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Top 16 Best Sims 4 Careers Ranked [2024]

Top 16 Best Sims 4 Careers Ranked [2024]

The ability to have a career is one of the most interesting aspects of Sims lives. The Sims 4 development team presented a decent variety of jobs for our lovely wards to fulfill their job ambitions to the fullest.

Best Sims 4 Careers

16. Entertainer

Making people smile is your calling? Your beautiful music or hilarious jokes will be used not only for your family’s joy.

Now you can become an Entertainer, and all sims will appreciate your talent!

There are two branches in this career: Comedian and Musician. The coolest feature you’ll get with the Comedian branch is the ability to tell jokes in space! No kidding.

The Musician branch, on the other hand, offers you new unique instruments to master your art.

15. Freelancer

Freelancing is a new reality in the 21st century, and of course, The Sims 4 team had to allow sims to become a freelancer too.

There are three paths to choose from: writer, programmer, or artist. You will take a gig depending on your skill levels, and there’s a lot for you to pick!

The most appealing part of this job is that it helps you focus on other aspects of gameplay while your sim is still making simoleons.

14. Secret Agent

This job can make you a hero or a villain. In the Secret agent career, your sim will become a master in research and discovering secrets. You can choose from Diamond Agent and be a Sims Bond with all the romance, mystery, and international conspiracies.

The Villian branch sends you to the other side of the game, and you will make a lot of cash on your evil deeds.

13. Astronaut

Who doesn’t want to be an astronaut? In the Sims 4, it is one of the most exciting and tough jobs to do. You can make your own rocket in the backyard, but getting a promotion can be hard!

As always, there’re two branches in this career: Interstellar Smuggler and Space Ranger. New interactions, energy drinks, and alien juices will be available for your sim in this career, and do not forget about going to Sixam!

12. Criminal

Sometimes being bad is so good. If your sim chose a career in a criminal area, be prepared to get many fun tasks and crimes he now can perform.

If you choose to become a Boss, there are not many new interactions, but in the end, you will be on the top of the criminal world!

You are now a full-stack cyber-criminal in the Oracle branch and can hack mainframes when you want to! Hacking servers and robbing innocent sims is not a noble work, but it is fun as hell!

11. Military

It was a new career added with the Strangerville game pack. Your brave soldier now can keep your town safe and be one day an Officer or a Covert Operator.

Of course, this job helps with solving the Strangerville mystery, but it is an exciting career even without that! Your sim will get medals for bravery, spar with other sims, and do many other exciting military-related activities.

10. Tech Guru

Does your sim have an interest in video gaming or programming? Then the Tech Guru job was made for him! Create games or make ideas happen in start-ups: your wishes can now be fulfilled.

With two career branches — eSports Gamer or a Start-Up Entrepreneur, you can choose what kind of tech guru you want to be. It will give you new cool interactions, like live-streaming your matches in the eSports Gamer career.

9. Business

Hard-working sims in business suits with their diplomats are one that will love the business career in Sims 4. It is the easiest way to gain many simoleons and ensure a good life for your family.

Either you want to be involved in the Investment or on the Management branch of the career, your sim will make a good coin.

New interactions and features include the opportunity to play on the stock market, make business calls, and to fill out the reports.

8. Culinary

Food is our love and passion. In the Culinary career in Sims 4, you can become a master Chef or a famous Mixologist. The food and drinks you serve are just exquisite!

If you choose the Chef path, you will get many new kitchen equipment, and your dishes will always turn out just perfect.

If mixology is your passion, you will get the chance to learn a mystery drink on level nine, and later all your drinks will be a lot cheaper than usual.

7. Gardener

In The Sims 4, gardening skill got a lot of love from the developers. It is the most detailed, wide, and interesting skill to gain in the game, and your sim can get a lot of additional perks while mastering it.

Of course, the best way to become a master gardener in Sims 4 is to take a job as one. You can choose between the botanist and florist career paths, depending on your taste.

Both paths open new cool interactions and look for grants on the computer and gain more money from gardening. This career adds a lot of gameplay, and if you are fond of gardening skill, choose this career.

6. Style Influencer

It is a quite modern job that was added to the game as a part of the 2018 patch. Setting trends is now your job.

No sim in the world can wear something you disapprove of. You can make your neighborhood a style capital or a fugly place, depending on your sense of humor.

This career has two possible paths: Stylist and Trend Setter. There’s no really big difference between those branches, but many new cool abilities will be open while you play either of them. Now you can write and publish fashion advice and earn money for new clothes.

Take photos and get impressions daily, and soon enough, you’ll be a new style icon.

5. Critic

It is time to share your opinion with fellow sims! A new critic career was added to the game with a City Living expansion pack. Your sim now can become an expert in arts or food and tell other sims what they really should think about those things.

The career has two possible paths: food critic and art critic. After level three, you will get the opportunity to choose your future occupation in a restaurant or artistic business.

The Arts Critic path comes with few new interactions, such as Praise art and Review Street Performances. The best part of this path is the 20% discount on every item in the art section of the buy mode.

Food Critic path your sim now can go to the restaurant and review their menu. Free meals and excellent feedback, or horrible food and outrageous reviews: you don’t even know what awaits for you on this career path.

4. Detective

Every child once or twice in his or her life dreams of becoming a detective one day. You will be solving crimes, cleaning the streets from the bad guys, and making the world a better place.

The Sims 4 variation of this noble profession has a lot to offer you! You start as a passionate cadet, and your job will be learning and listening.

After several promotions, you will get an opportunity to go to the crime scene or patrol ride and make justice where it is needed.

On the highest ranks of the career, your responsibilities will grow, and now you have to analyze clues, arrest the suspects, take mugshots, collect fingerprints, ask suspects about the crime, and many more!

3. Doctor

Another classic sims profession got a new life in the Sims 4 with the open concept. Now you can follow your sim and experience the health provider’s career in sims style.

Start as an intern, take care of your sick fellow sims, diagnose them, and perform medical procedures. You are the source of healing for your friends and family.

This particular open job has a decent variety of tasks, and you will have to learn different diseases that sim can have.

2. Scientist

Science is cool and useful in sims` society. Passionate genius or bookworm sims will be glad to take part in this incredible open career.

Use your brains and analytical skills to make new gadgets and invent serums. There’s even a way to find the path to the mystery Sixam planet!

The scientist career offers many interesting daily tasks, such as collecting, pranking colleagues, working on inventions, etc. This is a fascinating career, and your sim can do a lot of useful things in the laboratory.

Some of them will bring him joy and wealth, and some of them can cause a lot of harm. Only you can decide how everything turns out!

1. Actor

Being an actor is a secret dream for many people. The Sims 4 team added this path to the game and made it an open career, so you and your sim could experience this fascinating job together.

Looking for gigs, auditions, low-wage commercials, or starring roles in the movies — all this now available for your sim. The gameplay of this particular job is very interesting: firstly, you need to find an agency, ask for auditions and take one at a time.

If you are successful in your addition, you will get the part and can be a new face in a soap opera or historical drama.

One of the greatest perks of this career path is an opportunity to get your own star in the Sim’s Star Alley and be remembered forever.

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