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52 Best Sims 4 Challenges to Spice up Your Game [2024]

52 Best Sims 4 Challenges to Spice up Your Game [2024]

The Sims 4 challenges are a perfect way to spice up your gameplay and make your game very fun and unusual. This list is an ultimate sum-up of the most original, interesting, and creative challenges you can use in your next save.

Best Sims 4 Challenges

Sims 4 Fandom Challenges

19 Sims and Counting

Don’t you love huge families? The 19 sims and counting are based on the popular TV shows with the same name (only with kids, instead of sims). The rules are simple: create Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and multiply!

Your kids will have strict no tv, no romance, no immodest clothes, and kissing before marriage rules. There’s a lot more in this one, and if you love hardcore family gameplay, you will love it!

Wizards in the Muggle World

Wizards In The Muggle World

Challenge inspired by a Harry Potter franchise, but with a sims quirk. The Get to Work expansion pack is needed for this challenge.

Your main characters will be aliens, and you will use their disguise abilities to mimic the magic world’s secrecy.

Your main task is to preserve your true bloodline and raise as many kids as possible without being discovered by other sims because you are not like them. All rules are here.

The Twilight Challenge

Meet Bella and Edward in the sims world! Take the troubled adventure to join loving hearts and bring a baby Renesmee to the world.

This challenge has many cool rules and focuses on the romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. You will have to deal with many challenges on their love path, just like in the books.

Hogwarts Legacy

The ten generation challenge that will help you to bring the Harry Potter world into Sims 4. You start with a muggle ancestor, and your goal is to create the purest magical line within the game.

Live through all the iconic moments from the books with your sims: win the Triwizard tournament, have a broom, live like an elf! It is a very nice twist on classic legacy challenges, so we are sure you will enjoy it.

Game of Thrones Legacy

All sims must be dying of excitement! Your dull Willow Creek now became a starting point for the thrilling Game of Thrones world.

Simple rules of the challenge will encourage you to populate the town with iconic GOT characters and make their life happy or miserable.

The challenge is only beginning! After creating all GOT families, you can start the real fight for the throne and remember: there’s can only be the one!

Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge

Bachelor Bachelorette Challenge

TV and Sims classic — The Bachelor challenge in your own household! It is an interesting recreation of the TV show with all the eliminations, rose ceremonies, dating, awkward kisses, and drama.

Let your sim find his/her true love in the context or just flirt with everybody to death. The rules are very relaxed, so be prepared for some hot mess and drama!

The Martian

Mars vacations still are a fantasy to humans, but our favorite martian, Mark Watney, made it in the famous book by Andy Weir.

Your main goal in The Martian in Sims 4 is simple: survive and wait to be rescued from Mars.

Grow a potato, become a skilled astronaut and badass gardener. Do everything possible and impossible to become the most famous person in the sims worlds and the first official Martian in Oasis Creek!

24 Day Fiancé Challenge

Day Fiancé Challenge

Meet your true love on vacation and try to become the dream couple. The challenge was inspired by a show 90 Day Fiancé, and it is a terrific way to spice up your sims romantic life.

Your future wife or husband must be with a different cultural background, and you will embrace it together. Complete all the milestones during your 24-day adventure with your true love and make it last forever!

Sims 4 Builder Challenges

Every Room Is Different Color

The youtube classics and one of the most fun challenges to do if you are a passionate builder in The Sims 4.

The rules are simple: using, choose different colors for every single room in the house, and try to furnish them nicely. Yeah, only one color for the entire room.

The challenge can be horror or fun, depending on the hand of destiny. However, it is a fantastic way to boost your creativity and make a special house for your sim. Now, try to live in this house and not get mad!

Micro and Mini Homes

Micro And Mini Homes

Tiny Living Stuff Pack brought a new feature into the game that helps your sim feel happy while living in tiny and micro houses.

It is a fascinating concept, and building a beautiful but functional home for your sim is an extraordinary challenge!

Start on one of the lots, given in the rules, and choose one of the themes to make the challenge more interesting! Into the Woods house, Doctor Who’s home or Alice in Wonderland little shack: where will your sim now live?

Dream Home Challenge

Some sims desire love, some sims look for llamas, but your sim wants a dream house! With the Dream House challenge, your goal is to make $500k and build a mansion of the dreams!

The challenge rules are fun and strict, so it will not be easy for you to achieve the goal.

For example, you cannot change the house you started with in any way, except decorations. It’s because you’re saving for your big dream!

Welcome to Newcrest!

Welcome To Newcrest!

Fill up the Newcrest with homes and community lots to make the city shine!

The Newcrest challenge calls for passionate builders to make specific builds in their own way to breathe life into this sad and empty place.

You’ll be given different budgets and themes, but only your architectural talent rules in this building challenge. Have fun!

