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Top 18 Best Sims 4 CC Packs You Need Free Download [2022]

Top 18 Best Sims 4 CC Packs You Need Free Download [2022]

Admit it, the reason why most of us play Sims is that we’d like an escape from real life.

The neighborhoods of Newcrest and Oasis Springs seem like such happy and serene places to settle in—and with the expansion packs, there’s, even more, to do and discover!

For the more adventurous of the bunch, they’ve rolled out StangerVille and Outdoor Retreat (ahh, who doesn’t enjoy the lushness of Granite Falls?)

If you just wanna have stress-free gameplay, you can get the super satisfying and relaxing Spa Day and Island Living game packs. Whatever our tastes and preferences, there’s sure to be a pack to match them.

But no matter how EA creators try their best with these packs, let me speak for all of us by saying that we’re still not satisfied.

Luckily, fan cc creators have heard our cries and have churned out fantastic CC packs that cater to our wants and needs. The cherry on top? They do it all for FREE.

So, here’s a compilation of the 15 most fabulous CC packs available for free and easy download. Prepare yourself and your disk space, because you’re definitely gonna want to have them all!

Best Sims 4 CC Packs

18. Greasy Goods

Greasy Goods

If it’s one thing that is missing from the Sims 4 that would improve realism is the existence of fast food!

The Greasy Goods stuff pack is a must-have for all Sim players who want more realistic businesses in their game. This CC pack is inspired by McDonald’s and features many new technological tools, such as e-order touch screens in the eatery.

This stuff pack comes loads with 69 items for the Build/Buy section, and the kitchen items are even animated with sound for realism. The promo photos showcase a modern and sleek-looking fast-food place with a black, brown, red, and yellow color scheme and decorations.

17. Futura Living

Futura Living

Mid-century modern furniture and décor resurfaced in popularity in recent years and if you’re looking for a pack that fits that aesthetic, then download the Future Living CC pack!

The Futura Living pack includes everything a mid-century living room and house could need, including seating, a room divider, a round fireplace, and additional décor and lighting.

Most of the items come in a wide range of colors, including the sofas and chairs that come in 16 to 32 colorways. This pack is also base game compatible, so all Sim players can enjoy their freshly redecorated living and dining rooms!

16. Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

With the release of the new wedding content from Maxis, you might want to download even more wedding content with the Happily Ever After CC pack.

This CC pack includes everything a wedding and reception could need, including tables, chairs, the wedding arch, runner, and even landscaping tiles for outdoor weddings.

Decorate your wedding space with the multiple décor items included as well, such as lanterns, confetti-filled balloons, hanging lights, and more.

This CC pack comes in a variety of colors, too, including pink, blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and champagne.

15. Pokemon Kid Bedroom, Study, and Toys by NynaeveDesign

Pokemon Kid Bedroom

Is this not a childhood dream come true?

Pokemon is a nostalgic game for most of us. I’m sure, at some point in our lives, we wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, with the cute Pikachu as our best friend.

While sadly, that’s not going to happen anytime soon, these furniture and toy sets by NynaEveDesigns will allow you to live out your Pokemon dreams through your Sim.

This set is so creatively done that it makes me want to have a purely Pokemon room for my Sim.

Pika! That means download here, here, and here.

14. Practical Magic by Magnolian Farewell

Practical Magic by Magnolian Farewell

For those with the Realm of Magic or Outdoor Retreat extensions, this CC packby Magnolian Farewell is perfect for you. It features beautiful herbs, charts, and other witchy knick-knacks in various colors.

Gaining the Herbalism skill or learning a new spell has never been more glamorous with this CC!

Check it out here.

13. Modern Living CC Stuff by Illogical Sims

Modern Living CC Stuff by Illogical Sims

This pack by Illogical Sims is for the Sim who loves sleek and modern-looking furniture.

There are 13 different objects in this pack, and each of them has at least five color swatches. Great styling with so many color options, this CC is definitely worth your download.

Download here.

12. Country Bumpkin Stuff Pack by Trixel Creative

Country Bumpkin Stuff Pack by Trixel Creative

Get your cowboy hat and boots on when you roll out Trixel Creative’s Country Bumpkin Stuff Pack! The rustic bookshelves, tables, and many other furniture included here will surely give your country house sweet Ol’ Alabama vibes.

If your Sim is stationed in Oasis Springs, this furniture would fit right in his or her house. Glam it up and download the pack here.

11. Preschool Stuff

Preschool Stuff

Have you ever dreamed of building your own preschool? Then this comprehensive furniture pack is a great choice for you.

The best part is that the toys in this pack are interactive, which means the little tots can play to their hearts’ content with toys such as building blocks, puzzles, castles, and so much more.

Your school will be the best-stocked, most educationally fun building ever to exist in the neighborhood, and all the moms will want a reservation here!

Check out the cute items here.

10. Simkea Pack by Illogical Sims

Simkea Pack by Illogical Sims

There’s Ikea in almost every town and corner of the world, and naturally, the Sims world has got to have a branch too.

