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How To Use Nook Miles Tickets in Animal Crossing

How To Use Nook Miles Tickets in Animal Crossing

“Nook Miles Tickets? NMTs? What’s that?”

Nook Miles Tickets have become a pillar for a lot of Animal Crossing activities.

From inviting new villagers to getting more materials, knowing where to get these tickets and how to use them are crucial knowledge when you’re a New Horizons player.

Ready to fly to the magical world of NMTs? Here is our guide on how to use Nook Miles Tickets in Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing Running To Nook Stop

Step 1: Redeem a Nook Mile Ticket

You can’t buy Nook Miles Tickets, nor can you get them from balloons or villagers.

To get these tickets, you have to redeem them from your Nook Stop machine inside your Resident Services.

Animal Crossing Redeem Nmt

Go to your Nook Stop. It should be that ATM-looking machine inside your Resident Services or the building where Tom Nook is.

Press ‘a’ when you’re in front of the machine and choose ‘Redeem Nook Miles’.

Animal Crossing Nmt For 2k Miles

The second one on the list is the Nook Miles Ticket. Each ticket costs 2,000 Miles, so you really have to prepare enough Miles for it, especially if you want to redeem a lot of tickets.

Animal Crossing Nook Stop Bonus Miles

TIP: Not enough, Miles? Here are some things you can do to earn Miles.

  • Access your Nook Stop. You earn 50 Miles per day when you use it.
  • Achieve some milestones on your Nook Miles+ app. This can be catching bugs, selling weeds, or even having group-stretching sessions in the plaza.
  • Do Nook Miles+ tasks. Some will have a multiplier that can give more Miles than usual. These tasks are simple enough, like watering plants, catching a specific fish, or even just talking to your villagers.

Animal Crossing Miles+ Tasks

Step 2: Go to Your Airport

Got your ticket? Now we’re ready to fly!

Head to your airport and talk to the dodo behind the counter.

His name is Orville, and he will help you with all airport-related activities, from flying to uninhabited islands or friends’ islands to opening your own island to guests.

Animal Crossing Going To Orville

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your Nook Miles Ticket is in your pocket.

You will know it’s with you when Orville comments on it when you talk to him.

If he doesn’t say anything about your ticket, then you’ve forgotten and left it somewhere.

Animal Crossing I Wanna Fly

Talk to Orville, and he’ll ask you whether you want to fly somewhere or open your airport gates. Since we’re flying somewhere with our ticket, choose ‘I wanna fly!

He will then say something about the Nook Miles Ticket you have with you.

Animal Crossing You Have Nmts

Orville will then present to you options for flying. You can fly to another player’s island, you can go to Harv’s island, or you can use your Nook Miles Ticket.

Pick the NMT option to use your ticket.

Animal Crossing Use Nook Miles Ticket

Orville is a very nice dodo, and he’ll remind you if you have your ducks in a row already before leaving.

If you’ve forgotten an item or haven’t prepared any tools yet, you can exit during this part. Your ticket should still be there and unused.

Animal Crossing Orville Explaining Nmts

You can also learn more about Nook Miles Tickets through Orville. Pick ‘Can you tell me more?’ and he will excitedly tell you the islands you can visit with your ticket and where you can redeem it.

Thanks, Orville!

Animal Crossing Dal Time For Takeoff

With that quick lesson about NMTs done, time for takeoff! Orville will contact his dodo pilot partner, Wilbur, to take you to the skies.

You’ll see the Dodo Airlines logo and loading screen, and then it’s Mystery Island paradise!

Animal Crossing Flying Dal Logo

TIP: NMTs aren’t cheap, so to make the most out of your Mystery Island trip, here are some reminders on what you can do there.

  • If you lack resources like Stone or Wood, gather some materials while you’re there.
  • Don’t forget to do the Rock Trick when mining stones. The Rock Trick is when you put two holes behind and beside you to stop you from being pushed back when hitting a rock.
  • Check the beach for a Message Bottle. It might contain a recipe you don’t have yet.
  • If you haven’t completed your fossil collection yet, check the island for any fossil marks.
  • If you end up on an island with a different season, catch out-of-season fish and bugs for your Critterpedia.
  • There are also islands with out-of-season bushes. You can also find flowers that are not on your island.
  • You can also end up on Bamboo Island or an island with your sister fruit. If you don’t have any bamboo yet or other fruits, bring these back with you. Refer to our Bamboo Island and Planting Fruit guides.

Animal Crossing At Mystery Island

Bonus: Trade With Nook Miles Tickets

A surprise that probably not even the devs saw is that Nook Miles Tickets became a second currency in the game.

Players would trade highly sought-after items, villagers, NPCs, and turnip prices with NMTs.

Animal Crossing Holding Nmts

At one point, Raymond, the most coveted villager during the first year of the game, was priced for 800-1000 NMTs.

To visit islands to sell turnips, you would often have to drop Bells or a ticket or two as your entry fee.

Some items would be sold for 5 tickets or more on the fanmade New Horizons online marketplace, Nookazon. People would tip and pay with Nook Miles Tickets!

Animal Crossing Printing Nmt

Armed with the knowledge of how to use Nook Miles Tickets, you are now ready to venture out into the wild with your NMTs. Enjoy your Mystery Tours and trade safely!