Mystery Mansion

This is a gameplay and builder challenge that was inspired by the infamous Winchester Mystery House and called to bring an enigmatic component in your game.

Your matriarch starts with zero simoleons and a curse on her shoulders, and the game stops when she is dead.

Your gameplay and building process should follow the rules and lead to the most unusual, eccentric, and odd build in the sims worlds.

10K Starter Home Challenge

All cool builder challenges about building often require unlimited funds. But the true talented sim-builder can make a masterpiece on any budget!

The 10K starter home is a popular challenge to make your sim’s first house as fabulous as you can, with all needed amenities, but on a small budget. Is it a hard challenge for you, or is it a piece of cake?

Sims 4 Skill Challenges

Utopia House

Happily ever after is not good enough: utopia is what we want! This complicated challenge will force you to do a lot of fun micro-managing actions and follow the rules.

Now every sim has his role, and no one else can make breakfast if Anna, a local cook, is busy, or repair a sink if Handy Andy is sleeping.

Your final goal is to get everybody skilled in their chosen areas with the ability to pay bills with no real jobs. But wait for numerous tasks on the way to your success!

Nurturer Challenge

Your sim was born to nurture his family and lands with all the love he or she has. Your goal is simple: to become a master nurturer and complete all family-oriented and nature aspirations in the game.

During this challenge, you also should master all the skills related to the family and nature gameplay: parenting, gardening, fishing, collecting (optional), cooking, baking, flower arranging, and wellness.

The Perfect Sim Challenge

Hey, simmer! Whatcha doing? Trying to create the ultimate perfect sim? Here the challenge for you!

Your sim is a poor orphan, and the only memory about the lost parents is simple: they wanted your sim to become perfect. And now you will try to do it before she or he sees them again.

Your path is clear, and there are no obstacles on the way if you believe in your destiny!

Sims 4 Fun Challenges

The Kleptomaniac

The neighbors now are afraid of your fearless sim because he wants to achieve the highest goal in the fun Kleptomaniac challenge!

Steal from every house in your town at least once, and then go to a different neighborhood to continue your path.

There’s a lot of fun obstacles on your way to becoming a super-Kleptomaniac, but just imagine how pretty and fun your house will be with all those, hmmm, “borrowed” things.

Land Rich, Cash Poor Sims

Forces of nature fell on poor sims` heads and made the city empty and lifeless. The city government decided to give free land to your sim, hoping that the city will be great again.

Using the Seasons Expansion, you will have to survive on your new free land with little money and some restrictions.

In this challenge, nature is ruthless to your sim, so there are many difficulties he needs to conquer to achieve the goal: make his land prosper.

100 Death Challenge

100 Death Challenge

Death becomes your sim. Or he just loves CallMeKevin and our dear leader Jim Pickens, and now he is inspired to collect no less than one hundred dead sims in the yard.

Since you were arrested for stealing that llama, your obsession has grown a lot. Now the government is on your side and asks you to do the job. Will you be able to kill all the sims and win the challenge?

Knits to Riches

Knit your way out to the rich life your sim has always wanted! Choose the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration and try to complete it using only knitting as your source of simoleons.

You can get presents, find furniture in the trash, but you cannot sell them. Maybe one day, you even will open your very own knitting store!

Living off the Grid

It is an enjoyable challenge for every simmer who hates boring and repetitive gameplay. Now, your wards are living completely on their own. No electricity, no water, no food shopping, no bills. The best way to live for technophobes.

Your lot must have an off-the-grid trait, and your life will be a lot easier if you have an Island Paradise and Eco Lifestyle expansions.

Try to live a simple life and watch how your sims connect with nature.

Sleep Your Way to Fame

Talent is not everything when it comes to making your dreams come true. Your sim wants to be a critically acclaimed artist, but the luck is not on her side.

Marry rich and famous, take all their money, and make it big in the Simhollywood. After all, it is not a shame to sleep your way to fame.

Willow Creek Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Willow Creek has a lot of secrets and different cute beings. Your goal is to find every single interesting item in this beautiful city and take pictures of them.

You will be given a big list, and it is up to you how far you can get in this challenge. Does it mean you have to break Goth’s family to become a household member and take a picture of Mortimer’s desk? Maybe.

The choice is yours!

Sims 4 Fantasy and Supernatural Challenges

The Vampire Coven

Constant fights around the Vampire Leader position lead your sim to the decision to create his own coven in the Forgotten Hollow.

Your chosen sim now the ancestor and his goal is to create a strong vampire family that will be a prime power in the sims world.

Grow your coven and make its members win in vampire duels, complete challenges, and aspirations. Your end goal of this challenge is to follow the rules and create ten generations of mighty vampires.

Ancient Bloodline Legacy Challenge

Spellcasters have a lot of powerful abilities in The Sims 4, but you can make them almost perfect if they have a strong bloodline.

