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Top 37 Best Sims 4 Traits CC [2024]

Top 37 Best Sims 4 Traits CC [2024]

Arguably, one of the hardest things to do while building your Sims in CAS is choosing their traits.

Do you want them to be a clean freak? What about book smart? Or even a vegetarian?

You have to make sure you’re picking the very best to live your virtual life to the fullest, so here are the best Sims 4 traits so your Sims can be different from the last every time you make a new Sim.

Best Sims 4 Traits CC

37. Guitar Legend

Guitar Legend

One of the many perks of learning how to play guitar is imagining how famous you’d become, and the Guitar Legend trait makes achieving the dream easier!

With the Guitar Legend trait, your Sim will learn how to play quickly, along with it being easier to develop the Charisma skill.

Promotions come quick to them in the Entertainment career, and your Sim can also work from home!

Once they reach levels 8 and 9 of the guitar skill, your Sim can write and sell songs for high royalty payments!

This trait pairs well with the Music Lover and Creative traits.

36. Diva Sims 4 CC Traits

Diva Sims 4 Cc Traits

There is always that one friend that is a bit too confident and obsessed with themselves, and the Diva trait captures that perfectly.

With the Diva trait, your Sim will be boisterous and loud, and they will know it. Your diva Sim will always feel good about themselves and like to remind other Sims of how great they are.

Your Sim will also have whims about dancing and almost anything that might put them in the spotlight.

Although annoying at times, the diva trait is great when creating the perfect party Sim!

35. Bossy


Is your Sim the boss, or just bossy? With this trait, will always think they’re the superior one around here, even if that’s not always the case.

They’ll love to tell other Sims what they know and compliment or criticize them accordingly.

Will this trait help them move up the ladder in their career? Only one way to find out!

34. Germaphobe


Have you ever found yourself thinking that the neat trait doesn’t explain exactly who your Sim really is? Instead of being an anal-retentive, they’re an all-out germaphobe?

With this trait, that’s exactly who they’ll become!

Most of these Sims, while consisting of cleaning themselves, their surroundings, or even their children, and their default mood will almost always be uncomfortable.

Who can blame them? Do you ever really know how clean your surroundings are?

33. Bothered


We all know at least one of these kinds of people.

They’re always irritated about something, their food wasn’t perfect when they went out to eat, their significant other didn’t respond to them right away.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, they’re going to want to complain about it, and they’ll never be satisfied.

These Sims are the bothered Sims. Others may call this Sim a Karen, but that’s another topic for another time.

Some of their whims include complaining about their love life, trolling web forums, and recording rants, and posting them to the internet. They’re bothered, and they want the whole world to know about it!

32. Rebellious


Sick of playing by the rules? Live out your fantasies of going against the grain and make a Sim with the rebellious trait! These Sims aren’t afraid of getting into a little bit of trouble.

They’ll sneak out as a teenager to go out on the town, get into fights with other Sims they interact with, and even come up with ways to try to diffuse their anger, like by using the treadmill.

These Sims may seem like a lot of work, but they have their good moments, too.

They’ll be able to increase (or decrease) their relationships with the Sims they know faster than most, succeed in the criminal career, and they’ll find they’re a natural when it comes to increasing their programming skill!

31. Gamer Trait

Gamer Trait

If you want your Sims to share your love for all things gaming, this is the trait you need to use. Your gamer Sims will choose video games to oversleep any day.

They’ve beaten just about everything you can think of and love to talk about their passion for their hobbies with other Sims. Get them a console of their own, and they’ll be happy-simple as that.

30. Instagram Baddie

Instagram Baddie

There are people who love social media in general, and then there are people who are particularly obsessed with the attention they get on Instagram.

These Instagram Baddies are always going to want to take photos so they can keep their feed looking fresh, they’ll be able to find the perfect angle no matter where they are.

They especially love being able to capture that perfect shot during the golden hour.

Instagram Baddies don’t stop at simply trying to get likes and comments.

They’ll also find creative ways to turn their attention into profit and ask other people on Insta to help them out financially, whether it’s in exchange for something or not.

29. Career Oriented

Career Oriented.

Career Oriented, workaholic, whatever you want to call them, that’s who these Sims are.

They want to be the best at their jobs, always finding themselves landing that new promotion going around at work, and they often times bring their work home with them.

They’ll climb up to level 10 faster than other Sims, they’ll learn skills faster, and they’ll always have money on their brains.

