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Top 15 Best State of Decay 2 Mods [2022]

Top 15 Best State of Decay 2 Mods [2022]

State of Decay 2 was praised for being challenging open-world zombie survival game, however, lacked depth in their survival system.

Even with its shortfalls, the game brought in over 2 million gamers to date and is still being played actively by thousands around the world.

With our list of the top 10 mods for this game, you’re bound to have a great time kicking zombie butt while cruising through the deadlands.

Best State of Decay 2 Mods

15. Lightsaber Mod

Lightsaber Mod

Sometimes you need that one weapon that makes the game easier and more fun to play. The Lightsaber mod does just that by altering a regular sword and turning it into a laser sword.

There are two versions of this mod. Version 1 modifies the Masterwork Bokken into a lightsaber, where the second version includes two swords as new weapons entirely, available in red and blue.

The two new swords weigh nothing and can be salvaged for 175 parts each. The stats for the lightsaber have also been set to max. So, if you feel like slashing through zombies without a care, this is a mod to have.

14. Bunk-beds Facility Mod

Bunk Beds Facility Mod

The Bunk-Beds Facility mod alters the Camping Heater mod by turning it into a set of bunk-beds.

Finding a good place to sleep can be difficult in a zombie apocalypse, but this mod provide a plus 5 morale and plus 2-bed bonuses.

In order to build these beds, it takes one person and 2 minutes and thirty seconds. You can fit more people and take up less space at the same time.

And for beds in a zombie apocalypse, they don’t look too shabby either!

13. Improved Searching

Improved Searching

Looting is only as good as the game designed the process to be, and this Improved Searching mod improves the filtering system of looting greatly. There are multiple options available in this mod that are meant to speed up the looting experience.

These options include fast vanilla search, super-fast search, and three fast search options with varying fail chance percentages.

This mod will definitely be of use to you if you find looting sometimes tedious. The search times do not exceed more than five seconds, with some options only taking 0.5 seconds.

In multiplayer, only your characters will be able to use this mod unless other players have the mod equipped on their computers.

12. State of Decay 2 Mod Manager

There are many great mods for State of Decay, but what happens when you have a cluttered folder full of mods? Install this State of Decay 2 Mod Manager mod!

But this mod is more than an organization tool. This mod manager also helps in detecting issues and conflicts within your mods, as well as helping you to find lost assets.

You can easily unpack and enable your mods within this manager, as well as see who created the mods and what version they are currently at.

And if you find that you do not use a few mods you’ve previously installed, you can also easily delete them in this mod.

11. Short Night

Short Night

As the name of this mod suggests, the Short Night mod makes the nights in State of Decay 2 very short, as well as extends the days to be much longer.

This mod can be downloaded from both Steam and the Windows Store. Night only lasts five minutes with this mod, which is best suited for players who have no interest in the scarier parts of the game.

Speed players and players who want to focus on resource hunting and building their base would benefit most from this mod, but in general, this mod is great for cutting the 90-minute real-time nights down to a more playable level.

10. Vehicle Pack

Vehicle Pack

Don’t you just hate it that your vehicle is too slow to reach anywhere in time? Or maybe the fuel keeps on finishing because you’re not done looting? Or perhaps that you drive like a maniac and end up blowing your car up?

The vehicle pack is there for you. The mod speeds up your vehicle, fills it up with unlimited fuel, and has 100% damage resistance making the vehicle invulnerable.

Enjoy state of decay 2 in the fast lane.

9. All Vehicles – 100 Inventory Slot

All Vehicles 100 Inventory Slot

What’s the point of having a vehicle when you can’t even put anything in its trunk? In survivor games, carrying the right tools and equipment can help you save time and perhaps even live longer than others.

All vehicles – 100 inventory slot adds 100 spaces for storage in your vehicles. Get more of your things around with you so that you don’t have to go back to your base or storage spots over and over again.

Save time and focus on getting better at the game rather than worrying about inventory management.

8. Unlock Developer Menu

Unlock Developer Menu

Oh, how we all like a bit of a cheat menu… Yes, our modding list wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t a trainer sort of mod in there. Introducing unlock developer menu mod.

Now have everything at your fingertips and get access to anything you want, a vehicle, a weapon, spawning zombies?

Anything you can imagine, you’ve got it with this developer menu. Redesign the gameplay according to your wishes.

7. No Intro

No Intro

Everybody hates lengthy and unnecessary introductions, and in this case, you know what we’re talking about Microsoft Studios and Undead Labs. We’ve got the right solution for you with no intro.

No intro will eliminate the developer’s introduction screens in the game, allowing you to save some time so that you can have more time slaying zombies.

6. Unlock All Hidden Bounties

Unlock All Hidden Bounties

Having to complete bounties to get access to your favorite guns from the bounty broker can be time-consuming.

What if you simply want to play a quick match and have no time to spare? Unlock all hidden bounties will allow gamers to bypass the objective of completing bounties to have access to guns.

You can view and have access to all the guns at bounty broker with this mod.

5. The Unstackables

When you’re on the move to retrieve damaged vehicles for your own personal use, sometimes all the necessary equipment like repair kits, gas cans, and advanced repair kits can take a lot of space in your inventory.

The unstackables is there to help you carry the tools without bulking your inventory up so that you can go on a junk car retrieval adventure.

You can stack as many gas cans and repair kits, yet it won’t take any extra space, how rad is that?

4. Save Backup Tool

Save Backup Tool

The ability to save is the single most important thing when playing survival games. You never know when you’ll be dead meat or when you might want to return to an earlier checkpoint.

Save backup tool is a mod that will run when playing the game and start to save the game at the interval that you set. Now you don’t have to worry about forgetting to save the game, as the mod will do it for you.

3. Reduced Requirements For Homesites

The homesites are a way to take refuge and create a small base with your group of friends. They can be solace in the time of need however you might find it difficult to fulfill the requirements of staying in a homesite.

Perhaps you need a group of survivors to enter or certain influence points that you may not have.

Reduced requirements for homesites will either half all the requirements of homestay (for example, instead of 8 survivors, with the mod on, you can enter with 4 survivors) or make it completely free.

Your biggest worry in the game, finding shelter, is now in the palm of your hands.

2. Gameplay Overhaul

Gameplay Overhaul

Experience the game like the way it was meant to be played with a gameplay overhaul. State of decay 2 is far from perfect, however suggestions from gamers can help improve the game.

Now you can get those suggestions implemented in the game using gameplay overhaul.

Gameplay overhauls work on many small changes in the game like added descriptions to DLC items, doubled storage space, equal values for power and water, and many other things.

1. Community Editor

Community Editor

Take control in your hands with a community editor. Now be able to edit everything in your saved files like stats of buildings, assets, survivor traits, current skills, inventory, vehicles, facilities, and more.

Community editor gives you a sort of admin role however, do note that those things not present in the time of your save file can not be edited.

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