With the Ancient Bloodline Challenge, you will get the chance to create a powerful dynasty with almost invincible descendants in the end.

The Realm of Magic Game pack is required for this challenge.

Persephone’s Underworld Challenge

This challenge was inspired by all the beautiful love stories from Greek Mythology.

You will create your Persephone and Hades, and make their family prosper, marriage is fruitful, and their descendants’ lives are full of tragedies, losses, and passion.

During this challenge, you will meet Venus and Adonis, Orpheus and Eurydice, Cupid and Psyche, Pygmalion and Galatea, and will experience their eternal love stories with a bitter taste.

Thirteen Ghosts

Thirteen Ghosts

The scary book of Simcronomicon wants some souls to feed the darkness` abysmal needs. Your sim’s task is to gather thirteen ghosts and summon them to this dangerous book to calm it.

It is a very unusual challenge that has a lot of steps and requires your full attention, but boy, oh boy, it is so fun and hard. With this one, The Sims 4 will never be boring again!

Asylum Challenge

Your sim is now in the asylum, and his only goal is to get out of this horror-story mental health facility. You can play this challenge in easy, medium, and hard mode, and we recommend you to choose the hardest.

Build a proper asylum and put your sims in it and then their fate in their hands. Once they’ve completed all the tasks, they can be free, but memories are always there with them.

Sims 4 Historical Challenges

The Camelot Challenge

Adventures of King Arthur and the glorious Kingdom of Camelot waiting for you in your next Sims 4 save.

Will you be a devious Morgana or honorable Merlin? Will you protect your kingdom or make your people suffer?

The challenge will help you dive into the exciting early England era and recreate the legends we all heard.

The main character will be the mage, and that’s why this challenge is even more thrilling: complete rules are here.

The Victorian Life

The Victorian era has a very romantic perspective in our minds.

Many simmers want to get some kind of past related expansion pack in the game, but for now, we can only relive noble Victorian times with this challenge.

You can choose if you want to be a part of the nobility, middle, or lower class people and follow the strict social norms that are specific to your position.

It is a very restrictive, but fun experience, and we cannot recommend you more to take part in this challenge.

History Challenge

History Challenge

It is not just your regular legacy challenge. Your ancestors start their life in the prehistoric era, and your goal is to stay alive, well, until the present days.

The gradual progress of technologies and exciting inventions will be slowly introduced and incorporated into your family.

A lot of restrictions goes along with this challenge. Still, it is a unique experience, where you can become the Roman warrior, Victorian nobility, and fancy 60’s girl in one family history.

The Sims 4 Royal Kingdom

Middle Ages and simpler times is a thrilling concept in Sims 4. The Royal Kingdom challenge was called to mimic that classy society and create interesting rules for your gameplay.

Create the royal family, greedy merchants, snob nobility, and hard-working peasants. Gather taxes and keep everything in order. Now you have your kingdom, and what kind of life will it have?

Sims 4 Family Challenges

The Alphabets Challenge

The Alphabets is a weird family, and they have their rules and are not afraid to follow them!

During this exciting legacy challenge, you will have to create a specific family tree for Alphabets, arranging their marriages, and making babies according to the list.

After the third generation, you are on your own, but every heir must be named with the alphabet’s proper letter. Your final goal is to finish your family tree with the Zackary Alphabet!

Conflicting Siblings Challenge

Parenthood isn’t easy, but when your children are total opposites, it is a nightmare life!

But, in this challenge, you must create two kids that will be extremes to each other. And still remain a good parent to them.

The challenge requires the Parenthood Game Pack since you will need to make one child with the best character values and one with the worst. The rules are clear, but the challenge is real.

Modified Foster Challenge

There are so many kids in the world that need a loving home! And you have so much love that you’ve decided to foster fifty kids!

Your goal is to grow all your adopted children good and worthy in the new Modified Foster challenge.

The final goal is to set up marriages for all of your children and watch how your big and happy family multiply. What a happy challenge!

The Wonder Child Challenge

Every child is perfect and beautiful, but this particular child is just.. wondrous! As parents, your challenge is to make your lovely baby a sim wonder, the perfect kid with all skills and aspirations fulfilled.

The challenge will be better with Parenthood Game Pack, but you can do it without one. There also rules regarding vampires and other mythical creatures, but in the end, your child will be happy to be a wonder.

Traditional Family Challenge

The Sims 4 offers a lot of options regarding family gameplay. And it is awesome! But the true challenge is to center your sims` lives around traditional family values.

Lots of children, all women are housewives, and men are the main breadwinners. Not very fun?

But wait for the twist! The Mom’s Mid-Life Crisis is coming, and all traditional stuff will be conquered. Are you now interested?

Differences in the Family Tree

Who needs boring generations after generations of ordinary sims? Your goal now is to make your family tree as diverse as possible within the game’s possibilities.

