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Top 10 Best Snowrunner Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Snowrunner Mods [2024]

SnowRunner is a simulation game that takes a harsh, mundane activity like hauling through challenging terrain in a heavy-duty pickup truck and makes it one of the most interesting and customizable experiences in the sim market.

Like many similar games of the genre, SnowRunner mods add vehicles, machinery, and areas.

Best Snowrunner Mods

10. Rng Zentos

Rng Zentos

The RNG Zentos is a custom vehicle based on the real thing.

According to the mod’s creator, Rng3r, this truck is a recreation of its real-life counterpart. The RNG Zentos features a rear crane, radar addon, custom cargo beds, and a bevy of potential configurations.

This vehicle is an excellent addition to any SnowRunner player’s toolbox as a solid all-rounder when it comes to jobs.

If you enjoy the Zentos, Rng3r and the team have other mods worth peeking at. They are featured in another item on our list.

9. Lasvill, Norway Map for Snowrunner

Lasvill, Norway Map For Snowrunner

Take a Nordic vacation with this custom map of Lasvill, Norway. Deliver rocket launchers while navigating a dilapidated bridge.

This custom map is expansive and stuffed with tasks to complete and scenery to enjoy.

Please don’t waste your time searching for Lasvill on a map; it’s a made-up place. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting with your SnowRunner vehicles.

There is several hours’ worth of tasks alone before accounting for the free-roaming fun you might want to enjoy.

Region and map mods are our favorite type of addon because of the degree of aesthetic beauty and immersion they can create.

8. Trek Through the Country

Trek Through The Country

Trek Through the Country is a custom region map with unrivaled size and diversity.

This mod no longer works on consoles but is still functional on PC. In Trek Through the Country, you can explore lush forests, fording deep rivers, and encounter all weather from sun to snow.

Trek is still very much a work in progress, lacking a ton of tasks, but we’re excited for the future of this mod; there’s still plenty to enjoy right now.

If you like vibey, lowkey exploration, this is a great choice. Spend a whole afternoon enjoying the scenery.

7. Responsive Steering

Responsive Steering

Responsive Steering does precisely what you’d expect: make the Steering more responsive. Its creator noticed a problem with the steering system and fixed it himself.

This mod fixes each truck individually, making their Steering respond to your inputs right away.

No more delayed responses, overcorrecting, or dead-zoning. As the creator describes it, you can position the wheels exactly where you want them, as they should be.

This is one of those mods that feel more like a hotfix than an additional feature.

6. Tc’s 2020 Yeet Mobile

Tc's 2020 Yeet Mobile

No list of the best SnowRunner mods is complete without the YEET MOBILE. This mod has the honor of being the only meme-y entry on our SnowRunner list. (That doesn’t mean it isn’t fantastic.)

The YEET MOBILE is a slick sports car that has no business in SnowRunner, but we’re so glad it’s here anyway. Reconfigure it into street, crawler, or mud mode and explore the different fine-tuning each build contains.

Our favorite is the sky-high suspension with thick crawler tires. You’ll be the envy of everyone you aren’t running over. Take the YEET MOBILE into a river; it can handle it. Mud flaps be damned.

5. Off Road Trailers

Off Road Trailers

Off Road Trailers offers one of the single most significant quality of life improvements to SnowRunner. Like #7, this is a giant hotfix, not an addon.

Dragging trailers behind your trucks can feel slippery and out of control. Now, with this mod, each trailer has been adjusted to control more easily, with less floatiness.

As the mod creator says, these trailers ride like butter. Hauling tamed trailers makes executing tasks more pleasurable.

We love this mod for long play-session on big, beautiful custom maps like Lasvill. Without the friction and frustration, time flies by.

4. Rng TX Armored Truck Pack

Rng Tx Armored Truck Pack

Another mod from Rng3r, this Armored Truck Pack, replicates genuine secure military vehicles from across the globe.

This pack contains the replica trucks as well as unique frame addons so players can utilize these custom vehicles to their full potential.

With each bolt and weld carefully placed, this lumbering beast of a truck belongs in the best players’ collections.

These trucks rank among our favorites even though there aren’t any real reasons to have armor in SnowRunner… yet.

3. Ix Wrecker for Snowrunner

Ix Wrecker For Snowrunner

The iX Wrecker is a heavy-duty custom truck that is designed for exceptional utility in SnowRunner.

You can load logs, other vehicles, people, and anything you can think of on the ramps of the iX Wrecker.

It features multiple cargo slots as well as a rear crane, mechanical arm, and a sleek camo pattern. This truck will become your go-to towing vehicle.

Custom realistic details like an openable hood are on the way.

2. Poghrims Universal Addon Collection

Poghrims Universal Addon Collection


Poghrims Universal Addon Collection is a convenient way to get several valuable mods in a single download.

This mod pack contains mods for log hauling, crane operation, flatbeds, cargo slots, and tent beds.

This mod makes sure to use the base-game install sockets, meaning it is compatible with your other modded vehicles as long as they do the same.

1. Ggms Money Trucks and Trailers

Ggms Money Trucks And Trailers

GGMS Money Trucks shows up on every mods list for SnowRunner for a good reason. This mod is more of a cheat than an addon, but in simulation games, we don’t think it’s a big deal.

GGMS Money Trucks adds 6 Bank Trucks and 6 Advertisement Trailers from which you can withdraw money and store it, too.

Using these trucks and trailers, you can create and destroy money as you see fit for your save file.

Currency management is more of an annoyance than a gameplay feature for many players; use it as you please. (Or don’t!)

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