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The 25 Best Mount and Blade Ii: Bannerlord Mods [2023]

The 25 Best Mount and Blade Ii: Bannerlord Mods [2023]

After an excruciating wait, it’s still hard to believe that Bannerlord is actually out, even though it has been a couple of years since the onslaught of delays and early access teases.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlords’ fans are beyond dedicated to the strategy action medieval war game.

No contemporary games compare to the refined experience of being on the battlefields of Calradia, torn by civil war.

The secret to the PC version of the game’s consistent, moderate success is partly due to the varied multiplayer game modes where you command AND fight with legions of soldiers.

A blend of the skill-based directional combat system and the mental strategy required offers a novel, fun time.

We can’t believe it’s still an early access version. What does that term even mean anymore in the world of PC games?

Best Bannerlord Mods

Most games with dedicated player bases and infinite replayability rely on customization (Bannerlord has a surprisingly complex character creation system) and the potential for the players to dictate their own playstyles; naturally, this gives rise to modding communities.

Mods add the visions of the most dedicated players directly into the game and its community.

25. Developer Console

Developer Console

Have you ever wanted to be able to see behind the curtain? To have access to all the secrets that game developers keep hidden from the public?

With a simple hotkey command, the Developer Console allows players to open up the dev console and see all sorts of exciting things.

Want to know what your opposition has brewing? Want to bend the rules or pull values for your own mods for Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord?

Just type in the correct commands and find out! Or perhaps you’re just curious about how the game works. Now you can take a peek and see for yourself.

Of course, this mod isn’t for everyone. If you’re not comfortable poking around in the code and data, then it’s probably best to steer clear.

But this mod is definitely worth checking out for those who are curious and adventurous.

24. Character Export Import

Character Export Import

If you’re like us and you’ve ever found yourself getting fed up with the characters in your Bannerlord game, then we have some great news for you!

The Character Export Import mod adds a tool to export characters from your game, edit them however you like, and then import them back into the game.

The possibilities are endless. You could even import a friend’s characters from their game and command and fight as if they were your own.

Overall, this mod is a great way to add extra customization and flair to your Bannerlord experience. Check it out!

It’s not the most complicated or best Bannerlord mod, but it has more utility than almost any other.

23. Party Screen Enhancements

Party Screen Enhancements

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is a game that revolves around managing your own legions of fighters.

From low-level grunts to highly-trained knights, it’s up to you to ensure your troops are well-equipped and ready for battle.

The right mix of unit types is essential for success on the battlefield, but Bannerlord also requires you to manage your parties of units carefully.

This can be time-consuming, especially when you’re dealing with large numbers of troops.

Fortunately, there’s a mod called Party Screen Enhancements that streamlines the process by adding buttons that allow you to quickly upgrade all of your troops’ equipment at once, among other features.

22. Sound the Alarm

Sound The Alarm

This mod, called Sound the Alarm, adds a custom notification system that creates popups for when your villages, towns, or castles are attacked and when any other empire signs declarations of war or peace.

This mod is huge for those who want to be more strategic in their gameplay while also having a less hassle-filled micro-management experience. Sound the Alarm allows players to be confident that they won’t be caught off guard.

21. Buypatrols


Have you ever been annoyed by those pesky bandits who won’t leave you alone? Many players consider the mild yet constant threat of roving bandits more of a nuisance than a challenge.

Well, worry no more- there’s a mod for Bannerlord called Buypatrols that lets you hire patrols from any settlement to help protect you from bandits!

This mod features a thorough suite of customizable settings so that you can tailor it to your specific needs. Plus, it’s always nice to have extra help when trying to protect your hard-earned loot!

20. Bear My Banner

Bear My Banner

Have you ever wanted to feel like Jon Snow, commanding your own army of loyal followers into battle? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a medieval queen, presiding over grand tournaments and feasts.

Whatever your ambitions, the Mount and Blade II mod Bear My Banner is here to help make them a reality. Like with many other popular mods, Bear My Banner enhances customization.

