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Top 13 Best Sims 4 Halloween CC [2024]

Top 13 Best Sims 4 Halloween CC [2024]

There is no doubt that the original version of the game is beyond any critique, but there are many mods and CC available for this game which allows you to make custom changes in it according to your taste and fun.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 10 Sims 4 Halloween custom content that you can get right now.

Best Sims 4 Halloween CC

13. The Pumpkin Cottage

The Pumpkin Cottage

Growing up with the classic feel-good Halloween movies of our time, this cozy cottage will be your favorite Halloween CC of the season!

The Pumpkin Cottage is obviously decorated to the brim with pumpkins outside, as well as a gorgeous fall color scheme. It is a cute stone cottage with rustic features and beautiful outdoor spaces.

You will also notice herbs hanging in the kitchen and several spooky decorations throughout the entire house.

The CC house costs $111,000 Simoleons in-game, but it is worth every bit of it because of the sweet witchy nature of it!

12. Halloween Village

Halloween Village

Nothing can get spookier than an entire Halloween Village! This village is a converted version of a lot that includes a bar, park, and restaurant.

Any Sim will be greeted by spooky pumpkin and ghost decorations and can walk into a witchy restaurant, church, or bar.

This is a great lot on its own, but you can also use it to create a spooky community on the outside of town!

This Halloween Village is a 40 by 30 lot and costs 35,078 Simoleons unfurnished and 99,629 Simoleons furnished.

11. Princess


Princess is a mysterious cat that appears in the dead of night, unclaimed by anyone in your Sim’s neighborhood.

Princess is a pet CC that the creator has said that when she appears, the local cat and dog population begins to disappear!

This spooky kitty is one that when Sim’s encounter, their luck goes down the drain.

Princess is a great addition to your Sim’s game this Halloween and is sure to make it one that your Sim’s won’t forget.

10. Halloween Package

Halloween Package

As the name of this CC is quite self-explanatory, it comes in a complete package.

On Halloween, everyone wants a plethora of stuff so that they can test different combinations and select the best one. Halloween Package CC does the same for you in Sims 4.

The CC will provide you with a variety of items that you can use in your Halloween costume and décor. The items include skeletons, witch boots, witch hats, pumpkin hats, dark necklaces, pirate boots, and many more things.

Get your Halloween freak on with this CC!

9. Ghost-skeleton Makeup

Ghost Skeleton Makeup

If you ask people what they fear the most, many would say zombies or walking skeletons.

That even makes some people frightened on the eve of Halloween despite having the consciousness of such an event.

Where it is scary for some people, it is also fun for others. Many people like to dress up as such.

If you want to add ghost skeleton makeup over the characters in Sims 4, then you must download this CC right now.

The CC allows your characters to rock the white and black skeleton makeup that we all get to see at this festival each year.

The graphics are so clear in this CC that you would be able to differentiate in intense moments.

Although the CC does not offer anything new, it is perfect for all those gamers who want to wear something mainstream and generic to not stand out.

8. Happy Halloween Pose Pack

Happy Halloween Pose Pack

It is a must-try CC because it is loved by almost everyone who has tried it; that’s why it is one of the most popular ones.

While other custom contents come to make alterations to transform the characters individually, this will make matching costumes for the whole family.

Pairing costumes and dresses with family members is always fun, and who misses it on Halloween.

If you want to dress up the whole family in Halloween costumes, then download Happy Halloween Pose Pack right now.

In addition to that, you will be able to take candid pictures of the whole family in Halloween costumes and can also post them on social media to make memes.

7. Halloween Wine Bottles

Halloween Wine Bottles

If you are a grown-up kid and past the legal age of 18, you must know that Halloween is not all about candies. There is no doubt that adult kids love to drink.

On the eve of Halloween, many adult kids arrange parties and invite their friends to have some fun with drinks.

You may have seen custom Halloween-designed bottles at the parties. If not, then you can try this in the game.

Add custom Halloween wine bottles to your home décor with Halloween Wine Bottles.

Stand out with super cute bottles and wow your guests leaving a lasting impression. You can even recolor the bottles to your liking.

6. Halloween Dining

Halloween Dining

When you include every other item for your Halloween eve, then why should your dining be left alone? Halloween dining is not always scary; this theme is often used as a romantic date or romantic dinner.

Halloween Dining allows you to make your dining area look both romantic and according to Halloween’s theme.

The chairs, pictures, table, and even the spoons and the knife will be transformed according to your chosen Halloween dining theme.

It sounds weird having Halloween-themed romantic dining set up but trust us, this really works well, so kudos to the creator on this one!

5. Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins

I always struggled to understand why the pumpkins are associated with Halloween. We guess it’s the same for you as well.

However, we are not here to discuss the history of this event or the philosophy by which some symbols are attached to it.

Whatever the reason, maybe it has become an essential part of this theme.

If you want to add a lot of pumpkins to your Halloween party in the game, then try Halloween Pumpkins.

You can fill each nook and cranny with pumpkins to show off your festive spirits with this CC.

4. Happy Halloween Set

Happy Halloween Set

The favorite part of any event for the kids is its food, and Halloween is no exception. Even the adults like the food that is special for special events.

If you want to add Halloween-style pastries, cakes, and other items to your game, then try Happy Halloween Set right now.

The mod comes with theme-curated goodies and delicious assortments that not only taste good but look the part too.

Impress your guests and sims family with this CC and become the talk of the town.

3. Halloween Outdoor Stuff

Halloween Outdoor Stuff

Decorating the house on the eve of Halloween is always fun. We often put items inside and outside the house at this special event. You can also do so in the game by trying this CC.

Halloween Outdoor Stuff CC allows adding a lot of decorations themed according to Halloween to your party house in the game.

Have a mix of different decors to go along with the festival.

2. Fire Flame Headband

Fire Flame Headband

Halloween dressing and the following theme is about creativity and simply absurdity.

You can add stupid stuff to your dress, décor, and jewelry and become the talk of the town.

You must have often seen weird headbands wearing girls in this event as well.

Fire Flame Headband allows you to add a fire-themed headband for your female characters in the game. 

Bring out your feisty side this Halloween with a flaming headband to rock that attitude.

1. Demon Days- Vampire Stuff

Demon Days Vampire Stuff

Becoming a vampire on the eve of Halloween is something that everyone likes.

The kids love to look like a vampire because honestly, it is quite scary.

Demon Days- Vampire Stuff allows you to make the characters in the game look like vampires and demons.

Its graphics are so good that this CC is loved by everyone who has tried it once. Do check it out!

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