character crossovers, we’ve got something for every level of fan, whether you’re a casual Krillin or a competitive Goku.

25. Vegeto Recolor Pack

Vegeto Recolor Pack

Behold, the Vegeto Recolor Pack, a mod that infuses everyone’s favorite Potara-fused warrior with an extra dose of style!

Use this mod to unleash your inner DBFZ fashionista while you fight, choosing from a dazzling array of color options, ensuring that Vegeto always looks fresh and ready to rumble. After all, when you’re a powerful fusion of Goku and Vegeta, it’s only right that you’re dressed to impress.

The mod effortlessly takes Vegeto from his classic blue-and-orange getup to a kaleidoscope of hues, making sure he’s never stuck in a monochromatic rut.

24. Super Saiyan Broly

Super Saiyan Broly

With this mod, once you successfully execute Broly’s Level 3, he’ll transform into a golden-haired Super Saiyan, maintaining this awe-inspiring form for the remainder of the match.

Gone are the days of temporary transformations; now, Broly’s power will surge continuously, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The Super Saiyan Broly mod is ideal for those who’ve always wondered what it would be like to see Broly’s green locks turn golden; this mod brings an exciting new dynamic to the iconic character.

23. Pepsiman: The Running Hero

Pepsiman The Running Hero

Quench your thirst for something truly unique with the Pepsiman: The Running Hero mod, a refreshingly offbeat addition to your Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

This mod fully replaces the assassin Hit with none other than Pepsiman, the carbonated superhero from the ’90s cult classic PlayStation game.

Prepare to be amazed as Pepsiman swoops into battle with all 16 recolors, UI, SFX, and even announcer calls tailored to fit his effervescent presence.

With Pepsiman: The Running Hero, you’ll be fizzing with excitement.

22. Android 18 Cheelai Costume

Android 18 Cheelai Costume

Ideal for fans of both characters or those looking to spice up their roster with fashionable flair, the Android 18 Cheelai Costume mod is a must-try for those eager to see how our favorite android rocks the extraterrestrial ensemble.

With this mod, you’ll see Android 18 donning Cheelai’s distinct outfit, complete with the tight-fitting vest, fingerless gloves, and thigh-high boots that fans of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie have come to adore.

This fun crossover pays homage to Cheelai’s unique style and showcases Android 18 in a fresh new look.

21. Mecha Frieza

Get ready to experience the chilling fusion of technology and tyranny with Mecha Frieza, an exciting mechanical makeover for one of Dragon Ball’s most notorious villains.

This mod outfits Frieza in a mecha costume, reminiscent of his resurrected form from the classic Dragon Ball Z saga, where he sought revenge on Goku and Earth.

With the cold, unfeeling nature of a machine, this version of Frieza is the perfect fit for those who want to amp up the intimidation factor in their battles.

20. Ice Wasteland

Ice Wasteland

It’s finally time for the first DBFZ stage mod on our list!

Ice Wasteland is a frosty stage that brings the frigid beauty of icy glaciers to your Dragon Ball FighterZ brawls.

This captivating new arena adds a wintry twist, surrounding you with a stunning landscape of frozen formations, glacial peaks, and an atmosphere that’s equal parts mysterious and mesmerizing.

The Ice Wasteland mod sets the stage for epic showdowns as you battle opponents amidst the biting cold and snow-covered terrain. The frosty environment not only offers a refreshing change of pace from the traditional stages but also adds a sense of visual depth.

19. Super Saiyan Rosé Evolution Goku Black

Super Saiyan Rosé Evolution Goku Black

The pinkish hue combined with the powerful aura makes this tier of Saiyan one of the most visually stunning transformations in the Dragon Ball franchise. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.

This mod infuses the fearsome Zamasu-incarnate, Goku Black, with a flashy Super Saiyan Rosé evolution, boasting an intense aura and striking new appearance that sets him apart from his base form.

With this mod, Goku Black’s godly ki intensifies, imbuing him with an air of malevolence and radiance that will leave your opponents trembling with equal parts fear and admiration.

Perfect for fans who crave an aesthetic upgrade, the Super Saiyan Rosé Evolution Goku Black mod is an absolute must-have.

18. Kame House Stage

Kame House Stage

Transporting you straight into the classic world of Dragon Ball, the Kame House Stage is bursting with nostalgia, complete with the cozy dwelling, sandy beach, and gently swaying palm trees that fans of the series know and love.

Unleash your inner Turtle Hermit with this mod, an inviting addition that brings one of the most iconic Dragon Ball locations to your FighterZ experience.

It’s the perfect setting for a friendly sparring session as you fight against the backdrop of the tranquil sea and soothing island breeze.

