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Top 10 Best Stardew Valley Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Stardew Valley Mods [2024]

Stardew Valley is a well-loved game, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement. Fans have banded together to add more content to the game, change a few things around, and make the game just a touch more enjoyable. So, what are you waiting for? let’s get our mod on!

Best Stardew Valley Mods

10. NPC Locations

Npc Locations

Anyonewho’s ever played Stardew Valley can agree that it’s ridiculously time-consuming and annoying to track down the NPC that you need to talk to. Every character in the game has their own schedule that they keep to, and unless you’re keeping track of that schedule, you won’t be finding them anytime soon.

This mod reveals the locations of every NPC on your map. Once downloaded and installed, all you need to do is check your map, find the picture of the NPC, and start walking in that direction. The only way this could be faster would be if you could be magically transported to their location.

9. SpeedSpeed

Let’s talk about how slow your character is in Stardew Valley. The walking speed that the creators set the player character at is absolutely awful. When you take into consideration the fact that you travel on foot to every location, it just makes the situation worse.

A lot of important locations are across the other side of the map, and you’ll find yourself visiting several places every day of the game. To combat the slow pace, a mod was released to improve the walking speed. This Movement Speed mod also makes the hoe and watering can charge faster.

8. Saving Your Game

Saving Your Game

In the base game, without any mods, you can only save when you go to sleep in your bed at night. This might not seem like an inconvenience at first, but if you need to go and do something in the real world, well… That’s when you miss out on half a day on the farm because you need to run and save as quickly as possible.

With this mod, you can save your game anytime, anywhere. No more rushing to save or losing progress because your computer crashed before your character went to sleep.

7. Enemy Health Bars

Enemy Health Bars

You’re faced with an enemy, and you’re trying your best to defeat them, but they’re not dying. The fight is going on forever. This particular element of the game has been frustrating for players since Stardew Valley first hit our screens.

Thanks to this mod, you’ll be able to tell exactly how close your enemy is to biting the dust so that you can move on with your life. Why shouldn’t your enemy have a health bar when you’re forced to have one?

6. More Farming Space

More Farming Space

Need more farming space? Don’t we all. Adding more farming space is perfect for any player of the game who prefers the farming aspect of the game over anything else that they can do. The base game might not quite scratch that farming itch, but this mod will solve that problem for you.

There are actually quite a few mods available that can enhance the farming experience for Stardew Valley players. This mod just extends the farming area, giving you more space to plant crops, mine, forage, and raise animals. Other mods can label your crops for you, give you a tractor to ride around in, and more!

5. Recipes


Cooking is a firm fan favorite for players of Stardew Valley. It’s a very involved process, considering that you grow all of the crops that you use in the recipes. And you craft the ingredients. But what’s the point of all of that if you can’t make a bunch of new foods with all of the items you’ve got?

This mod will extend the recipes that exist in the game, giving you more options to play around with when you decide to sit down and cook for the day. And this mod is just the start! There are several “sequels” to extend your recipe collection even further and give you more storage space for your items and the food you create.

4. Married Life

Married Life

The Perks of being Married mod adds a few more marriage-related features to your game. What you get will depend on who you chose to pursue a relationship within the game. The list of perks that are included with this mod is pretty large, and they are different for each chosen spouse.

Choose carefully when you decide to settle down and pick someone who will suit your character. Marriage is special, after all! But you can make it better with the modifications included with this downloadable game adapter.

Some perks include: Monsters deal 20% less damage, new crafting recipes, new animals, a reduction in the materials required for building, and more!

3. Seasonal Buildings

Seasonal Buildings

If you’re looking for a mod to add a bit more character to your game, then you’ve found it. This seasonal mod changes the western-style farmhouses of Stardew Valley and replaces them with traditional Japanese buildings.

Everything will become fully animated, and your village will gain a different feel in a flash. Benefit from shoji doors, admire paper lanterns, and watch the snowfall past the ornate roofing.

2. Biological Babies

Biological Babies

One of the greatest things about Stardew Valley is the ability to get married and have children (or adopt them!). While this is great, the kids are all randomized and may not look anything like your character or your spouse.

This mod allows you to personalize the biological children that you create, taking genetics from your character and your partner to change the child’s eye and hair colors, as well as a few other features.

A quick note: This mod requires both SMAPI and the content patcher to work correctly. SMAPI is the Stardew Modding API.

1. Wildflowers

Bored of the plain grass across the lands of Stardew Valley? Look no further than the Eemie’s Wildflowers mod. This modification changes each and every one of the plain grass patches into something wonderful.

The fields will be full of bright, colorful wildflowers from the second you implement this mod.

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How do you add mods to Stardew Valley?

You'll need to install the mod loader for Stardew Valley which is SMAPI. You can find mods on places like Nexus to download. Find your games folder that contains the Stardew Valley .exe and create a mods folder. Unzip the mod in there and then, if it has one, configure the mod using the config.json file.

Are there mods for Stardew Valley?

There are no official mods but with most games with an avid fanbase, Stardew Valley has lots of mods. The best place to find them is on the Nexus website.

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