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Top 10 Best Humankind Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Humankind Mods [2024]

Step into the shoes of a history-making mastermind, into the world of HUMANKIND.

This riveting strategy game lets you craft your own civilization by blending 60 distinct cultures from the sands of time.

We see tons of potential in this title.

Humankind is a polarizing game. Some players find it engaging, and others have written it off as “too slow.” But, whichever camp you lean towards, one thing is for sure – mods can give Humankind a real makeover and help you get the most out of your game.

Best Humankind Mods

We picked a variety of mods that can improve your experience with Humankind.

10. Disable Pollution Endgame

Disable Pollution Endgame

Why can’t you turn this off in the base game, anyway?

Our number ten pick, the Disable Pollution End Game mod, is here to save the day!

We wholeheartedly believe this should have been an integral feature from the get-go.

By removing the pollution-induced game-ender, this mod allows you to enjoy your civilization-building escapades for as long as your heart desires, or at least until you end some other way.

You can focus on leading your empire to greatness without the looming threat of an untimely end.

9. Polynesian Culture Pack

Polynesian Culture Pack

Looking for a fresh cultural twist?

Say “aloha” to our number nine pick, the Polynesian Culture Pack!

We’re excited to introduce this vibrant collection of six cultures hailing from the breathtaking Polynesian islands.

Get ready to explore the Lapitans, Samoans, Tahitian, Rapa Nui, Maori, and Hawaiians as you rewrite history.

With this mod, you’ll dive into the rich heritage and unique traits of these fascinating cultures, breathing new life into your HUMANKIND gems.

Embrace the spirit of the islands and embark on a fresh, sun-kissed adventure!

8. No Turn Limit

No Turn Limit

Fed up with time constraints in your conquests?

Meet our number eight pick, the No Turn Limit mod!

We believe that freedom from turn limits should be a standard feature in any strategy game, sort of like how we feel about the pollution game-ender.

By removing the turn cap for all game speeds, this mod offers you the liberty to pursue your civilization’s growth at your own pace.

Say goodbye to the stress of ticking clocks and let your empire flourish indefinitely.

With No Turn Limit, you can explore HUMANKIND without boundaries, allowing the game to unfold and conclude in a more organic way.

7. BuyThis!


Unleash your inner Tony Stark in HUMANKIND!

We’re impressed by how this mod introduces a whole new set of interdependent mechanics that transform HUMANKIND into an almost entirely new game.

BuyThis! revamps the importance of Money, Food, Influence, and Militarist, balancing them with Industry and Science.

It overhauls numerous aspects like population dynamics, production efficiency, and the pace of each era. You’ll find yourself with more choices every turn, rethinking your approach to city growth and expansion.

It doesn’t alter the core cultures or units but reimagines the game in a bold, exciting way.

6. Building Cost Reduction

Building Cost Reduction

Say hello to our number six pick, Previous Era Building Cost Reduction!

It reduces the costs of previous-era buildings by a generous 25% per era, streamlining your city development as you progress.

No more spending an eternity constructing a Granary in the Medieval era or struggling with outdated infrastructure.

With this mod, you can focus on expanding your empire while keeping your cities efficient and up-to-date.

Give the Previous Era Building Cost Reduction mod a whirl and live a smoother, more balanced HUMANKIND journey!

5. Infinite Growth

Infinite Growth

Craving limitless growth of your worldwide empire? Of course, you are! What ruler isn’t?

Check out our number five pick, Infinite Growth!

We think this mod brings an interesting twist to population mechanics in HUMANKIND.

Chuck out that standard +1 pop/turn limit, and let your civilization flourish based on the power of your food production!

The mod introduces an impressive maximum of +50 pop/turn, achievable with a whopping 1M GrowthNet.

While the early stages of growth remain similar to the base game, you’ll start noticing significant effects at 500 GrowthNet with +2 pop/turn and even more at 1000 GrowthNet with +3 pop/turn.

4. Giant Europe

Giant Europe

Dreaming of conquering a vast, realistic European landscape? That’s a little sus, but this is for you.

Feast your eyes on our number four entry, Giant Europe!

This meticulously crafted mod presents an enormous, accurate map of Europe, designed for an immersive 8-player experience.

Spawn points are thoughtfully placed in Turkey, Spain, Italy, Serbia/Central Balkans, France, Germany, Poland, and Russia, with some flexibility for fewer players.

The territories reflect modern country borders while keeping historical contexts in mind.

Both strategic and luxury resources are positioned in realistic locations, ensuring balanced gameplay and encouraging trade, colonization, or conquest for additional resources.

3. Rebalanced Infrastructures

Rebalanced Infrastructures

Rebalanced Infrastructures introduces a comprehensive set of tweaks and adjustments to various infrastructure systems in HUMANKIND, creating a more balanced and strategic gameplay environment.

From Fishery and Whale Fishing changes to improvements in Food Market and Taxation Office mechanics, this mod fine-tunes the game in numerous ways.

By reworking stability, influence, and production mechanics, the Rebalanced Infrastructures mod ensures that you’ll have a more engaging and thoughtful city-building.

2. Deep Sea

Deep Sea

We’ve made it to the top two!

This innovative mod brings a fresh, oceanic twist to HUMANKIND, enabling you to build outposts, cities, and administrative centers right on the Ocean tiles.

Tiny, unseen islands serve as the foundations for these oceanic settlements, and the mod introduces new districts and infrastructure to truly exploit the seas and oceans.

With the Deep Sea mod, island colonization ends up more fun than land, y’all!

Even in settings with as little as 10% land. Districts in ocean cities have no stability malus and function differently from their land counterparts, creating a unique gameplay experience.

From the Ancient era Fishing Harbor district to the unique ocean city mechanics, the Deep Sea mod takes your HUMANKIND adventure to new depths.

1. Culture Super Pack

Culture Super Pack

Drum roll, please. The number one mod is here, and it’s a big one.

This colossal mod is a bonafide HUMANKIND expansion pack.

It does this by introducing a whopping 59 cultures across all eras!

Explore 12 cultures each in the Ancient, Classical, and Medieval eras, 11 cultures in the Early Modern Era, 7 in the Industrial Era, and 5 in the Contemporary Era.

What’s more, several of these cultures are available individually, while others are exclusive to the Culture Super Pack.

With such an extensive variety of cultures to explore, this mod ensures countless hours of new gameplay.

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