17. Android 21 Leotard

Android 21 Leotard

Android 21 is a unique being with incredible power and intelligence. Her insatiable hunger for sweets and her split personality make for a complex and intriguing character.

This chic mod outfits Android 21 in a form-fitting black leotard, effortlessly combining elegance and power in a look that’s bound to make a statement.

Android 21’s leotard look accentuates the character’s natural grace and poise and serves as a fantastic option if you’re in desperate need of a fashionable change of pace.

16. Tournament of Power Stage

Tournament Of Power Stage

Stand up to the challenge to fight for the fate of the universe at the Tournament of Power.

The Tournament of Power featured fighters from multiple universes battling it out in a winner-takes-all tournament, with the stakes being nothing less than the erasure of the losing universes from existence.

This custom stage transports you right into the heart of the action-packed battleground from the Dragon Ball Super series, where warriors from across the multiverse converge to prove their might and secure their universe’s survival.

15. Steve (Minecraft)

Steve (minecraft)

Here comes a block-tastic crossover with the Minecraft Steve character mod.

This whimsical mod replaces the lovable Krillin with Steve, the iconic protagonist from the world of Minecraft, bringing a touch of blocky charm to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.

Steve (Minecraft) faithfully recreates our cubic hero in all his pixelated glory.

Watch in amazement as he mines, crafts, and battles his way through the ranks of powerful Dragon Ball characters.

This amusing collision of worlds offers a welcome dose of humor and is sure to make you smile every time Steve takes on the likes of Goku or Vegeta.

14. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

Roll out and prep for the legendary leader of the Autobots as he makes his way to the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

This mod replaces the Android 16 with a custom Optimus Prime fighter model, adding a dose of Transformers magic.

Watch in awe as the fearless Autobot leader trades blows with the Dragon Ball universe’s strongest fighters. With over 10 different color variations, you can customize Optimus Prime’s look to your liking.

We recommend this mod for Transformers enthusiasts or those looking for an offbeat roster addition.

13. Margy


Have you ever wondered how one of TV’s most well-known cartoon moms would fare in a battle?

Introducing the Margy mod, an original character designed as a loving homage to The Simpsons’ Marge Simpson.

The Margy mod transforms Marge into a musclebound powerhouse, complete with her iconic blue hair, green dress, and a face that means business.

Watch in amazement and laughter as this unlikely warrior trades blows with the most formidable fighters in the Dragon Ball universe, demonstrating that even a Springfield resident can hold their own in the heat of battle.

12. Vegeta Recolors

Vegeta Recolors

This Saiyan prince is looking fresh as ever with some dope new color schemes that’ll make your jaw drop!

This pack of new color palettes replaces all slots for both Vegeta and SSGSS Vegeta with a diverse range of creative and nostalgic color schemes, paying homage to key moments and other characters from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Whether you’re looking to relive the glory days of the Freeza saga, embrace the darkness of Majin Vegeta, or even sport the crimson fur of Super Saiyan 4, this mod has got you covered.

Dive into this colorful assortment of iconic looks, and let your Vegeta battles shine like never before.

11. Ultimate DB OST Pack

Ultimate Db Ost Pack

Amp up the atmosphere of your battles with the Ultimate DB OST Pack, a massive compilation of nearly 100 new tracks sourced from the iconic Dragon Ball show’s soundtrack CDs.

This comprehensive music pack brings the heart-pounding energy of the series straight to your Dragon Ball FighterZ experience, adding a whole new dimension of auditory immersion.

From the classic themes that evoke nostalgia to the pulse-pounding tunes that accompanied your favorite showdowns, the Ultimate DB OST Pack has something for every Dragon Ball fan.

10. Ultra Instinct Goku Costume Pack

Ultra Instinct Goku Costume Pack

When Goku first achieved Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power, it was one of the most epic moments in Dragon Ball Super.

In UI, his movements become fluid and graceful, and his power reaches new heights.

With this Costume Pack installed, you can adorn your favorite Saiyan hero in outfits that span the length of his adventures, each reflecting a distinct period or transformation in his storied history with Ultra Instinct.

Players can choose between UI Goku at the end of Z or his look from Galactic Patrol.

9. Scouter for Saiyan Saga Vegeta

Scouter For Saiyan Saga Vegeta

The Scouters from Dragon Ball are undeniably iconic. The sound effects associated with Scouters, such as the beeping and the infamous “It’s over 9000!” line, have become ingrained in popular culture and are instantly recognizable to fans and non-fans alike.

This mod equips the fierce Saiyan prince Vegeta from FighterZ with his iconic scouter.

How could they leave this out in the first place? It’s literally from the first, and arguably most influential, story arcs of DBZ!

Note that this is purely a cosmetic change for the in-game fighter model.