You are not like your father, and you love it, and your kids have their own ways too.

Follow the rules of the challenge, and in the end, you will be left with an awesome family history of brave sims that loved to be different.

Rival Dynasties Challenge

Every powerful dynasty once was the one person. In Sims 4, there’s a battle between three rival dynasties, and the only one can be the winner. What are these dynasties: it is your decision to make!

Your task and final goal is to make every dynasty as big as possible and let them rule over New Crest, Oasis Springs, and Willow Creek. 

You can use premade families and create bad blood situations between Goths, Landraabs, and Altos. The choice is yours!

100 Baby Challenge

The essence of this classic Sims 4 challenge is in its name. Create a super-mom and make her multiply! A lot.

You have to be a good sim-mother and nurture all your kids during your short life, so they better help you find some youth elixir!

All your kids should live and be raised by you until they become young adults who can go live their lives on their own. Good luck!

Trailer Park ChallengeTrailer Park Challenge

Your sims were not born in privilege, and every single simoleon they earn is a hard-worked one. Your family lives in a 6X20 trailer on a huge lot and want to succeed so badly!

With every generation, you should work hard, and within ten generations, the trailer must be ruined, and a beautiful mansion should be built instead.

You are not allowed to earn “easy” cash, and you should strictly follow all the challenge rules. Good luck!

Sims 4 Relationship Challenges

The Lothario Challenge

Don Lothario is the most famous lover in the Sims franchise. The notorious ladies man should get his own challenge dedicated to, you know, romance! And a lot of WooHoo!

The goal is to share Don’s love and body with every possible sim, but do not get caught.

Once his young days are over, Don will be obliged to marry, but his adventures should not stop! All the rules and restrictions are here.

The Suleiman Challenge

You are the mighty Sultan, and no one can command you what to do. You love women and making love, so why should you stop on one wife!

In this challenge, you will create a harem for your Sultan with many gorgeous concubines for his (or her) pleasure.

Your goal is to complete Mansion baron and Serial romantic aspirations while trying to please all your wives and concubines. It will be a lot of love in this home, right?

The Selection Challenge

The Prince or the Princess is now ready to find a proper match to get married and have kids. But there are so many contenders, and how are you supposed to choose one from them?

In the Selection challenge, you will get to know all the contestants and get the chance to pick the best.

Test your contenders, follow the rules, and you will be awarded with the love of your sim’s life!

Sims 4 Apocalyptic Challenges

12. The Doomsday Preppers

This challenge is highly on-trend during these COVID-19 days, right? The Doomsday preppers are all about gathering the food, water, necessities, and getting ready for the last days.

The government is lying to you, so preppers do not use electricity and do not trust any business: you only eat what you grow.

Society is the enemy, they do not care about the Apocalypse, but you and your fellow friends will be prepared when day D comes!

Post-apocalyptic Murkland

All the preppers were right, and Apocalypse has come. Now all you can see is horrible zombies and radioactive raccoons around you.

You live in a tent or an underground bunker (if you prepared one!) and try to survive!

The challenge has a lot of fun details, and your life will never be the same again! Just help your sims to survive this trouble and earn money to move from this hell.

Sims 4 Social Challenges

Conception Clinic Challenge

Your sim wants to work for the public good, and what is the best way to become a great citizen than make some babies with lonely female sims?

Your sim-donor is full of love, and every WooHoo interaction with females should end up in conceiving a child.

The goal is to make as many children as you can before dying (preferably around one hundred), leaving a huge legacy after your sim.

Hipsters Challenge

An interesting social experiment where eight very talented humans are now living under one roof.

Every single one has his bad and good sides, but their common goal is to make this world better for sims.

Help them create a beautiful society and fulfill all the goals of these sims in the Hipsters challenge! The challenge requires Get to Work, Spa Day, and Island Living packs.

Child Center Challenge

It is a simple social center for poor orphaned and lonely kids with two passionate girls in charge.

The Canter must be a warm and happy place, so you are very focused on your wards, and don’t let your personal life interfere with your relationships with kids.

Well, maybe sometimes. The only goal is to raise those little orphans and make them happy adults!

Homeless Challenge (With Four Levels of Difficulty)

It is not easy to be homeless in the Sims 4, but your sim can conquer everything.

Start with no money or a house and get yourself up to the wealthiest sims in the world.

This challenge has four levels of difficulty, and you can find all the rules here.

Do not be afraid to take a shower in the gym or eat from a dumpster: soon enough, your homeless sim will be the Richy Rich of the sims world.

Socialism Challenge

Socialism Challenge

Capitalism is a lie and a way to disgrace, so your sims want to abolish private property and create the perfect social world.

Now everything is shared, and life is better every day.

In the Socialism challenge, your lovely wards will learn how to work for the social good and make living easier for less-fortuned sims.

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