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Top 27 Best Sims 4 Skin CC [2022]

Top 27 Best Sims 4 Skin CC [2022]

Let’s talk skin for a minute. It’s not the hottest topic we could talk about, but it’s a crucial part of your Sims design, and more often than not, it goes overlooked. Sure, you could settle for one of the default tones, but you already know that that’s not going to cut it.

Instead, each of our Sims has to be unique from the last one, and recycling through the same set of skin tones doesn’t help you achieve that.

You could be designing a Sim that needs to have skin that looks just right to match being a byproduct of their parents, or maybe you want to design a Sim that’s out of this world with skin like no other.

Either way, you’re sure to get some inspiration from the top 24 best Sims 4 skin cc.

Best Sims 4 Skin CC

27. FIT Skin Overlay

Fit Skin Overlay

Although your Sim might be quite the fitness buff with a high Fitness skill level, their work doesn’t look like it pays off. So, this FIT Skin Overlay CC is here to fix that!

With this skin CC, you can add the detail to your Sims’ bodies that deserve to be noticed, including shading in areas that muscle is most likely to build and be noticed.

The FIT Skin Overlay sculpts the abs, legs, arms, and even portions of your Sim’s face to provide the appearance that they’ve been hitting the gym for several months. This CC works with all Maxis skin tones, as well as makeup.  

26. Mary Skin

Mary Skin

Creating realistic Sims can be difficult with the smooth, clear skin that the base game comes equipped with. While you can add beauty marks, freckles, and tattoos, this Mary Skin CC comes equipped with marks and patterns that truly make Sim’s skin look real.

The Mary Skin features natural blushing of the skin, facial marks and patterns, and realistic lips with visible skin lines.

This skin CC also adds detail to other parts of the body, including realistic shading in the legs, arms, and stomach areas with realistic visible pores and texture.The Mary Skin CC comes in 20 skin swatches and two overlay options and is for female Sims only.

25. Yuki Skin

Yuki Skin

Many Sim skin mods focus on making your Sims look as flawless as possible, but this Yuki Skin CC is for players who want realism in their game.

It’s nice to have perfect skin, but at the end of the day, we all have pores, and the Yuki Skin CC provides just that in great detail. The shading and attention to detail around the elbows, lips, nose, and legs are stunningly realistic.

The creator even made a point of including the natural shine that skin has. This CC comes in 20 color swatches and two overlay swatches. However, this CC is for female Sims only.

24. Mira Birth Marks

Mira Birth Marks

Before we talk about completely transforming your Sims skin, you have to think of the little details on their bodies that make them who they are.

Maybe their eyes are a special shape, or they have some dimples that shine through whenever they smile. Either way, it’s important to take these things into consideration before you play with the finished product.

You don’t have to go with the classic birthmark on their butt, but your Sim may have a birthmark that separates them from everyone else, and if you like the sound of that, then you’ll love using Mira Birth Marks.

You don’t have to commit to something as big as freckles, but it’s still a nice skin detail to add to the spot of your choosing.

23. SSB Freckle I.D.

Ssb Freckle I.d.

Ok, maybe you do want to have freckles. But you don’t want what the Sims has to offer, they’re so boring and plain that they may as well have been drawn on.

You want authentic, detailed freckles that make your Sim look like they were kissed by the sun. You want freckled from SSB Freckle I.D.!

This collection of freckle styles let you choose from where you want them to be on your Sims face and how big or small you want the clusters to be. But you know what they say, the more, the better.

22. Mia Skin Overlay

Mia Skin Overlay

Mia Skin Overlay is a perfect tool to use if you’re trying to ease your way into using skin cc properly.

It can be pretty intimidating, and especially if you’ve never really thought about doing it before, you might be confused as to where to start and what exactly you want to change about your Sims skin.

With this, it makes the most subtle of changes to your Sim, but it makes all the differences. Especially in the face, your Sims features are more prominent and highlighted, it’s almost like having a makeup look without actually wearing makeup.

It will smooth them out, make them look a touch more realistic, and you don’t have to think about it too much.

21. Martini Skin Blend

Martini Skin Blend

If you’re looking for a completely different skin tone to use on your Sim, then you’re in the right place.

I like to keep everyone’s needs in mind, regardless of how big or small the change to Sims the custom content might bring, which is why we need options for when the ones that are available in the base game aren’t cutting it.

Martini Skin Blend is what I think to be the perfect skin tone for a Sim that reigns from The Mediterranean.

