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Top 12 Best Sims 4 Teeth CC [2024]

Top 12 Best Sims 4 Teeth CC [2024]

Your Sims smile is one of the most important things about them. When they flash their pearly whites, think about it- would you rather have standard Sims teeth or something that looks a little more realistic?

Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth, so maybe you want a look that has a gap or even something that’s on the crooked side? What about fangs?

Whatever you decide is the best option for your Sim, you’re sure to get some inspiration from this list of the top 12 best Sims 4 teeth cc.

Best Sims 4 Teeth CC

12. Semi Realistic Teeth

Semi Realistic Teeth

This is a perfect step in the right direction, especially if the thought of changing your Sims teeth has never crossed your mind.

It’s something a lot of people don’t think about, so it’s natural to feel lost when trying to decide what the right look is.

This piece of custom content makes it easy, Semi Realistic Teeth add a little more of a natural yellowing to your Sims teeth, kinda like what you might expect from a coffee drinker.

In addition, it gives depth to your Sims mouth, so it doesn’t look like their teeth were painted on. Now they’re ready for that close-up picture!

11. Teeth 01

Teeth 01

Maybe when you first thought of custom teeth, your mind went straight to the supernatural.

We’re talking about having a nice set of fangs to your Sims look, a staple that you can have accompanied by pointed ears, wings, and just about anything in between.

Teeth 01 comes with a set of fangs on both the bottom and top set of teeth, instead of that classic Dracula look that most people think of when they hear fangs. Objectively a better choice for those Sims who enjoy living on the dark side.

10. Colored Braces

Colored Braces

Anyone else remembers the days of having braces? Just seeing them on a Sim brings me back to middle school, and the only thing that made them bearable was the fact that I got to change the colors every once in a while.

Your Sims probably don’t like the orthodontist’s office either, so give them the chance to experience the same small joys that we did.

Colored Braces is the perfect option for braces for two reasons. The first is that it adds an extra 14 swatches on top of what was already offered in the base game. The second are these braces are for both kids and adults!

9. M.I.L.K Gap Tooth

M.i.l.k Gap Tooth

Kids with gaps in their teeth got a lot more slack than they deserved. I’ll be honest, I like the look of gapped teeth, I think it adds character, and even though I don’t have one myself, I kinda wish I did.

But since that’s not going to be a reality for me, the next best thing is to give it to my Sims.

Whether you want your Sim to look like an exact replica of you down to the tiniest of details, or you want their mouths to look extra special, you might want to consider using M.I.L.K Gap Tooth when designing your Sim.

8. Buck Teeth Child Version

Buck Teeth Child Version

The less perfect teeth are, the more human they are. Let’s face it, perfect teeth aren’t achieved unless you have a lot of money (or find a great piece of custom content), but not all of us want that look.

Some of us would rather embrace how we naturally are, regardless of what beauty standards tell us.

For all of the misshapen, out-of-place, and pointy teeth you could want for The Sims 4, Buck Teeth Child Version is the place to go.

Especially when they’re young, your Sims teeth are going to look like what they are, something that’s still developing.

And for accurate Sims children, this is all you’ll need to get their teeth looking just right.

7. Monster’s Teeth Sharp Teeth

Monster’s Teeth Sharp Teeth

We don’t want slightly sharp teeth that might belong to a creature that secretly has a soft side. We want gruesome, we want razor-sharp- we want monster teeth!

Monster’s Teeth Sharp Teeth is everything you’ll need for creating Sims of every variety, even the ones that might show up in your nightmares.

This ser comes with 4 styles of fangs to complete any type of Sim imaginable, from werewolves to vampires to whatever else you might come up with.

You could even start your very own lore in your neighborhood of some creepy Sim with sharp teeth that hangs out in the park at night.

6. Show Some Teeth

Show Some Teeth

Instead of completely changing the way your Sims mouth looks, this piece of custom content is a little bit different. It changes the natural position of their mouths, showing just a little bit of teeth where the lips come apart.

This can come especially when you’re trying out a new lip product on your Sim, and they want to show off just how glossy their lips are.

Show Some Teeth is available for all Sims, from toddlers to elders, and will make them look a little more natural and relaxed, rather than always keeping their lips sealed shut all the time.

5. Bite Me Fangs

Bite Me Fangs

If you’re still not satisfied with the options we’ve had for fangs so far, then you have to like this one for one reason and one reason only, kids can have fangs too!

This way, it doesn’t look so weird when they grow up into a teenager and suddenly get a pair, it’s much more consistent this way.

Not only that, but Bite Me Fangs comes with four options to choose from, including a classic style of pointed teeth on the bottom and the top, and even ones where only the two front teeth are jagged.

4. Brace Face

Brace Face

Don’t let the name confuse you, Brace Face isn’t just about braces for your Sims. It’s a collection of different teeth overlays to make your Sims mouth look a little more like yours.

Of course, there are some braces options, but others feature differences in coloring, positioning, and even depth.

In total, there are over 12 styles of teeth to choose from, including ones that the creator describes as being “zombie-like,” so you know you’re getting the most variety possible from this set.

3. Pearl Teeth

Pearl Teeth

Maybe you’re the type to spend big bucks on your teeth. Perfection is everything, and even the smallest things need to look their best at all times, whether that’s for you or your Sims. If that’s the case, then Pearl Teeth might be the one for you.

Perfectly straight, perfectly white, shiny, and anything but flat and cartoonish, this style of teeth is everything your Sim needs to have a set of teeth that worthy of getting their headshot taken.

I mean, come on, look how amazing they are! It’s more than just Colgate white strips at work.

2. EA Teeth Begone

Ea Teeth Begone

If there’s one common denominator here as to why you probably want to change your Sims teeth, it’s because of how goofy they look.

It’s so one-dimensional and boring that they don’t match the lively animations your Sims have as they go about their daily lives, and that’s truly a shame. If only there were some way to fix it.

Oh yea, there is. Introducing EA Teeth Begone! Those cringy teeth that The Sims 4 base game has cursed us have suddenly banished with the help of this useful mod, whether they end up with something like braces on in their teens or not.

1. Teeth Genetic

Teeth Genetic

Genetics are key, regardless if they’re real or virtual. I think one of the most fun part of having kids in The Sims is seeing what things get passed down and what gets left behind, and now, that can be true for even how their teeth look!

With Teeth Genetic, nature can do the deciding as to what their mouths will look like, just like how it is in the real world. If mom needed braces when she was younger, her kids might too!

It’s a fun option to leave their appearance to chance, and it sure does save a lot of time deciding what you are and aren’t going to use.

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