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Top 30 Best Sims 4 Vampire CC [2024]

Top 30 Best Sims 4 Vampire CC [2024]

Vampire occult is popular in The Sims universe, and many simmers enjoy playing with these dark creatures. It is no wonder that Sims 4 CC content for vampires is presumed to be one of the best fan-made stuff in the history of the franchise and everybody uses it if they can.

Today we share our personal favorites with you and just the best CC finds on the web that will make your vampires even more magnificent in your Sims 4 save.

Best Sims 4 Vampire CC

Inverted Crosses T-shirt

Inverted Crosses T Shirt

The Inverted Crosses T-Shirt is a great addition to any collection of Sims 4 vampire CC. There’s a new trend on the streets of vampire-themed streetwear.

Vampire-inspired clothing and accessories are all the rage, from trench coats to statement necklaces.

It’s perfect for those who want to be incognito in the human world while still expressing their dark side.

It features a cool inverted cross design that will project style and make the regular Sims wonder, “Is that guy a vampire?”

They’ll never know until it’s too late!

Vampire Goat Eyes With Sclera

Vampire Goat Eyes With Sclera

The Vampire Goat Eyes With Sclera mod for The Sims 4 is really cool! Everyone knows that the scariest of all vampires have inhuman traits beyond simple vampire teeth.

It gives vampires spooky goat eyes in stunning colors. The sideways pupil and dark tendrils make this look very intimidating.

This vampire CC can be combined with other items from our list to deck your vampire Sim out in everything they need to start feeding on other Sims.

Araneae Gown

Araneae Gown

This gown brings a dash of horror and mystery to your lady Sims. With gothic vibes and a threatening aura, the Sim wearing this means business.

The dress is inspired by spiders, with webbed details on the hips that give a sinister vibe.

A woman in this dress projects power and danger, perfect for any player who wants to create an unforgettable character in The Sims 4.

These women were all incredibly powerful and dangerous, and they were not to be messed with.

Wolf Cave

Wolf Cave

If you’re looking for a new and exciting place to call home in The Sims 4, look no further than Wolf Cave.

This massive castle sits atop a snow-capped cliff and is perfect for any affluent vampire looking for a secluded lair.

It’s got plenty of room for servants and human Sims to feed on, and its remote location means you’ll never be disturbed.

Vampires need good lairs because they need to be able to rest in peace during the day and also because they need a place where their dark designs can be executed without threat.

Caves have plenty of dark corners, secret passageways, and other features that can come in handy for any wandering vampire looking to evade capture or stay safe during the day.

Vampire Teeth Necklace

Vampire Teeth Necklace

This Vampire Teeth Necklace is perfect for the vampire-obsessed player.

It’s a little chain with a set of vampire’s teeth on it, and it’s the perfect accessory for any trendy Sim vampire or vampire-loving Sim.

Are they wearing it as an ironic nod to their secret, dark identity? Maybe!

It’s also a great conversation starter. A vampire teeth necklace is a perfect addition to any spooky outfit.

It’s a great way to show your dark side and have some fun this Halloween or any day of the week!

Vampire Hunter Dress

Vampire Hunter Dress

Watch out, Buffy!

Vampire hunters are a group of dedicated individuals who tirelessly work to keep the world safe from dangerous bloodsuckers.

These heroes use a variety of weapons and tactics to track and slay their prey, using specialized knowledge of vampire lore and centuries of experience to achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for a vampire hunter dress for your Sims 4 game that is stylish and perfect for slaying vampires, then look no further than this awesome outfit!

It comes complete with classic ruffles and big buckles that are indicative of this dark fantasy genre, and it will make your Sims feel confident and ready to take on any vampires that might cross their path.

Pam Dress

Pam Dress

Pam Dress is one of the best Sims 4 vampire CCs for fans of True Blood and badass women in general. Pam always does it with style and flair.

The dress is absolutely stunning and absolutely something the character would actually wear, with strong shoulders and bold color.