Maybe, someone who has a Greek background, its olive undertones, and slightly bronzed without being too dark makes it look like someone who’s spent a lot of time in the sun but probably gets a little pasty in the winter.

20. Asalug Skin for Toddlers

Asalug Skin For Toddlers

I can’t be the only one who thinks that toddlers look nothing like their parents. Not even like a distant memory of them, maybe things like their hair color are the same, but anything more than that isn’t likely to be convincing.

Using things like Asalug Skin for Toddlers allows the youngest ones in the household to look realistic, as well. Instead of looking like aliens in comparison to their parents, they can have their own skin to make even their skin look the best it can be, for a two-year-old anyways!

19. BJD3 Doll Skintone

Bjd3 Doll Skintone

Who said we’re going for realistic? This is The Sims, after all! A place where your wildest fantasies can run wild, and you can live your life vicariously through this virtual person that lives their life with little to no consequences (with cheats, anyway).

So, why not go all out by making them look as unrealistic as possible- like a doll!

BJD3 Doll Skintone makes your Sim look like they were made of porcelain. But they don’t have to look completely perfect, though.

With this, you can decide whether you want your Sim to look completely flawless or if you want to play around with details like cuts and bruises.

18. Squish


Skin isn’t just about the color, but it’s also about the undertones. In order to get a skin tone that’s just right, you need a balance of both.

If you don’t, you might feel like there’s something off about the way your Sim looks, it’s not how you imagined it, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

With Squish, your Sim will be given pinky blush undertones. This skin preset is on the fairer side of things.

If you’re trying to create a Sim that spent the beginning of their life in the most north of countries where they always had a red nose from the harshness of the outside world, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

17. Hydra Skin Overlay

Hydra Skin Overlay

No one wants to have dry skin. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it makes your Sim look lifeless, even though their expressions and outbursts clearly say otherwise.

Hydra Skin Overlay is a quick and easy fix to this issue, for all Sims regardless of how old they are, they can have shiny, hydrated skin that makes them look like they’re glowing.

Besides making your Sims look more alive, it will also add more natural details to your Sims body that are likely to be there in real life.

Such as collar bone details, shadows to show depth in various regions, and after putting some time in at the gym, they can properly show off their muscular build!

16. Freckle 4 HQ

Freckle 4 Hq

We’ve all heard of having freckles on your face, but the reality is that people have freckles wherever they have skin.

They can be on your back, your arms, even on your legs! Especially for those with red hair, seeing freckles all over someone’s body is pretty common, so you should be able to make your Sims look like that, too.

Freckle 4 HQ makes sure that not an inch of your Sims body has been spared from having freckles. And we’re not just talking about a mole or two, we’re talking about big, beautiful clusters of dots wherever you feel is appropriate.

15. Honeymoon


Personally, I think this is a great option for a skin preset that looks like it belongs in The Sims.

I’m all about balance, being able to customize them to your heart’s content to have a big, diverse selection of people living in your community while also fitting the style of the rest of the game.

Honeymoon doesn’t change too much, they still look like the Sims we’ve all known and loved for years, but it adds small changes to details like having double lids and changing the way that their lips look.

Keep in mind, though, that this piece of custom content will only work for your female Sims before you try to put it on everyone in the household!

14. Skin Details Collection

Skin Details Collection

It’s hard to find a nice, concise collection of custom content, especially when you’re looking for something as specific as skin details. Thankfully, Tumblr user lilsimsie has done all the work for us, so all we have to do is figure out what we like most.

In this collection, you’ll be able to find downloads for everything from body freckles, moles, and even tattoos! With the Skin Details Collection, you’ll be sure to include every little thing in the way your Sims look, and you’ll love the finished product!

13. Soft Face Skin

Soft Face Skin

For that forever youthful, babyfaced look, you’ll want to use Soft Face Skin every time you create a Sim who’s full of life and considers themselves a child at heart.

They’ll look so rounded out and full of life that every Sim they know will be begging your Sim for their skincare routine. But they don’t have one- that’s just how they look!

12. Daydream Skin

Daydream Skin

Daydream Skin is another skin preset that adds in all the little details, so you don’t have to spend hours editing all the smallest parts of their faces to get it just right.

One of the beauties of this custom content is the fact that it works for all ages and all genders of Sims, so everyone can have the same attention to detail and perfect skin every time, without you having to waste precious time that could be used causing chaos around the town.

Some of the details that can be found in this custom content include the shading around the eyes, adding depth and sometimes character, the details in the lips, and even nice, plump lips that complement every face shape.

