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Top 18 Best Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC [2022]

Top 18 Best Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC [2022]

Do we hear wedding bells? Your Sims sure do! Tying the knot definitely isn’t as much of a lengthy, stressful process for them as it may be for a lot of us, but you still want that day to be one that they’ll always remember.

And what could be more important than making sure your Sim is wearing the best dress to fit the occasion?

If you’re feeling the pressure of finding the best dress for your bride, then prepare to make your life a whole lot easier because we’re talking about 15 of the best Sims 4 wedding dresses!

Best Sims 4 Wedding Dresses CC

18. Lorena Wedding Collection

Lorena Wedding Collection

If you are looking for a dress and jumpsuit option, look no further! This Lorena Wedding Collection CC includes a short skirt dress and a sharp jumpsuit with lovely lace long sleeves and a train.

Both CC include a white silk sash tied at the waist and off-the-shoulder sleeves, making for classy and modern wedding attire. This CC is a mix of white and ivory shades and only comes in this color scheme.

This collection is available for Sims ages, teen to elder. This CC is perfect for players who want more options aside from traditional princess-styled dresses.

17. Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage Wedding Dress

Lovers of lace and layered dresses will fall in love with this CC. This brilliant whiteVictorian-inspired Vintage Wedding Dress CC is perfect for Sims 4 players who want a modern wedding dress with an old-fashioned twist.

This dress is a floor-length, off-the-shoulder piece that has multiple textured layers in a gorgeous floral lace pattern. Paired with pieces from the Sims 4 vampire pack or other Victorian CC, this dress is a great addition to any Sims playthrough.

This vintage dress can be used by teens Sims up to elder Sims and only comes in white.

16. Duchess of Cambridge Wedding Dress

Duchess Of Cambridge Wedding Dress

If you want your Sim to feel like a queen, this dress CC is for you. With the Duchess Cambridge Wedding Dress, your Sim will be transformed in this full-bodied, princess-style dress.

This dress was inspired by the incredibly beautiful and luxurious dress worn by Kate Middleton and comes in five colorways. This CC is also an edit of BEO Creation’s Cynthia wedding dress, so you will need both in order for the Duchess dress to work in-game.

Paired with a crown or tiara and gloves, this dress is perfect for your Sim’s inner queen on her special day.

15. Amour Butterfly Dress

Amour Butterfly Dress

Everyone wants a whimsical, magical wedding day. What could be more fitting than giving your bride a dress covered head to toe in butterflies?

These winged friends will circle around your Sim as they cascade down the long skirt, making for one beautiful gown.

Better yet, this dress doesn’t just come in your traditional white for anyone who’s looking for something a bit more original.

Make all of their dreams come true with a dress that’s truly one of a kind with the Amor Butterfly Dress!

14. Low V-Cut Gown

Low V Cut Gown

The perfect dress doesn’t have to be something that’s super sparkly and over the top. Especially for the girls that would much rather have something toned down and simple, there need to be good options available.

Luckily, this Low V-Cut Gown is just the thing they may be looking for.

A classic, elegant look complete with V-Cut, thin straps, and a long, full skirt to match, this dress is the perfect thing for your Sim to wear when they finally say I do.

If you love the style but wish there was something extra to spice things up, then you’re in luck! It comes in 20 swatches, so you’re sure to find something you fall in love with.

13. Bohemian Wedding Dress

Bohemian Wedding Dress

Let’s admit it- not everyone wants to have a traditional wedding in your backyard where you have to rearrange everything that was already there just so your Sims can get married.

For those who aren’t afraid to switch things up a bit, they’re gonna need a dress that’s as unconventional as their dream wedding destination.

The Bohemian Wedding Dress is a great fit for those who want to have a wedding that’s as free-spirited as they are.

This short cut dress is a great option for Sims who would much prefer to have their ceremony in the warmer months, and no matter which color you decide to choose, your Sim is sure to look stunning in this lacey moment.

12. Edwardian Wedding Dress

Edwardian Wedding Dress

The Edwardian Wedding Dress is a great choice for history buffs, love vintage clothing, and even gothic Sims.

Its lace collar, intricate attention to detail, all complete with a beautiful cameo, is everything we could hope for in terms of adding something old to your Sims wedding day!

Make sure when you are dressing them up for the event to add an old-fashioned hat and some classic teardrop earrings to really set the tone, this dress is something everyone will be talking about for a long time.

11. Enna Dress

Enna Dress

Who doesn’t love a classic mermaid style dress? It’s perfect for those who love to be a little bit extra but not too extra- the best of both worlds!

With the Enna Dress, your Sim will be able to show off all of their curves without being too revealing, perfect for when their parents and grandparents show up for the reception.