This vibrant red outfit practically glows with heat and is made to catch everyone’s attention as soon as your Sims enter the room.

We like it in the classic red, but it also comes in several other colors.

Fangs With Braces

Fangs With Braces

The Fangs With Braces CC is a great addition for players who want to add some realism to their younger vampire Sims.

Teenage vampires can now have braces on their fangs, adding an extra layer of authenticity to their appearance.

And while braces may be nothing new, the innovations of vampire dentistry are. Nothing hurts the intimidating look of a creature of the night like a crooked fang.

Who knows – we just may see an increase in vampire teens with glittering mouths all over town!

Castle Vampire

Castle Vampire

Imagine a sprawling, opulent castle blanketed in fog and dripping with blood. Towering stone walls stretch as far as the eye can see, guarding mysterious passageways and dark chambers within.

For vampires, choosing a good place to wait out the day can be tricky. After all, sunlight is lethal to these creatures of the night.

This is a vampire’s den – a place where the creatures of the night prowl, awaiting their next unsuspecting victim.

Now players can have this haunting hideout right on their block in The Sims 4! This is one of the best Sims 4 vampire CC buildings.

The amount of detail that the creator packed into this custom content is impressive.

Vampire Doll Dress

Vampire Doll Dress

Let’s talk about vampire kids.

These pint-sized predators can usually be spotted tapping innocently at windowpanes in the dead of night, and it’s important to remember that calling for help is often futile – as most vampire children can already fly.

This Vampire Doll Dress is a beautiful Victorian gothic dress that will make them look both deadly and innocent all at the same time. It looks good in black or deep burgundy.

Vampire Sun IMMUNITY1

Vampire Sun Immunity

While lurking in the dark and being a mysterious vampire is cool, the restriction to only nighttime activities can get old.

The Vampire Sun Immunity mod allows your vampire Sim to rejoin the land of living during the daytime.

This mod makes your Sim immune to the ghastly sun rays that would normally cause them to die within seconds.

Created by RevyRei, this is a mod to have if you want the perks of being a vampire without the annoying fact that they can’t be in the sun.

Your Sim can return to the beach during the day, enjoy plasma in the park, and overall living a normal Sim life while still being the spooky blood-drinking creature they are.

Plasma Pack From Plasma Fruit

Plasma Pack From Plasma Fruit

Aside from feeding on other Sims, your hungry vampire can make blood bags from frogs or fish, but that doesn’t always sound appealing.

With the Plasma Pack from Plasma Fruit mod, you can create plasma bags for your vampire Sim the cruelty-free way.

Created by LittleMsSam, this mod allows players to gather the plasma fruit found in-game and turn it into plasma bags.

What makes this mod even more appealing? Plasma bags made with this mod quench thirst 50% better then vanilla game bags.

And if you’re familiar with vampire Sims, they need their thirst quenched constantly.

This mod is especially useful for players who aspire to be the Good Vampire.

Bright Eyes for Vampires

Bright Eyes For Vampires Cc

Vampires in The Sims 4 have many cool and unique features, including their special powers and the dark form of being.

But, one of the most notable things about vampires must be their unusual eyes. But what if you can make them a lot more special?

This particular set offers a replacement for standard vampire eyes on these perfect maxis match variations with some added options. These eyes called bright for a reason: they look like fire!

The addons also include some exotic variations like black sclera and cat-eye pupils. Those are perfect occult eyes for your vampire sims.

Vampire Initiation Ritual

Vampire Initiation Ritual

Turning into a vampire is a special time in your sim’s life. So why don’t your sim throw a party where all his or her loved ones will witness the ritual?

Thanks to this event, your future occult apprentice can now organize a gathering as a Vampire Novice and call the sim-vampire and sim-human guests, and of course, Senior Vampire, to turn your ward into the unliving creature.

The event has goals, and if you are successful with your initiation ritual, the outstanding award will be waiting for you at the end of the party. Good luck!

Immersive Vampires

Immersive Vampires Cc

This cute mod gives a little more life and interactions between your vampires, other vampires, and regular sims.

