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How to Dye Your Gear in Ffxiv

How to Dye Your Gear in Ffxiv

We gave you fashion advice for your chocobo, recommendations for your rides, and a fantasia guide (FFXIV plastic surgery); now it’s time for more typical fashion advice. In this article, we’ll show you how to dye your gear in FFXIV and where some popular dyes come from.

Picking the right color palette can make or break your outfit. Eorzea is all about fashion, and glamour is the true endgame. Let us once again honor the ghost of Thierry Mugler; Your bird is the right color; what about those clothes?

Dying Your Gear in Ffxiv

Color Your World, the Gear Dye Quest

How To Dye Quest

If you’re in the market for this guide, chances are Color Your World is the dye quest for you. You can pick this quest up from Swyrgeim in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan 12X, 14Y.

All this flashy Roegaedyn wants from you is a simple bottle of OJ. Orange juice. Jus d’Orange. Conveniently, as if planned by some higher power, the Merchant and Mender within view from Swyrgeim sells them for the low, low price of 7 gil. What a deal!

She will reward you with three rose pink, bone-white, and ice blue dyes.

You will then be able to apply dyes from your inventory by selecting your equipment and selecting the ‘Dye’ option.

How To Acquire Dyes

How To Dye Vendor

As we learned in our gil guide, capitalism’s pursuit is unrelenting. The market board is filled price gouged basic dyes that can be purchased from an NPC vendor or easily crafted. Before you buy the dye from another player, make sure you check one of the vendors in the major Eorzean city-states.

Alaric in Old Gridania 14X, 9Y

Nanabe in Ul’dah Steps of Thal 14X, 11Y

Unsynrael in the Limsa Lower Decks 6X, 12Y

All three vendors offer the same selection.

Terebinth (the dye remover)

Greys: Ash, Goobbue, Slate, and Charcoal

Reds: Rose, Rolanberry, Rust, Blood, and Salmon

Browns: Mesa, Bark, Chocolate, Russet, Opo-opo, Orchard, Chestnut, and Mole

Yellows: Bone, Desert, Cream, and Halatali

Greens: Mud, Moss, Olive, and Nophica

Blues: Ice, Sky, Ceruleum, Ink, and Midnight

Purples: Gloom, Grape

Never buy any of the above dyes on the market board. I beg you.

Each beast tribe offers some unique dyes, too, requiring different quests to be completed.

Finally, Enie in the Ishgardian Firmament offers a few dyes for Skybuilder’s Scrips.

Rare and Expensive Dyes

There are a handful of fancy dyes you will either buy from the market board or wait weeks to months to obtain yourself. These are the ‘general-purpose’ dyes. They’re brighter and more saturated than other dyes. Some even look metallic, real pretty.

Obtaining them is pure luck, however. You can receive them randomly from your Retainer Ventures, Firmament Fete Presents, or Southern Front Lockboxes. All three are chance-based items.

If anything, obtaining these dyes on your own is a way to save money to buy the specific colors you want; Some of the general-purpose dyes can cost north of 400,000 gil.

If you’re so inclined, there are dyes equal to or more vibrant than the general-purpose dyes; These can be purchased with your real-world cash. Head on over to the FFXIV Online Store and check out what’s on offer. They cost $1 each or $7.50 for ten. (In USD.)

Dyeable Gear

As much as we would like, not every piece of gear is dyeable. You can tell if dye can be applied if the icon for the piece of equipment has a tiny circle in the upper left corner. This circle will fill with the dye color once applied.

The overwhelming majority of gear in FFXIV can be dyed or be made dyeable through an upgrade or quest. It varies case-by-case.

Serving Looks, Stunting Pretty

How To Dye Your Gear

Now that you know how to dye your gear in FFXIV, it’s time to get out onto the streets of Ul’dah or the Limsa Aetheryte Plaza and show off your style. Create color stories that blend, inspire, and draw attention.

Or, if sticking out for the wrong reasons is your thing, dye every piece of gear a different color. You’ll be a beacon of sin and bad taste. You might even start a trend.