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How Old Is Raya? Raya and the Last Dragon

How Old Is Raya? Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya is the star of the recent Walt Disney Animation Studios animated film Raya and the Last Dragon.

This movie follows one of the newest Disney princesses, Raya, on her journey as the Guardian of the Dragon Gem as she struggles to save the world after the people of the lands of Kumandra, her father Chief Benja included, get turned to stone.

This movie has everything: dragons, a giant pill bug, sweet martial arts, magic, a spotlight on Southeast Asia and Southeast Asian cultures, and can we talk about the big pill bug again? This article will reveal Raya’s age and a few other fun details about this powerhouse princess.

Seriously, TukTuk the pill bug pug armadillo is an underrated star from Disney’s Raya. If you haven’t seen this animated feature film, as its box office performance suggests, you should fix that ASAP. You can find it on Disney+ and other platforms.

Our main girl Raya is voiced By Kelly Marie Tran, who gives an excellent performance. We predict that Raya and the Last Dragon will end up a classic as history catches up with this new slew of Disney animated films.

Raya’s Age, Deeds, and Title: The Princess of Heart, Kumandra

Are any Kingdom Hearts fans in the house? Raya is technically a Princess of Heart; her region of the lands of Kumandra is quite literally called “Heart.” We hope this fact ends up as a bit of a joke in a future KH game.

How Old Is Raya?

To save the world, Raya needs to be tough, intelligent, and strong; Chief Benja’s daughter doesn’t disappoint on any of those fronts. However, this spunky 18-year-old can hold her own in a fight while keeping hope and pushing forward. That’s right, Raya is 18 years old and can already do all of that.

If we had to spar with one of the Disney princesses, Raya would be our last choice. She’s adept at martial arts and wields a whip sword that would make Ivy from Soulcalibur jealous; the Guardian of the Dragon Gem fights fiercely with or without a weapon in her hands.

Plus, she can maneuver TukTuk at blinding speeds. We wouldn’t want to race this girl, either.

Raya’s playfulness, devotion to her family, and occasional defensive mistrust make her one of the most relatable characters in a Disney movie.

They did a super job crafting an interesting, dynamic 18-year-old lead; we hope they continue to apply what they learned while making Raya and the Last Dragon.

We love the originals, but this new crop of Disney princesses is doing great.