You know, it is all about socialization in this game, so new interesting interactions are always welcomed.

Now you can confess that you are a vampire to other sims with very mixed, happy, or sad results.

Your sim can have friendly or meaningful conversations with others about their opinions on vampires, reassure sims about them, and many other exciting things to talk about.

This is a small addition to your vampire gameplay, but we find that this mod adds a lot of gameplay value into the game.

Child Vampire Manifestation Mod

Child Vampire Manifestation Mod

Let’s just say that vampire kids are not so occult as we would like them to be in The Sims 4. Do you want them to be a little more exciting and bloodier? Here you have a special mod!

The Child Vampire Manifestation mod makes your kids a lot more vampiry and dangerous for society (as how they should be).

Your sweet kids now can drink from other sims, eat plasma fruits, and enjoy plasma packets.

The mod also unlocks some vampire abilities for your kids, so your sim children will be the proper part of the vampire society.

Vampire Slayer Pose Pack

Vampire Slayer Pose Pack

We all loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 90s and wished to be this fierce and cool girl that saves the day.

Luckily, in The Sims 4, you can simulate a lot of your favorite things, including some elements of this amazing show.

Today we present to you a fantastic Vampire Slayer Pose Pack for your magical photoshoots.

There are six poses that work for couples — one hunter and one vampire, and they full of passion and danger.

You can also choose from one of the four poses for a single hunter that is about to kill his vampire prey.

Vampire Skin CC

Vampire Skin CC

Vampires are literally dead sims, and nothing in their faces should be alive.

That’s why we highly recommend to add these fantastic skin tones to your game and make vampires look a lot more dead than with standard EA options.

Skintones works both for females and males, and they have that pale, grey, and glowy appearance of a very dead, but very active corpse.

Skintones have a lot of face details, which will make your vampires even more devious looking. This is truly a set of nightmares in the skin tones department.

Drink Deeply Kills

Drink Deeply Kills

Vampires should be very deadly and dangerous in real life, but in The Sims 4, we have relatively powerful and rather annoying sons and daughters of darkness.

But with this mod, your sims will be in constant danger of being killed by a ravenous vampire.

How this works: once your vampire bites a sim and you choose “Drink Deeply” interaction, your not so sweet ward will drink all the blood from the poor sim’s body, and that unfortunate soul will die.

You can choose either you want your sims to die from Exhaustion or Hunger during this process.

Gpme Halloween Vampire Set

Gpme Halloween Vampire Set

Extremely cool and beautiful set of makeup that wasmade explicitly for your lovely vampire sims.

Bloody and crusty lips, soulless eyes, veins in the under-eye area, and deep cheekbone contouring awaits for your sims in this set.

Everything in the GMPE Halloween Vampire Set looks deadly, dangerous, and awesome! You can wear this stuff on your sims, and everyone around will know who they are!

Vampire Trait

Vampire Trait

Why can’t vampirism be a part of your personality? With the new and glorious Vampire trait, your sims now will be able to add this aspect of the gameplay into his or her personality.

This trait adds some exciting perks for your vampire or a sim who wants to be a vampire. Your sim becomes “an ultimate sucker,” and now romantic and evil interactions feel more natural for this sim.

You will see that your little monster is better in cooking, athleticism, social, mischievous, and logic skills than other sims. Not bad, ha?

This is an excellent trait for the simmers who often play with vampires and love how different they are from other sims.

Ghoulish & Ghastly – Vampire Pack Build Mode Addons

Ghoulish & Ghastly

The beautiful addon for the EA Vampire Pack is presented by lovely people Sensational Designs.

Ghoulish & Ghastly is an extraordinary build mode items set that perfectly fit and complement all the stuff and overall vibe of the EA’s game pack.

There are twenty new objects in Victorian style, including big and small windows, entrance doors, double doors, and various archways.

Just imagine how haunted and creepy looking houses you can build with all these items!

