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Top 10 Best Farming Simulator 22 Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Farming Simulator 22 Mods [2024]

Having more players than ESO, Civ V, and Valheim, FS22 from Giants Software is an underappreciated cult hit among PC gamers and sim enthusiasts, 2nd only to the likes of Euro Truck Simulator. With its own convention, Farmcon 22, is happening this year.

FS 22 mods take the game from great to greatest, offering new efficiency, vehicles, and functionality.

Some mods border on cheating, but most are meant to either bring the game closer to real-life or streamline some obtuse systems that are less fun to deal with than they ought to be. (Steering and automation mods are lifesavers.)

The Best FS22 Mods

Below you’ll find 10 of our favorite mods for Farming Simulator 22. This list includes new vehicles, gameplay modifications, and new mechanics.

Some of these community-created mods are basically required for the best experience with the game.

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to play FS. All any player has to do is have fun; you’re winning if you are. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

10. Sleep Anywhere Mod

Sleep Anywhere Mod

This mod doesn’t need much explanation, found here. It lets you sleep and pass the night while out in the world on foot.

Your newfound freedom from overly-demanding realistic sleep mechanics lets you focus on the day-to-day of your simulated farming lifestyle.

Just don’t try to imagine yourself sleeping through the night, bolt upright, in a field.

9. Agi Pack

Agi Pack

This downloadable mod pack is like a similar DLC; you get a suite of vehicles, buildings, and tools from AGI.

Download this useful pack to step up your grain production and efficiency. Many of these tools offer big improvements to specific processes. If you’re a grain enthusiast, AGI is a must-have.

Everything is identical to the official DLC versions with the addition of customization options unique to the mods.

8. Eco Mod Pack for FS22

Eco Mod Pack For Fs22

Another suite of vehicles like the pack above, the ECO pack, offers electric vehicles, including a few Deutz Fahr tractors and new battery technology.

This pack can be found on along with hundreds of others. Bring your digital farming operations into the green era; fossil fuels were holding you back.

Vehicle packs are a great, mild way to customize and upgrade your FS experience.

7. Government Subsidy

Government Subsidy

Every serious FS22 player uses this mod; it’s nearly a requirement. Get your extra digital cash here!

With the Government Subsidy mod for FS 22, you can get in-game money from the government and municipality to help you get ahead or cope with an alarming spate of luck with climate and yields.

There’s no shame in taking the handout; it isn’t real. Keep your farm thriving!

6. Place Anywhere Fs 22 Mod

Place Anywhere Fs 22 Mod

Some players won’t want to use this one, as it gives you more freedom than the developers intended. Check out the Place Anywhere mod and get building.

Place Anywhere lets you place buildings and objects… anywhere. Without the usual spacing and land requirements, we can creatively build wherever, however we want.

The dense, efficient farms you can mash together with this ability are remarkable, if not sometimes messy-looking; you can’t deny the output!

5. Lizard Wheel Loader

Lizard Wheel Loader

This is the only single vehicle mod on the list; we like this one in particular, and there aren’t any as worthwhile packs that contain it.

Download and buy the Lizard Wheel Loader in FS 22. For just $165k, this powerful loader can do more of everything that lesser loaders can do, plus the bevy of attachments that enable it to perform tons of tasks; this is a great multi-purpose vehicle.

4. Courseplay for Farming Simulator 22

Courseplay For Farming Simulator 22

These top four mods were difficult to rank; each offers some indispensable utility.

Giants Software does a great job, but these quality of life and efficiency-enhancing mods refine the experience further. Expand your farming horizons with Courseplay for Farming Simulator 22.

Courseplay allows you to create your own courses with your vehicles, automate driving, planning tools, AI generation, and more.

This mod is for everyone, but definitely for those that struggle with the precise planning and organization that FS 22 can demand.

It can take time to learn how to use Courseplay to its fullest potential; there are plenty of in-depth guides to get you started.

3. Guidance Steering

Guidance Steering

Pick up Guidance Steering here if you don’t already have it. Like Courseplay, this mod is a contender for the first spot.

A considerable percentage of FS 22 players, expert, beginner, and everyone in between, use the Guidance Steering mod to streamline their task execution by setting up accurate tracks for your vehicles and machines to follow throughout your fields.

2. Gamesaver Mod

Gamesaver Mod

This mod will save your game, your life, and your sanity.

We’ve all had mishaps in Farming Simulator and other games where we lose track of time, forget to save, and see all our progress and work go up in smoke when the computer or console shuts off unexpectedly.

This can be devastating; it has made people quit games forever out of sheer frustration. GameSaver will automatically save your progress at set intervals while in the single-player mode, so you never have to worry about doing it manually again.

1. Pro Shot

Pro Shot

After all that painstaking work fine-tuning your facilities and fields, all the effort to afford and arrange your vehicles, you want a slick screenshot to show off your accomplishments.

With Pro Shot, you can tweak and perfect the aesthetics of the picture you want to take.

This mod creates some stunning photographs by allowing you to modify brightness, the colors of the sunlight, upscale the quality, and widen (or shrink) your field of view so you only snap what you want to show.

Pro Shot isn’t a mandatory FS 22 mod for all players, but for those of us that like it, mandatory is an understatement.

Showing off through screenshots and sharing tips are half of the gameplay experience for us.

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