This mod allows players to create and display custom banners for each formation, tournament themes, and more. This easy download is ideal if you’re looking for a little something extra in your Mount and Blade II experience.

19. Bannerlord Mod Launcher

Bannerlord Mod Launcher

Bannerlord Mod Launcher is a mod-friendly standalone launcher program for Mount and Blade II.

This program is essential for any player who wants to get the most out of their game with ease.

With it, you can quickly launch and manage mods without having to deal with the hassle of editing game files or manually updating your game.

Plus, Bannerlord Mod Launcher is often updated with the latest mod support, so you can be sure that your game will always be up to date.

Get started today and see how Bannerlord Mod Launcher can take your game to the next level!

18. Settlement Icons

Settlement Icons

Icons over settlement nameplates? Sign us up! No more wandering around aimlessly, wondering if there’s anything to do!

Settlement Icons makes it easy to see what’s available and make decisions accordingly. In addition to rendering icons over settlement nameplates to indicate available quests, it also notes available tournaments and noble troops.

This is a great way to keep track of what’s going on in the game and make sure you’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to ride forth and win.

17. Distinguished Service

Distinguished Service

In the ever-changing world of Mound and Blade II: Bannerlord, one mod has emerged as a must-have: Distinguished Service.

This mod allows basic soldiers, who meet specific criteria, to ascend to companion-tier seats of power in your game world following a battle.

We relish the opportunity to raise our former loyal peasants to the sweet life of governor or lord.

The Distinguished Service Mod also allows for a more diverse and interesting group of companions, each bringing their own unique history with your empire to the table.

In addition, the mod adds an extra layer of depth to the game, resulting in even more replayability.

16. Bannerlord Autotrader

Bannerlord Autotrader

Bannerlord AutoTrader is a mod that allows you to automatically buy and sell items.

It is highly configurable, so you can decide if it manages the trades for you or just sells your loot.

You can also choose how much money you want to spend on each transaction, and the mod will keep track of your profit and loss.

The rules the bot follows can be tweaked to work in favor of even the most experimental domination plans.

This mod adds an unprecedented level of control and convenience to Bannerlord without all the hassle.

15. KB Raise Relations

Kill Bandits Raise Relations

The best way to get to know someone is by fighting them, and that’s especially true in Bannerlord once you download this mod from Nexus Mods.

KB Raise Relations introduces a mechanic where you can gain relationship points with random notables in close by towns and villages by defeating bandits.

This is similar to destroying bandit hideouts, but it’s a lot more personal.

You’ll be able to see the results of your hard work directly and maybe even make some new friends along the way. Just be careful not to start any rivalries.

14. Diplomacy


Diplomacy is a mod that allows the player to interact with the world more believably.

This mod provides options for characters to have a more deliberate role in shaping their game world, including the player and NPCs.

Diplomacy creates more authentic world events while giving the player center stage.

The unique and interesting custom mechanic offers much potential for creative players. We think that this mod has a lot of promise.

Diplomacy is a mod worth checking out to reach the edges of the game’s deep well of potential.

13. Attribute Point per Level

Attribute Point Per Level

Mount and Blade II is a game all about development, on an individual and a mass level.

You want to make sure your guy is the best he can be, so you’re always on the lookout for ways to level up quickly and efficiently.

When a mod called Attribute Per Level crossed our path, promising to give players an attribute point at every level, it was understandably enticing.

Even if you don’t want the advantage that one point per level would give, this mod also corrects a typo in the game; in the base game, there is an attribute point every four levels, even though the tooltip claims it to be three.

This mod may be helpful if you think the one point per three levels rate sounds correct and fair. Alternatively, the boost that quicker attributes give at faster rates can be fun to play with.

12. Open Source Armory (Osa)

Open Source Armory (osa)

Open Source Armory combines existing armor mods and adds over 1000 new custom armor pieces. The mod also adds 58 new shields, 16 banners, and 21 weapons.

The latest version of the mod is compatible with 1.8.0 and later versions while being one of the largest custom armor packs released so far.

OSA is an appealing choice for people who want to make their game even more jam-packed and dynamic.