Ancient Vampire Skintones

Ancient Vampire Skintones

This one is for the people who appreciate classic vampires and want to do a proper makeover for Vladislaus Straud, the top vampire in The Sims 4.

With this creepy skin tone, any vampire will look awesome like hell and very devious.

You can see in all the details of the skin tone that this vampire was alive once upon a time, long before civilizations were born.

The skin tone set was made both for male and female sims so that you can make your Dark Lords and Ladies.

Vampire Stuff

Vampire Stuff

This is just good old-fashioned maxis match stuff pack that was made to make your sims look a little more unique and different. Yeah, the best kind!

In the Vampire Stuff, you will find a lot of fantastic things for your female vampires: elegant and seductive vampire dress with eight swatches ripped gloves and stockings, and some beautiful makeup.

As for makeup, it looks like your vampiress just found and killed her victim: everything is smeared and dripping.

That is the stuff that makes the femme fatale, the femme extremely fatal!

Toddlers Vampire Dress

Toddlers Vampire Dress

Your little ghoul is a toddler now, and she needs a proper dress that will fit her deadly genetics. Here we have a Victorian style dress for all the toddler vampire girls in your world.

It looks so good on this little sim that we cannot imagine any other dress on our vampire toddlers now. In this set, you will get seven swatches of this beautiful velvet gown.

All the swatches are dark and very fitting to your young dark girl’s personality.

The Forgotten Woman

The Forgotten Woman

Vampire mansions usually are so grand and exquisite that only something extraordinary can fit in well there. But this spectacular statue is one of a kind thing that will be perfect in every spooky house of your occults.

The Forgotten Woman can be a representation of the thirsty ancestors of your vampire sims, which was bitten and made vampires.

With all the blood dripping on beautiful white or black marble, the statue creates a dangerous atmosphere in every house.

Along with drippy versions, the statue has forty-five colorful swatches for you to choose from. But be careful! Someone said the statue might be cursed.

Vampire Coffin Beds for Adults and Toddlers

Vampire Coffin Beds For Adults And Toddlers Cc

There’s a proper bed for all the vampires in Sims 4! Classic coffin beds are something very crucial for every simmer that loves traditional vampires in their game.

They look spectacular and fit very well with all the other Sims` stuff that was made for vampires.

And yes, you heard it right, this time, the creators thought about the toddlers, and we have a little coffin for them. It is only proper for every little monster to sleep in this kind of bed as adults do.

The bed has four recolors of the inner draping and one black recolor of the coffin’s outer part.

Monster Teeth

Monster Teeth

Not all vampires were born the same. And to differentiate them from each other, you can use these awesome Monster Teeth set from Remussims. Oh, what a scary look they have!

Monster Teeth has a whole nine swatches of creepy and dangerous sharp biters. Some of them are very thin and sharp, some of them thicker, and some even have blood on!

The teeth fit all the sims from teens to elders and can be found under the teeth category in the CAS. The set is fully HQ compatible.

Victorian Vampire Lookbook

Victorian Vampire Lookbook

Stories about vampires were wildly popular during the Victorian era, where death was around the corner all the time.

So it is only proper for us to present to you this amazing set of Victorian vampire clothes that comes with an undeadly charm.

Dresses and men’s suits were inspired by the 1880s-1890s period with all the fitted corsetry and elegant bustles on the dresses’ back.

Those dresses will be a perfect addition to your gameplay if you want to make a great clan of the ancient vampires that do not fond of modern fashion and like being outdated.

Vampire Tattoo Set

Vampire Tattoo Set Cc

And this set was made for fashion-forward vampiresses that deny old rules, and they love to be modern sim vampires.

The Vampire Tattoo Set has all the notorious tattoos that your dark ward can want on her body.

The set includes an arm spider, a flock of bats all over the thigh, a huge bat on the chest, and spectacular back wings.

All the tattoos have black and white recolors, and they are all fully compatible with the base game.

Yes, you can make a vampire wannabe in your game even without the Vampires game pack.

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