With this trait equipped, expect to find your Sims striving to be the best version of themselves when they walk through that door in the morning- they couldn’t be happier to be there.

28. Emotional Burnout

Emotional Burnout

Sometimes, life gets a little crazy. Whether you’re busy at your full-time job or you’re trying to balance work and school as a college kid, if we’re not careful, we can experience emotional burnout from time to time.

With the Emotional Burnout trait, you’ll have to pay closer attention to your Sims mental health than you may have before.

Make sure that they’re not just working hard, but they’re playing hard too!

Not only that, but you’ll be keeping an eye out on their emotional responses to the things that are happening in their lives.

Your Sims will bounce back and forth from feeling a variety of different emotions to feeling like their emotions are under control, and you’ll be their guide to keeping their mental health at bay.

27. Add More Cas Traits

Add More Cas Traits

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could give your Sims more traits? Three just isn’t enough.

Your Sims should be more dimensional, have a bigger personality, more things about that make them an exciting Sim to play as? Finally, you can make your dreams come true!

With the Add More CAS Traits mod, you can customize your Sims personality to your heart content.

Now you can take all of the custom traits that you’ve accumulated and added them to your Sim to create one of the most unique storylines that you’ve ever played through.

26. Two-faced

Two Faced

Admittedly, a lot of us get frustrated when we’re dealing with someone who’s two-faced.

When we come to that realization that the person we thought was our friend has been talking about you behind your back is a feeling that leaves you hurt and betrayed.

But, this is The Sims, and all rules go out the window when The Sims turns on.

Have your Sim stir up a little bit of drama in their friend group- why not?

By making your Sims two-faced, they won’t be afraid to go behind people’s backs and say a couple of things about them in the hopes it won’t get back to them.

Just don’t be surprised when your Sim ends up getting into fights with their friends.

25. Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Free Spirit Sims are the people that we all wish we were. They have all of their stuff together; they live healthy, relaxed lives, and, well, their spirits are free.

These Sims will get along with just about everybody, they have an easier time making friends, they know all of the best gluten-free, vegan recipes, and they actively practice yoga.

What could be better than that?

Give this trait to your Sims. They will have a decreased chance of experiencing all negative emotions, be able to offer mental relaxation tips to all of their stressed-out friends and even have increased career rates with painting and social media.

Playing The Sims should be as chilled out as your Free Spirit Sim, and now you can finally do that.

24. High-strung

High Strung

Does playing The Sims on easy mode sound like a bore to you? Looking for a bit of a challenge as you play out their lives with all of the twists and turns that life throws at them?

If you’re up to it, why not try using the High-Strung Trait on your next Sim!

These guys are the complete opposite of the Free Spirits we just got done talking about. When we say they’re stressed out, it’s a bit of an understatement.

They’re always on edge, they have a hard time managing their emotions, and they’re known for being tense and overwhelmed.

If you think you can calm them down, definitely give it a try. When they’re relaxed, they’re probably the life of the party.

23. Intellectual Giftedness

Intellectual Giftedness

This trait is a must-have for any of your Sims who are either in school or pursuing a career that takes a lot of logical skill. Learning can be tough.

Not all of us were given the magic ability to be knowledgeable on almost every topic out there! Thankfully, these Sims are, though.

Intellectually gifted Sims have a much easier time gaining the skills they need to succeed in life, develop interesting hobbies to keep them busy in their spare time, and tell all of their friends about the cool things they’ve been studying upon.

Remember- brainy people are cool!

22. Emotional Traits

Emotional Traits

Let’s face it. It’s a lot more convenient to have a bunch of things tied into one neat package than it is to have to download a bunch of single things one at a time.

Luckily enough, this bundle of Emotional Traits is interesting enough that you’re sure to get used out of each of them.

You’ll be able to pick from emotions such as daydreamer, perky, and restless and play around with different combinations to find the perfect Sim to play as.

All boosting different emotions for your Sim and career perks for a different experience every time.

20. Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy has literally never been easier. These Sims are pumped to go out there and get active!

With the Healthy Lifestyle Trait, your Sims will find enjoyment in everything that has to do with keeping their bodies in good shape.

Earning happy moodlets from exercising, and cooking nutritious meals and finding themselves a bit grumpy whenever they don’t get enough sleep.

Cooking, wellness, and exercise skills will be gained faster than more Sims to those who take it as seriously as these health nuts.

