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Top 30 Best Divinity Original Sin 2 Mods [2024]

Top 30 Best Divinity Original Sin 2 Mods [2024]

Released in 2017, Divinity original sin 2 is a role-playing game that became an instant hit, selling over a million copies worldwide and being coined as the best RPG game ever created. Critics and even gamers alike praised the combat complexity and interactivity.

The game has both online and offline modes with competitive and cooperative to choose from, allowing gamers to play alone or with friends.

Although considered a perfect game, Divinity original sin 2 has some spaces for improvement (in terms of the fun had in the game), and with a couple of mods, you can easily step up your gameplay.

Here is our list of the top 30 divinity original sin 2 mods.

Best Divinity Original Sin 2 Mods

30. HQ World and Icons

Hq World And Icons

For an isometric RPG, divinity original sin 2 flaunts some good visuals.

Although they’re not groundbreaking or stunning by any means, one may say that they’re pretty decent but then again, why to settle for decent when you can have greatness.

Replace most of the textures in the game by getting HQ world and icons.

The mod makes everything look much more detailed and sharp than the vanilla game.

It works on mountains, trees, grass, buildings, and anything else you see in the game. The mod also replaces the icons with something new, making them look fresh.

29. Lucky Breaks and Auspicious Beginnings

Lucky Breaks And Auspicious Beginnings

At the start of the game, the points given to create a balanced character can sometimes be less for what you want to have.

Not any more. Lucky breaks and auspicious beginnings add a bit extra points so gamers can have a slight edge with point distribution without having to lose all the balance.

This helps ensure everything remains standard with just a slight boost in character traits. Even the smallest change can go a long way.

28. Enhanced Talent

Enhanced Talent

Divinity sin 2 has some great talents that can be helpful in many situations. However, some talents might actually be useless or boring, like demons, escapists, and more.

With enhanced talent, you can slightly buff a few talents while adding several new features to others to keep things a bit interesting.

For example, the talent “demon” has been buffed to give a higher chance of securing a fire-related buff.

27. Better Sir Lora

Better Sir Lora

We’ve all wanted sir Lora to get the ascension in perks and status that he truly deserves. However, the game has made sir Lora considerably weak when compared to other characters.

Better Sir Lora makes things interesting by giving Sir Lora the much-needed armor and also providing him with resistance points.

Sir Lora can now avoid traps and move faster than before.  Keep sir Lora alive with this mod.

26. Necromancy Rebalanced 2.0

Necromancy Rebalanced 2.0

Sometimes you might find that a certain class of warriors cannot fight and dominate in every situation, and in this case, we are referring to the necromancy class.

Make necromancer the ultimate fighter with necromancy rebalanced 2.0.

Have more fun as things start to spice up a bit with the new necromancer build. We all know having a necromancer build at the start can be a struggle but not anymore.

25. Skip Tutorial

Skip Tutorial

Oh, how the introduction tutorial can wear off after you’ve played the game several times.

We suggest installing skip tutorial, a mod that allows gamers to skip introduction tutorials and videos and simply going straight to where it all starts, Fort Joy beach.

24. Let There Be Tooltips

Let There Be Tooltips

Divinity original sin 2 is one of the most complete games there is, leading to a great RPG gaming experience.

The game may be great, but of course, we humans can end up missing out on important items in the game that could negatively affect the experience.

Let there be tooltips that add popup markers that show gamers the items in the area that can be picked up to not miss out on the valuables.

The mod may not do something exceptional, but even the small popup markers are more than welcome.

23. Level Cap Removal

Don’t you just hate it when certain abilities have a level cap? With level cap remover, you can remove the restrictions like removing accuracy penalty, increasing carrying weight, an increase of weapon range cap, and more.

It nerfs skills and abilities while buffs enemy stats making the game more balanced and fun.

It even increases the number of starting points along with many other things. Consider this a step above the mod “lucky break and auspicious beginning.”

22. Improved Camera

Improved Camera

Limited camera movement is one of the biggest features when playing an isometric RPG.

This can cause gamers to miss out on a lot of things if they’re not checking every nook and cranny and whatever loot we can get is precious. Never miss out on any loot or item with an improved camera.

The mod introduces 3D camera movement allowing users to tilt the camera vertically and zoom in or out at their will.

