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Top 10 Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods [2024]

Risk of Rain 2 takes the addictive, action-packed romps through randomly generated levels that the first game gave us and brings it into the 3D realm.

As a result, the game, though just recently released, has already amassed a sizable community, due to tons of enthusiastic fans of the first game returning for a fresh experience.

And as with any modern video games, with a sizable community comes a sizable number of user-made mods to enhance the gameplay.

Below, we’ve selected ten of what we consider to be the best user-made mods available for Risk of Rain 2 at the moment.

Hot Tip
We recommend that first you download BepInExPack and R2API. Not only do these APIs greatly facilitate the installation of mods and help keep them compatible, but many of the mods listed here require at least one of them to work properly.

Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods

10. Aatrox


Yeah, another mod that adds a League of Legends character – clearly, there’s a lot of crossover between the fanbases here.

Anyway, the Aatrox mod adds, naturally, Aatrox, a League of Legends character who plays very differently from most vanilla Risk of Rain 2 characters.

He’s melee-centric, but also unusually fragile, and is very dependent on his healing abilities and highly complex sword combos to survive.

He’s perfect for players who enjoy a challenge and would like to add some variety to the game’s overall feel.

9. Playableakali


If you should happen to be a fan of the tremendously popular League of Legends and fancy bringing some of that MOBA experience into Risk of Rain 2, the PlayableAkali mod will allow you to play the game as Akali, an assassin character from League.

Most of her attacks – which are defined by range and speed – are present in the game, functioning exactly as they do here, with her model taken directly from League.

It’s the sort of crossover that will delight the more competitive gamer.

8. Roguewisp


If you fancy a new player character who isn’t drawn directly from the first game, the RogueWisp mod adds, well, the Rogue Wisp, a wholly original character that is centered on being a character with low mobility and range, but high damage.

Used properly, such a character can be devastating, especially when backed by some long-range allies.

As a bonus, the mod also throws in a new boss (though this one is taken from the first game).

7. Banditreloaded


Another mod bringing back a cut character from the original game, the BanditReloaded mod, allows you to play as the Bandit character, who was mostly set apart by his ability to take deadly headshots and toss around dynamite and smoke bombs.

When you find yourself surrounded on all sides by bloodthirsty enemies, abilities like that can come greatly in handy.

6. FirstpersonviewFirstpersonview

Risk of Rain 2 made the drastic step of shifting from the first game’s 2D sidescrolling perspective to a more modern third-person, 3D perspective.

The FirstPersonView mod takes this perspective shift even further by, as the name suggests, allowing the player to experience the game from a first-person perspective.

With how fast-paced Risk of Rain 2 can get, it’s quite a heady experience.

5. EmptychestsbegoneEmptychestsbegone

When you’re in the heat of battle, it can cost you a lot to pause in the middle of it all and chest or money barrel you just ran past has been looted yet or not.

The simple mod EmptyChestsBeGone removes chests and barrels from the map entirely once they’ve been looted, thus removing the need to double-check them during gameplay.

Minor, aesthetic tweaks like this, you’ll quickly find, can be life-saving in a game as fast-paced as this one.

4. Biggerbazaar


The Bazaar Between Time is one of Risk of Rain 2’s most notable additions to the series; but if you should happen to feel that that it doesn’t quite give you a satisfying shopping experience, you should install the BiggerBazaar mod, which adds a selection of six randomly generated items for players to purchase.

The mod also delays the conversion of your money into experience points until after you have left the Bazaar, so in addition to letting you grow your arsenal, you also have the opportunity to spend your extra cash on useful stuff, rather than a small amount of XP.

3. Sniper


Sniper is a mod that brings back the Sniper, a character from the first game that wasn’t brought over in the vanilla version of the second one.

As one might guess, the Sniper is able to pick off enemies from a distance, a useful skill in Risk of Rain 2’s open environments.

2. Toomanyfriends


Another alteration to the game’s co-op mode, TooManyFriends if for those players who feel that the vanilla game’s limit of four players is too few to face the extra-terrestrial dangers that the game throws at you.

TooManyFriends allows for as many as 16 players in a game, letting you and your friends turn yourselves into a formidable invasion force.

1. Sharesuit


Among the many new features of Risk of Rain 2 is a much more streamlined co-op experience compared to the first game.

However, many players find it irritating that there isn’t a shared inventory, which often results in items that certain players want to get snatched up by other players.

ShareSuit is a mod that overcomes this issue by introducing item-sharing. Items that are picked up are given to all members of the party.

Alternately, if you’d rather the party had more diverse equipment, you can choose to have every item that you pick up spawn a different item of the same tier in each player’s inventory.

Money, too, is shared between the party, with all the gold that players pick up being added to a poll that the whole party can draw from.

It’s overall a mod that really streamlines the co-op experience even more, as it puts everyone on a much more equal footing, thus making co-operation easier.

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