You can also expect to find them wanting to do things like drinking detox teas, cooking veggie burgers, and treating themselves to a new yoga mat.

19. Aphrodite


The goddess of love, beauty, and fertility- Aphrodite is a staple of Greek mythology that we all aspire to be. So, why not become her with the Aphrodite trait?

Of course, as the goddess would, your Sim will find themselves wanting to have a fulfilling love life, filled with innocent flirting, sultry woohoos, and getting jealous when she sees her romantic fantasies not panning out the way that they planned.

Sims with these traits may not have their skills increase as fast as others we’ve seen so far, but they will develop their relationships much faster and get an increased chance of having their flirty interactions go according to plan.

Sit back and watch as all of the Sims at the bar fawn over your Aphrodite-like Sim. They’ll have plenty of stories to tell their friends about their enticing love lives.

18. Arrogant


Sometimes, we need a bit of a confidence boost. Maybe we don’t have as much faith in ourselves as we should when we get ready to deliver that joke to the crowd at the bar.

It happens! But what if we were so sure of ourselves we could do anything with the reassurance that we were gonna kill it? Arrogant Sims, you have the stage.

These Sims find themselves with endless amounts of confidence. Instead of getting embarrassed when they make a fool out of themselves, they get angry.

After all, how could that happen to them? Do we know who they are?

17. Activist Trait

Activist Trait

With everything going on in the world, we need to take a stance and speak up for what’s right.

Politics in The Sims may be a thing we forget about, but every protest that’s arranged has a meaning.

It’s all-important. With the Activist Trait, your Sim can be the one on that podium taking action for the things they believe in.

These Sims are going to want to increase their logic and charisma skills, they’ll be actively seeking donations for their cause, and they’re always looking for another Sim to debate politics with.

While they do enjoy showing up to work with an extra pep in their step, they also know that some things are more important than sitting behind a desk all day- they need a vacation so they can go out to the protest!

Go and see how well your Sim will succeed in the activist career. They’ll blow everyone away with how quickly they climb to the top and become the best politician their city has ever seen.

16. Hipster


Your Sim is way cooler than all the other Sims that they know.

They only listen to the most underground music and wear clothes from the thrift shop because they think it makes them unique, and they can’t stand people who think they know about the film they’re talking about (it’s always a film, never a movie).

They may seem a little smug and pretentious, but most of them are pretty good people once you get to know them.

Your Hipster Sim will look like the real deal with an acoustic guitar and a fashion sense that was somehow pulled from 50 years in the past and 50 years in the future at the same time.

It’s pretty hard to admit, but they are as interesting as they think they are!

15. Reaper


We’ve all seen gameplays of The Sims where people somehow convince the Grim Reaper to join their household and become one of the family.

But what if you didn’t need to take all those steps and you could become the Reaper yourself?

With the Reaper Trait, you Sim won’t be a human anymore.

In fact, they’ll find themselves bored with mere mortals and find themselves more interested in those who are lingering around in the spirit realm.

They have a job they were born to do: take souls away from Sims who have passed and move them on to a better (or worse, depending on how many Sims you’ve murdered) place.

Are you up for the responsibility of taking care of death itself?

14. Melancholic


Life isn’t always rainbows, and sunshine like a lot of other Sims think that it is. Melancholic Sims are jaded.

They’re realists about the world around them and just how depressing it truly can be.

Their default mood is sad, and sometimes they struggle with their friendships because of it.

But they can’t help the fact that all they want to do is talk about how sad they are!

13. Anime Lover

Anime Lover

Now your Sims can share your love for anime with you! Anime Lovers are always looking for someone to talk about their adoration for their favorite shows with.

You’ll get interactions like being able to discuss One Piece, talk about whether they prefer subs or dubs, and feel pumped up when they find another like-minded Sim to talk to!

You may be thinking to yourself, yea, that trait sounds good, but there’s no anime in The Sims.

Well, you’re in luck because this trait is best used with the Anime Mod, so they can watch reruns of Inuyasha and One Punch Man to their heart’s content.

12. Angels and Demons

Angels And Demons

This trait gives your Sims the option to choose whether they want to go down the path of good or evil.

As an angel, your Sims will feel fulfilled in careers where they’re helping their community members by becoming either a doctor or veterinarian.