Unlike a lot of other wedding dresses, this one also comes with sleeves, making this dress an amazing choice for tying the knot when the snow is coming down!

10. Romantic Wedding Dress

Romantic Wedding Dress

On your Sims wedding day, they should feel like a goddess. What better way to achieve that than with a dress that looks like it’s from ancient Greece?

Straight from goddesses like Athena and Aphrodite, this dress is simple yet elegant, with its relaxed shape with a slight slit to show off a little leg action, the Romantic Wedding Dress can’t be beaten.

Of course, this dress isn’t too plain and boring. It has an extra something to make it stand out. This dress features a dainty gold belt to add some sparkle and shine to your bride’s outfit of choice around the waist.

9. Bridal 2

Bridal 2

When your young, you imagine the dress you’ll wear as you walk down the aisle looking like something straight out of a fairy tale. The bigger the skirt, the better, and don’t forget about the jewels and sparkles to make you feel like a princess.

What better way to encapsulate these fantasies and translate them into your Sims game than with a dress like Bridal 2?

Instead of keeping the sparkles at the bodice like a lot of other wedding dresses typically do, this one features the detailing going all the way down the skirt in leaf life designs and even has a scandalous cut out on the chest for an added wow factor. All that’s missing is the tiara!

8. Wedding Dress 5

Wedding Dress 5

Not everyone is trying to pull off the sexiest look for their weddings, and it’s ok if that’s definitely not your Sims style.

If they would do much better in a dress that’s more on the modest side, then Wedding Dress 5 is going to be a hit.

Featuring long lace sleeves, it covers up enough skin to be reserved and refined. However, it does come as an off the shoulder style, so it’s not too boring and prude!

Additionally, the waist is given its own detail with a bow to the side for a little bit of excitement amongst what would otherwise be a rather traditional style gown.

7. Castle Dress

Castle Dress

Everyone knows the saying less is more, and with the Castle Dress, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Sweetheart necklines are a match made in heaven for those who are flirty and innocent.

They’re cute, but they also know how to dress for the occasion, and that’s what makes this dress such a beautiful choice.

This is especially an amazing dress because while it may not have a lot going on in terms of detail, it makes up for it with the fact that you’ll have a bunch of color choices if you’re really looking to avoid being stuck with a white dress.

6. Wedding Dress 7

Wedding Dress 7

This dress created by Colores Urbanos is a dress that’s sure to make your Sim look absolutely stunning.

It adds just what they need to look as special as their special day with just a touch of glam and a sleeveless top to match.

Whether they’re getting married under the arch in their backyard or somehow in the bathroom at that bar downtown, they’ll be serving looks that no one is going to forget when they’re wearing something like Wedding Dress 7!

5. Wedding Dress 12

Wedding Dress 12

Another creation from Colores Urbanos, we have Wedding Dress 12. This one has a style that’s reminiscent of what we saw above in the Romantic Wedding Dress, except a whole lot more stylish.

Instead of being a dress with little shape and minimal details, this dress features a draped sleeve that goes across one shoulder, giving it a truly unique look.

Additionally, that strap goes across your Sims back with rows of jewels to add a little bit of shimmer. Add on the subtle print featured across the entirety of the dress, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the perfect wedding dress.

4. Gram Set

Gram Set

The Gram Set is what you need for your Sim that is trying to go as over the top as possible- and they’re not apologizing about it!

This dress serves looks that we would expect to see somewhere on the red carpet, complete with it’s beaded detailing found all over the dress, mesh collar, belted waistline, and even a cape coming off of the skirt!

No white wedding dress found here! Instead, the Gram Set comes in a lovely royal blue color, perfect for making a long lasting impression when your Sim marries their one true love.

3. Bridal 13

Bridal 13

With Bridal 13, you’ll be able to look simple and elegant without having to sacrifice all of the little details that make the perfect wedding dress so great.

One of the best parts of this dresses it’s plunging neckline made up of lace edges, give it just the touch it needs to be what your Sim needs.

2. Wedding Collection Part 3

Wedding Collection Part 3

Wedding Collection Part 3 features 5 dresses for you to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to find a dress you’re Sim is going to want to say yes to.

All of these dresses feature silhouettes that are a little bit flowier, but not so much that it looks like they’re wearing a ballgown.

Topped off with the right amount of lace and beaded detail, there’s something for everyone!

1. Bella Dress

Bella Dress

Belle’s dress from the live-action Beauty and the Beast had everyone dreaming of getting the opportunity to wear something as magnificent as what we saw on screen.

Even though that not be a reality for a lot of us, at least our Sims can wear the look!

Complete with gloves to match and the iconic yellow we’ve all grown up in love with, being a Disney Princess on your wedding day is the best situation possible.

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