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How Old Is Miles Morales?

How Old Is Miles Morales?

The Marvel Universe of movies got a brief flash of a fresher take on Spider-Man with Spider-MAN: Into the Spider-Verse.

As Spider-Man, Miles Morales brings new energy and character to the world of the original Spider-Men, comic books, and films, with his lack of natural web, his own web-shooters (prior to receiving gifted technology from Aunt May), and novel paralysis venom blast ability.

Living in New York City as Peter Parker did, Miles picks up the mantle of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and brings the story into a more contemporary place that lacks the Marvel safety that the Tom Holland projects have, even though we also enjoy those movies.

Into the Spider-Verse was a beautiful masterpiece of animation that showcases how the art form has grown in the past decade and how animation could play a serious role in mass mainstream movies; it currently carries a negative or immature connotation that the expertly crafted visuals of Spider-Verse prove to be false.

Spider-Verse is one of the most rewatchable superhero movies ever made, in our opinion.

Rewatching Infinity War, very difficult. Rewatching Spider-Verse, easy. The killer soundtrack adds to its consistent quality and enjoyability; it would even work without dialogue.

We could watch the colors and scenes play with only the soundtrack to supplement the experience. If you haven’t, give the soundtrack a listen on Spotify.

Miles Morales’ Age and Life

Like the pile of assorted Peter Parkers, Miles continues the tradition of smart, shy kids with a knack for science, gaining great, spider-themed power and accepting the great human responsibility that comes with it.

In Into the Spider-Verse, Miles and Peter(s) work together to restore the Spider-Men to their worlds and save Miles’ home.

The most well-known incarnation of Miles Morales is his portrayal in the animated movie. Miles Morales is 14 years old in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

The early plot centers around him going to a new high school as a young, homesick student with more on his plate than any kid deserves. Comic book versions of Miles are a couple of years older, on average.

Is Miles Morales Black or Latino?

Many people are under the impression that these two identities are mutually exclusive; they are not. Miles Morales is both black and Latino. In the movie, we meet his parents.

His mother is from Puerto Rico, and his father is a black man from New York. Miles is the first black person to be Spider-Man, but the second-ever Latino.