Their sole purpose is to be a kind soul, donate to charities, make tons of friends, and they’ll have a hard time trying to build up any skills that could potentially cause harm to others.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, your Sim could choose to join the dark side and become a demon. These Sims are evil, mischievous, and love to cause chaos around them.

They’ll struggle with skills that go against their ways, and they’ll be blessed with the ability to never age or die, which makes them a perfect fit for the criminal career.

11. Zodiac


Everyone loves to discuss their zodiac signs, even if sometimes it feels a little bit silly.

We talk about how we can’t stay in one place too long because we’re a Sagittarius or how we like balance in our lives because we’re a Libra. You gotta admit- it’s kinda fun!

The Zodiac Traits give you the ability to choose your Sims sun sign, and you’ll see the result shine through in their personality.

You’ll be able to pick one from all 12 of the existing zodiac and slowly watch as they become the most stereotypical Aries you’ve ever met.

10. Siren


Mermaids are cool and all, but they don’t have as intriguing as a Siren backstory!

To be a half-fish half-human creature in the ocean on a foggy night, singing your irresistible song to sailors and lure them to their deaths. Was that too dark?

Siren Sims are attractive, they’re enticing, and they’ll find that those who have a romantic interaction with them will be coming back for more at every chance they get.

They’re mysterious and aloof, which adds to why people are so attracted to them!

9. Violent Trait

Violent Trait

Being a pacifist is for the weak! Don’t let your Sim shy away from occasionally throwing hands. Gift them with the Violent Trait!

They’re going to get angry, a lot, usually at someone else. And even if another person wasn’t the one who antagonized them, they’ll be stirring up angry emotions all around town.

Hit the gym and make sure they’re ready for their next punch.

8. Emo Trait

Emo Trait

I’ll be the first to admit it. I miss my middle school days of being an emo kid.

The Sims just doesn’t get it right, you can make a Sim that dresses dark and gloomy, but it never hits the same.

Finally, you can relive your angsty teenage years with the Emo Trait.

Emo Sims have their emotions pouring out everywhere from happy to sad, they can send sad texts to their friends, they’ll gain mischief skills faster than normal Sims.

If they feel like the world doesn’t understand them, they can even smash a dollhouse out of anger.

7. Sleepy Trait Pack

Sleepy Trait Pack

This Sleepy Trait Pack ranges from having your Sim be the type of person that can take 6 naps a day to someone who believes that sleep is for the weak.

Insomniac Sims won’t have their energy decay, and they’ll show a heightened interest in activities like video games that keep them preoccupied when there’s nothing else for them to do.

On the flipside, Sleepyhead Sims love to be in bed. It’s where they find their comfort.

It seems to be their solution to everything, even to cure sleep-related sicknesses they may feel.

6. Blessed and Cursed

Blessed And Cursed

Would you rather live a life where good things seem to fall out of the sky or a more difficult path where everything that can go wrong will?

Gifting your Sims by making them blessed gives them a positive outlook on life, whereas your cursed Sims won’t think that life is all that great, expect them to be more of a downer, and have a harder time with everyday tasks like building up their skills.

5. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry Trait was so funny. It had to be included. Described by the creator as being the embodiment of one of the greatest everyday cars, those with this trait are low maintenance.

If you’re more focused on getting their skills up or pushing through their career, this is a good option to let your Sims go on autopilot without having to use needs disable cheats!

4. Small Trait Pack

Created by JustASimsAddict, this trait pack comes with four current-day options of personalities to choose from.

Ranging from E-Girl to Spoiled, there are tons of ways to mix it up as you play through different households and watch as their unique qualities shine through in their everyday lives.

3. Sugar Traits

Sugar Traits

Ever wanted to fulfill your fantasies of becoming a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy?

With this trait, your Sims will love giving and receiving money in exchange for special services.

Your Sim won’t have to worry about sitting in their boring jobs all day long anymore. Daddy can take care of it!

2. Immortal

Immortal Sims Trait

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Personally, I’m the type of player to get emotionally attached to my characters.

Unhealthy, I know. But by making them immortal, I never have to worry about Grim showing up at my door again! In exchange for everlasting life, your Sims will feel sad, but that’s such a small price to pay.

1. Custom Traits Pack

Custom Traits Pack

Ranging from traits like hopeless romantic to a workaholic, these traits come neatly collected into one file for your convenience.

To simply enhance the game’s original mechanics, these traits are simple yet add an extra boost to the traits that you were already using. A great way to test the waters of custom traits.

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