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Top 10 Best Starsector Mods in [2022] [Free Download]

Top 10 Best Starsector Mods in [2022] [Free Download]

Like most open-world games made by indie studios, Starsector is a very easy game for its users to mod.

The vanilla game provides plenty to do, of course, like any multi-genre game with an open world should, but with the game’s bustling community, there’s also a ton of ways to add some extra flavor to the game.

Below, we’ve listed ten of our favorite user-created mods for Starsector.

Best Starsector Mods

10. LazyLib


Any widely-modded game has at least one mod like LazyLib. It’s the foundation mod – the one that’s required for many other mods.

And if you have a mind for creating your own mods, this is generally agreed to be the easiest mod to do it through. You’ll want to install this one first before starting on anything else.

9. Console Commands

Console Commands

Another useful one for users who have a mind to make their own mods, the Console Command mod, obviously, adds a developer’s console to Starsector.

It can be brought up through a simple Ctrl+backspace command. Moreover, to help you get started on tweaking the game, the download also includes instructions for adding custom commands.

8. Autosave


If anything about Starsector can be called controversial, it’s the fact that, as of yet, it doesn’t have an autosave feature.

It’s not something you might notice at first, but it can prove tremendously annoying if you realize, after a battle that hasn’t gone your way, that you haven’t saved in a while.

The Autosave mod, as the name implies, applies an autosave feature to the game.

However, if you’d prefer to keep doing the saving yourself, you can also choose to simply let to mod notify you when you haven’t saved in a while.

7. Version Checker

Version Checker

It’s increasingly common, nowadays, for games to be widely available while still in development. Such is the case with Starsector, which is still in the alpha stage.

What this means, of course, is that frequent updates are being released. On top of this, the mods themselves also receive frequent updates, often to adapt to the game’s ongoing evolution.

It can be a bit much to manage all these updates, especially given how the game isn’t yet available through Steam, or some other platform that auto-manages updates.

This is what makes the Version Checker mod so useful. In brief, it notifies you whenever your game, or any mods that you’re using, have updates available.

You simply need to press the V button on the campaign menu to bring up a list of currently available updates.

6. Unknown Skies

Unknown Skies

One of the main draws of procedurally generated games like Starsector is their immense replayability since no two maps are exactly the same.

However, once you’ve played a procedurally generated game enough times, it does start to feel a little familiar. After all, every map, though random in design, draws from the same resources.

That’s why mods like Unknown Skies are so useful. In brief, this mod adds 30 new planet types and a number of new backgrounds, all of which add some fresh variety to the maps.

It’s a great option for giving the game some extra replayability once you’ve played through the vanilla game enough times for it to start feeling familiar.

5. Arsenal Expansion

Arsenal Expansion

Being a space sim, the vanilla Starsector boasts plenty of ships and weaponry for players to choose from.

However, in a similar vein to Unknown Skies, the Arsenal Expansion mod is great for when the game’s (admittedly expansive) vanilla content has started to feel a bit too familiar.

In short, this mod introduces a variety of new ships and weapons designed to fit in with the aesthetics and themes of the vanilla game.

It’s a great bit of extra content to keep the game fresh while you wait for official additions to the game.

4. Diable Avionics Corporation

Diable Avionics Corporation

What mods like Unknown Skies are to Starsector’s planets, and mods like Arsenal Expansion are to its ships, mods like this are to its factions.

As you’re likely aware, there’s a ton of different factions to choose from in Starsector, each with its own backstory and features.

The Diable Avionics Corporation adds an extra layer to this list in the form of, well, the Diable Avionics Corporation.

This new faction, as their name implies, is a ruthlessly greedy corporate body that uses mid-tech ships.

And let’s be honest, no game concerned with humanity’s politics in the spacefaring age is quite complete without at least one greedy corporation.

3. Combat Chatter

Combat Chatter

Combat Chatter is a mod that makes your ships put out relevant chatter during combat situations, relating to their current status and so forth.

This is a fairly common thing in RPGs and strategy games, but at the moment, it isn’t present in vanilla Starsector. Besides being strategically useful, it’s also great for increasing immersion.

2. Common Radar

Common Radar

Combat in space is, to put it mildly, a complicated process. The Common Radar mod opts to make it a little bit simpler by adding radar to your combat interface.

It’s a relatively simple radar, performing basic functions like indicating the position of various objects such as ships, missiles, and asteroids.

It also pinpoints objectives and outlines the map border. It’s a very inconspicuous addition to a game, but it can make a major difference in an especially heated battle.

1. Lightshow


Weaponry is a major feature of Starsector, but while it’s all very diverse in function, it (at least in the game’s current state) all looks visually very similar.

The Lightshow mod fixes this by giving the weaponry beams different colors.

Besides giving each battle a bit more visual flair, this mod also has the advantage of being a good visual shorthand.

The color of each beam is used to indicate its particular damage type. It’s all very logical and easy to remember, too – high explosive beams are red, energy beams are blue, EMP beams are turquoise, and so forth.

It’s a simple change that can be very handy in an intense fight.

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