This pack, like the real Ikea, is a one-stop-shop for your aesthetic furniture needs.

Boasting over 45 different items from desks to electronics to bathroom counters, this pack is a must if you’re looking to redecorate your Sim’s home.

Shop at Simkea here.

9. Minimalist Bedroom Stuff by Illogical Sims

Minimalist Bedroom Stuff by Illogical Sims

With the advent of the KonMari method, lots of people have started hankering for a decluttered living. So for them, that’s minimalist in all aspects—even the furniture.

Luckily, Illogical Sims has gotten on board the trend and has designed for our Sims a minimalist bedroom and study set. Teak wood, clean lines…I wish this set was real!

8. The World Is Mine Movie Villain Pack by Xenos Artefact

The World Is Mine Movie Villain Pack

This pack has got to have the most random CC items I’ve ever encountered, but in that sense, they’re super cool and interesting, especially if your Sim has the Evil trait.

With the rockets and tanks and…everything else here, you can build the scariest of lairs, and no one will ever dare cross your path except probably your fellow villains and creeps residing in StrangerVille.

Build your very own villain lair by downloading the pack here.

7. Into Music Stuff Pack by Necrodogmtsands4s

Into Music Stuff Pack By Necrodogmtsands4s

The in-game instruments are honestly a bore. Sims 1 to 4, we only get the piano, violin, guitar, and drums.

Now, this pack from Necrodogmtsands4s is for the real virtuosos out there! Your Sim can finally play the sax and kalimba, and many others.

Like the base game instruments, you can take this out of your inventory and play in public places to get ‘em tips.

Check out the other cool instruments in the pack and download them here.

6. Custom Food List by Icemunmun

Custom Food List by Icemunmun

Being a world-class chef has never been this easy! Now, your Sim can cook and serve even more food with this Custom Food pack by Icemunmun.

This pack adds a new interaction to your Sim’s fridge and stove, which allows your Sim to whip up cool dishes like biryani, red velvet lava cake, moussaka.

If you have the Get to Work expansion, this pack will make your restaurant dishes even more glamorous!

5. Pufferhead Stuff Pack by Mly’s Inventory

Pufferhead Stuff Pack by Mly’s Inventory

This stuff pack revolves around the bestselling series Henry Puffer, the Sim Who Lived, loved by children and adult Sims alike!

If you’re part of the Harry Potter generation, then you surely get the hype. We just have to have the merch, from clothes to posters.

The pack, beyond decorations, includes—wait for it…readable books! That’s right, your bookworm Sim will be over the moon if you get to extend his or her library with the books in this pack.

Add some magic to your Sim by downloading the pack here.

4. Pandaria Stuff Pack by Garrison Architects

Pandaria Stuff Pack by Garrison Architects

Garrison Architect’s Pandaria Stuff Pack is a stunning architecture custom content full of oriental details, such as pagodas and gongs and wells, which you only see at the best-sacred temples sites around Asia.

With 162 items (yup, you read that correctly), this pack will allow you to create a new entire world that could give Evergreen Harbor and Sulani a run for their money.

See the items and even matching downloadable lots and builds here.

3. Stellar Stuff by The Plumbob Tea Society

Stellar Stuff by The Plumbob Tea Society

This cool Stellar stuff pack by The Plumbob Tea Society is definitely its name—stellar! All its 127 items are in line with the overall futuristic galactic theme, and they’re making me wanna live in the secret Sixam world.

The best part? The pack comes with its own Moon Laboratory and Home lot, already furnished with glowing crystals and space paraphernalia. How awesome is that!

Discover even more of the pack’s quirky stuff by checking out the pack here.

2. Cottage Garden Stuff by The Plumbob Tea Society

Cottage Garden Stuff by The Plumbob Tea Society

Most of us have surely dreamed of escaping the city life and just live easy in a sweet cottage full of roses, just like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. Well, if you can’t do so just now, this Cottage Garden pack is the second-best thing to that!

This pack has everything: from hair to dresses to watering cans to furniture, even to custom Sim poses. Now your Sim is ready to run away to the countryside you’ve always dreamed of.

Build your Sim’s rustic cottage life with the pack downloadable through this link.

1. Halloween Town by SimDoughnut

Halloween Town by SimDoughnut

Step into the surreal world of Halloween Town when you download this outstanding CC pack from SimDoughnut.

This pack not only has taverns, potion shops, and towers, it has lore as well: Halloween Town used to be a quiet little town within the Willow Creek woods when suddenly its residents started mysteriously missing one-by-one.

On Halloween evening, the town met its fate, and everything in it vanished into thin air.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this pack isn’t just downloadable stuff content—it’s a full-on town, which you can eventually expand into a custom world. And with that backstory, who wouldn’t want to?

Interested yet? Download this pack here and let your Sim experience the eerie magic of the Halloween Town, but a word of warning, just maybe don’t stay too long.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, the 15 best Sims 4 CC packs available for free (read: absolutely free) download to amp up your Sim gameplay. I hope you enjoyed running through the list and have already picked out which packs to download. Happy Simming!

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