11. Freckled Skintone

Freckled Skintone.

For freckles that are subtle and may only really come out in the summer, you need something like Freckled Skintone.

Unlike a lot of the other freckles we’ve seen so far, these ones don’t jump out and catch your attention as much, instead, you might need to get real close to your Sims face to even see them. But trust me, they’re there!

These freckles, like all freckles, look good on all Sims and add some extra detail, especially when you feel like something might be missing.

More concentrated at the nose, but they extend all throughout the face- it’s the perfect face of freckles.

10. Vitiligo Overlay

Vitiligo Overlay

Skin custom content means skin custom content. That’s why including all kinds of skin is important, you need to have variety!

So, why not include Sims with skin conditions like vitiligo? Especially if you have it yourself, you might want to create a Sim that looks just like you, and now you can!

With the Vitiligo Overlay, you’ll truly have one of the most diverse groups of sims out there, and the more expansive you can be with it, the better.

Remember, though, when you download it, you’ll be able to find your Sims skin in the tattoo section.

9. Skin SK10

Skin Sk10

With Skin SK10, instead of only having one skin overlay to choose from, you now have two! Similar to a lot of the other overlays we’ve seen this far, it helps to highlight and define key features of your Sims bodies, like their collar bones, and even makes their belly buttons a little deeper.

Like we’ve seen before, this one is only available for female Sims, as well as it won’t work for all ages, so be careful who you try to use it on!

8. Snowdrop Freckles

Snowdrop Freckles

For freckles that might look a little more like they were drawn on than natural ones that came from the sun, Snowdrop Freckles gives you just enough of a freckled look to look cute but doesn’t go too crazy, especially if you don’t want that to be your Sims defining facial feature.

In addition to having freckles on the nose and cheeks, though, there are a couple of strays by the eyes and mouth that make it look more unique than your average set of freckles.

7. Skin Details Plus

Skin Details Plus

Your go-to guide for every little thing that couple can be featured on your Sims face. Nose, eyes, lips, cheeks, you name it! Everything has an extra detail that can be added, so you’re not missing anything crucial for your Sims.

That means that Skin Details Plus comes with dimples, bags under their eyes, details to the upper eyelid, moles, wrinkles, and more! Now you really don’t have to worry about finding the perfect custom content, it’s been done for you.

6. Melanin Pack 2

Melanin Pack 2

We’ve had a lot of custom skin shades for those who are fairer, but what about those who are the complete opposite?

There need to be better options for darker-skinned Sims because, let’s be honest, the base game hasn’t done us much of a service.

Thankfully, we’ve had creators who have gifted us with new skin tones that were better than The Sims could have created by themselves.

Melanin Pack 2 comes with a total of 54 skin tones, so you can get what you had in mind right every single time. It also comes with blush shades and highlights, so it will perfectly complement your Sims skin.

5. We Are Electric

We Are Electric

We Are Electric is a skin default for your Sims that has everything edited for you.

From the eyes to the nose to the ears, your Sim has been made to be one of a kind, carefully curated to create beautiful Sims that will continue to look good through generations and generations of Sims.

4. Skinblend Megapost

Skinblend Megapost

For a collection of skin tones to use on a variety of Sims, you need to take a look at the Skinblend Megapost, but together by Tumblr user Madmondols.

It contains just about everything you need to make every Sim that you can think of, with backgrounds stretching the entire Earth.

3. Maxis Match Skintones V2

Maxis Match Skintones V2

From pale to dark, Maxis Match Skintones V2 truly has it all. A wide range of shades that include something important that we talked about before- undertones.

So while there’s a variety of colors themselves, you can decide whether you want your Sim to have cool, warm, or neutral undertones, which can then help you pick out the perfect hair color, and which outfits look best on them!

2. The Other Side

The Other Side

Another resource to get the most skin tones possible because nothing’s more frustrating than being limited to a narrow shade range.

The Other Side comes with 10 skin tones from light to dark, which admittedly isn’t the most impressive, but in tandem with the other custom content we’ve touched on, you’ll be on your way to having a collection so expansive, you can create anyone!

1. Overlay Face Collection

Overlay Face Collection

The Overlay Face Collection helps keep your Sims face under control. For starters, it makes sure that there aren’t random features like their cheeks that look sunken in anymore, which is already great.

On top of that, there are a total of 7 face presets, so you can choose the face you like the most, maybe make a couple of minor adjustments, and there you have it! The perfect Sim.

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