21. Infinite Memory

Infinite Memory

Memory is very important in the game as it allows gamers to add and equip skills according to the number of memory slots available.

It can be painstaking at times to increase the character’s memory slot, and hence infinite memory looks towards improving the process of gaining memory slots.

With the mod active, characters have more than 300 memory slots at their disposal, which can be used to equip skills.

20. Better Clouds

Better Clouds

It’s very difficult to find a fan who might have something negative about the game. However, we think if there is something that needs to be talked about are those weird cloud textures.

Different types of cloud require a different approach to strategy, and if you don’t know what kind of cloud it is, things can get a bit difficult.

Better clouds change the clouds’ textures, allowing users to distinguish which cloud they are about to walk into.

Now you can easily identify smoke clouds from poison clouds or even blood clouds, how cool is that?!

19. The Unbreakable Lockpick

The Unbreakable Lockpick

The lockpick dilemma? Should you waste more lockpicks to open a treasure box and test your luck? These decisions can sometimes be overwhelming, but all praise the modding community to bring out the unbreakable lockpick.

It does what it says on the tin. The unbreakable lockpick can be used without the fear of the lockpick breaking. However, you do need to search the area you spawn in for these types of lockpicks.

18. Potions Give Empty Bottles

Potions Give Empty Bottles

Crafting is a nifty idea in-game, however, having to run out of materials while you’re in the midst of a battle or the main mission can be distracting.

Potions give empty bottles, return empty bottles to your inventory after you consume the potion.

This is great for times when you require empty bottles for crafting. This works for every drinkable item like mugs, cups, and more.

17. No Psychic Enemies

No Psychic Enemies

It’s pretty strange that enemies know from before what your resistances are, isn’t it?

This is because the loremaster skills of enemies are heightened, which can put you in a bad mood. No psychic enemies create a balanced playing field by playing around with loremaster skills.

Only a few enemies know your resistances while others remain completely unaware hence the name, no psychic enemies.

16. Light Armor Replacement

Light Armor Replacement

The meshes on the humans in the game can give your enemies a bit of a laugh. If you want your enemies to take you seriously, then get the light armor replacement mod. The mod replaces meshes with light armor sets with chainmail finesse sets.

These may be a simple aesthetic replacement but will have your enemies take you seriously on the battleground.

15. Pet Revival

Pet Revival

We all love having a companion around, but what if you lose your pets? The game feels lonesome and incomplete without your partner by your side. Get pet revival to sort this out.

Now you can bring your long lost loved pets back to the battlefield alongside you, partners hand in hand through thick and thin. Never lose your pets again with pet revival.

14. Fast Run Speed Definitive Edition

Fast Run Speed Definitive Edition

At times, after playing the game multiple times, you literally feel like having a speed run instead of a slow walk in the park. So, how do you increase the walking speed of your character? Get fast run speed definitive edition.

The mod increases your player’s walking speed by 25%, allowing the character to run slightly faster, covering more ground in less time.

The mod does not affect combat stats, which is great for those who still want that challenging playing field but increased character speed.

13. Origin and Racial Spell Skillbook

Origin And Racial Spell Skillbook

Make everything possible with origin and racial spell skillbook. There are characters with certain restrictions that might not allow gamers to add their choice skills as the characters grow.

This can be a hindrance as you would need to select a character from the start that will be able to take on the skills that you prefer, for example, necromancer with skills exclusive to that.

However, with origin and racial spell skill book mod, you can have many different skills to any of your characters by removing the restrictions imposed upon them. Have exclusive skills on characters with a generic background.

12. Better Item Borders

Better Item Borders

RPG games can be intensive and fast-paced at times, and therefore you need to have things at your fingertips to triumph a battle or an obstacle.

Better item borders enhance the border colors of the items in your inventory so that you can easily identify what the item is upon a quick glance.

The borders are thickened with vibrant colors that tell you what you’re looking at without any labels. Save time and have great aesthetics, two birds with one stone is right here.

11. Resurrection Skillbook

Resurrection Skillbook

The resurrection skillbook is a much-needed mod for everyone playing divinity original sin 2.

You might find that you never have the resurrection scroll whenever you need it, and with how challenging the game is, you definitely need to have a couple of scrolls lying around in your inventory. However, eliminate that worry with this mod.