8. Snake Way

Snake Way

This enchanting mod adds the serpentine trail known as Snake Way as a playable stage, allowing you to engage in thrilling duels amidst the heavenly backdrop of the cosmos.

The Snake Way mod masterfully captures the mystique of this iconic location, with its vibrant colors, floating clouds, and the ever-present serpentine road stretching into the horizon.

Ideal for players seeking a fresh and distinctive environment for their battles, the Snake Way mod offers a super refreshing change of scenery that harkens back to Goku’s early adventures.

So, take the leap and venture onto the heavenly path of Snake Way, letting the celestial beauty of the stage inspire your quest for victory in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

7. Aces Waluigi

Aces Waluigi

Maybe his wish is that the Dragon Balls can double as tennis balls.

Grab your tennis racket and brace for an unexpected twist with Aces Waluigi, a wacky crisscross that swaps the battle-hardened Trunks for the lanky, mischievous Waluigi in his getup from Mario Tennis.

This whimsical mod catapults the cunning trickster from the Mushroom Kingdom’s tennis leagues into the heart of the Dragon Ball FighterZ universe, serving (get it?) up an enjoyable blend of chaos and fun.

How much fun was Mario Tennis, though? We haven’t picked that up in a while.

6. Squidward Tentacles

Squidward Tentacles

Alright, folks, let’s dive into the realm of the unexpected for the top entries of our list with the Squidward Tentacles mod, a bizarre yet surprisingly entertaining addition that brings everyone’s favorite grouchy cephalopod from Bikini Bottom to the world of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

This offbeat mod replaces the stoic Namekian, Piccolo, with a Squidward fighter model that’s sure to make you double-take.

With Squidward in the arena, you can witness the hilarity of this unlikely crossover as the sullen, clarinet-loving squid takes on the mightiest fighters in the Dragon Ball universe.

It’s as if Squidward suddenly decided he was done with flipping Krabby Patties and wanted to test his mettle against the likes of Goku and Vegeta!

5. Mewtwo


This extraordinary mod replaces all of Frieza’s forms with three different Mewtwo forms and incorporates all of Mewtwo’s abilities from Pokkén Tournament.

Watch the powerful psychic Pokémon, Mewtwo, duke it out with the toughest fighters from across the DBZ universe and beyond.

The Mewtwo mod features a high-quality model that expertly captures the essence of this beloved character, complete with its sleek design and awe-inspiring psychic powers. It’s like a dream come true for gamers who love both franchises!

4. Actually Sonic

Actually Sonic

The name says it all. It’s actually Sonic.

Feast your eyes on Actually Sonic, a fusion that yanks our favorite blue blur straight from the Green Hill Zone and plops him right into the heart of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

This wild mod replaces Teen Gohan with none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, and believe us, it’s as bonkers as it sounds.

The Actually Sonic mod throws all logic to the wind and brings the fast-paced, chili-dog-loving hedgehog into the fray, complete with his trademark speed and snark.

It’s an utterly delightful blend that’s guaranteed to make your jaw drop and your inner fanboy squeal.

3. Time Chamber

Time Chamber

You ever find yourself wishing you could just… ya know, warp away to a pocket dimension where you can hone your skills and enjoy a never-ending battle?

Well, buckle up, buttercups, ’cause we’ve got just the thing for you as we start the top three DBZ mods!

Introducing the Time Chamber, a Dragon Ball FighterZ custom stage that swaps out the space stage for the awe-inspiring, time-bending Hyperbolic Time Chamber!

Imagine the sheer epicness of throwing down with your favorite Dragon Ball characters in this iconic locale.

You’ll be trading blows with the best of ’em in a place where time barely moves, allowing you to go all-out without a care in the world.

Plus, think of all the cool training montages you could create!

2. Android 21 Bikini

Android 21 Bikini

Alright, folks, time to crank up the heat.

Feast your eyes on the Android 21 Bikini mod, a smokin’ hot addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ that outfits the sultry scientist in a stunning black bikini adorned with gold trim.

And the cherry on top? This mod works seamlessly with all of her forms!

Slip her into that black and gold bikini and let the good times roll.

But remember fellas – keep it classy and focus on the fight. Android 21 may be dressed to impress, but she’s still a formidable foe in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

1. Patrick Star

Patrick Star

Did you really expect anything less for the top spot on our list?

Who wouldn’t crack a smile watching Patrick Star go toe-to-toe with the likes of Goku or Vegeta?

Patrick Star is a delightfully absurd addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ that takes our favorite dim-witted starfish straight from the shores of Bikini Bottom and tosses him into the fray.

That’s right; this hilarious mod replaces the lovable but fearsome Majin Buu with none other than Patrick Star!

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