The mod gives resurrection skills to characters so that they do not need to carry around or worry about resurrection scrolls. A perfect skill that will allow gamers to complete the game without any frustrations.

10. More Civil Ability Points

More Civil Ability Points

Civil ability points are great for negotiations with traders, better communication with NPCs, and confer bonuses to party members, among many other things.

However, you may find that collecting civil ability points might be painstakingly slow.

More civil ability points are a mod that increases the speed of achieving civil ability points.

Now instead of every 4 levels, characters can achieve civil ability points on every 3 levels. That’s 25% faster than what gamers are currently getting.

9. Level up All Equipment

Level Up All Equipment

You may find that the equipment you receive early on in the game might not be as effective later on, and therefore you might be replacing that equipment with newer and better ones as the game progresses.

However, if you’ve found equipment that really suits you and you don’t want to get rid of it, get level up all equipment mod.

With the mod, you are no longer required to discard old equipment as you can upgrade your equipment to the level that you are at. Hang on to your favorite items now.

8. Odinblade’s Geomancer

Odinblade’s Geomancer

Are you in the mood of shaking up things with your geomancer character? You can now improve your character’s skills and abilities by getting the odinblade’s geomancer class overhaul.

Spread poison across the land and control the forces of nature. Dominate the battlefield by manipulating the ground and things around. Boost your geomancer’s abilities and add few new ones to ensure your victory at all times.

7. Weapon Choice


If you’re in the market for a great weapon mod, then look no further, weapon choice will serve you right. Weapon types in the game do not affect your ability to play the game but simply add a bit of stats to your character.

Hence, weapons that improve your character stats the most is highly desirable. Weapon choice introduces new features to the weapons you hold, like improving your playable character‘s stats.

6. The Cheat Commander

The Cheat Commander

What’s a mod list without having a trainer mod, in this case, the cheat commander. This is great if you’re looking to breeze through the game or have everything at your disposal, so you don’t have to waste hours to achieve it.

The mod has fast leveling up, skill book acquisition, equipment generation, and more. Whatever is possible in the game is right in the palm of your hands. Dominate original sin 2 with the help of cheats, nobody needs to find out.

5. Crafting Overhaul

Yes, if you’re tired of crafting the same items over and over again, then we suggest getting a crafting overhaul mod.

The mod adds 550 new items to discover in the game while adding more than 1,600 new recipes for gamers to explore.

Elemental swords, armor dyeing, and other new features introduced in the game also affect the game’s mechanics. This can keep things interesting.

4. Free Pet Pal

Free Pet Pal

For many, free pet pal is considered to be the greatest mod on offer in this game. The mod grants a free pet pal to characters and also a talent point to your character, allowing gamers to communicate with their pets.

Communication with your pets can lead to hints for completing the quest or even grant you access to new quests. Have your little friend accompany you as you go through your quests, guiding you like your sensei’s shadow.

3. Hybrid Spells Expanded

Hybrid Spells Expanded

Wouldn’t it be interesting to play spell combinations that might sound interesting but is not allowed in the game? Hybrid spells expanded allows you to just do that by combining spells and introducing 40 new skills for players to play with.

Spice things up a bit with this mod and see how the new spells spread fear and chaos among your enemies. You can now have pyro with geo or aero with hydro and more. Powerful skills are added in this mod as well.

2. Crowley’s Supernatural

Crowley’s Supernatural

Being restricted with only 5 classes to choose from in the base vanilla game can be boring if you’ve finished the game many times or if you’re looking for something new.

Crowley’s supernatural aims to increase the number of classes you are allowed to choose from at the start of the game.

From 5 classes to 11 by adding 6 new ones like a vampire, werewolf, niffin, and more, Crowley’s supernatural provides a greater offering to those looking for something different.

1. Helaene – Valkyrie Class

Helaene Valkyrie Class

Time after time, Norse mythology has introduced Valkyrie’s as powerful icons, and this is why you might find the character or class of character in many games like god of war.

Anyone who has played divinity original sin 2 knows that valkyries are some of the game’s most badass characters.

Helaene – valkyrie class brings around 20 or more new skills to the valkyrie class, adding a lot of different combinations of buffs and damages.

Some skills you might find are holy charge, war cry, Viking fury, and more.

If you’re looking to master a new class, do give valkyrie a try, as we’re sure it won’t disappoint.

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