Moreover, OSA makes the game more challenging and exciting for people who enjoy complex mechanics by exponentially increasing the gear possibilities.

11. Xorberax’s Cut Through Everyone

Xorberax's Cut Through Everyone

Xorberax’s Cut Through Everyone is a mod for Bannerlord that makes combat more thrilling by allowing weapons to slice through multiple units in a single blow.

This mechanic makes the game more challenging and unique, and it’s sure to be a hit, with fans of the series looking for a little more brutality and violent effectiveness.

Xorberax’s Cut Through Everyone gives your weapons an AoE effect; Whether you’re cutting down a line of enemy soldiers or trying to get through a group of pesky archers, this mod will make it a lot easier.

10. Dismemberment Mod

Dismemberment Mod

Hear us out. An empire torn as the continent of Calradia would be a brutal place. Medieval battles are not known for their softness and safety; if you agree, Dismemberment is for you.

This mod adds more graphic, realistic effects to your kills in-game.

When you finish an enemy soldier, there’s a chance that their head will go through a tough divorce with their body, shedding some red. You get it.

9. Equip Best Item for Bannerlord

Equip Best Item For Bannerlord

We love a simple quality of life mod; this mod is the pinnacle of that.

Equip Best Item introduces a feature that will feel familiar if you’ve played almost any other game, a button to equip the best gear in your inventory, and indicators when an item in your bag is an upgrade.

That’s all there is to it.

8. Bannerlord Cheats

Bannerlord Cheats

Make your Calradia dreams a reality with Bannerlord Cheats. This is the first time we’ve put overt cheats on one of our lists, but hey, it’s a free country.

The single-player mode in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is fun as-is, but for those that want a sandbox experience without the threat of losing, this mod is for you.

The Bannerlord Cheats mod adds more than 50 cheats, boosts, and options you can apply to your game to suit your liking.

We don’t use this one but understand the appeal and approve.

7. Realistic Battle Bannerlord Mod

Realistic Battle Bannerlord Mod

A variety of real-world changes based on physics and historically accurate detail motivate this mod. Get the Realistic Banner mod from Nexus Mods.

This is an exciting specimen; any medieval history and technology enthusiast will have a great time exploring Realistic Battle.

Every change brings the combat and systems of Bannerlord closer to how the situations would play out in real life.

We love this idea; it fits with the philosophy and tone of Bannerlord, in our opinion.

6. Swadian Armory

Swadian Armory

Can you ever have too much armor? We don’t think so.

The Swadian Armory mod collection is the archive of an independent Bannerlord player’s armor designs as they practice 3D modeling. Download your own Swadian Armory collection.

Many of the pieces look fantastic; there’s no reason we can’t have style AND glory on the battlefields. Cosmetic achievement is the true endgame of every game.

There are plenty of other aesthetic mods out there if that’s your thing, too.

5. Cultured Start

Cultured Start

The character creation system in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord was pretty good, but more options are always a good thing in games like this.

Snag the Cultured Start mod for Bannerlord here. Cultured Start modifies the system, enabling you to make more choices as you make your character, dictating more precisely how you start your adventure in Calradia.

You can pick starting factions, cultures, and locations; the possibilities are endless.

4. Fast Dialogue

Fast Dialogue

Time is the most precious resource; it might be the only thing with actual intrinsic value. Why are we going to waste it mashing keys through dialogue and menus that aren’t enhancing our experience?

Start saving time with Fast Dialogue, available on Nexus Mods. With the Fast Dialogue mod, we won’t! This mod replaces several in-game conversations in Bannerlord with custom menus.

It also bypasses a couple of loading screens. The original dialogue option remains if you want to pick it from time to time.

3. Improved Garrisons

Improved Garrisons

Download Improved Garrisons. By consolidating information and action menus and automating other details, Improved Garrisons is so game-changing that we can’t imagine playing without it.

As we enter the top three, things are getting serious. Managing your castles and settlements in Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is a central part of the gameplay, but as your footprint grows, it becomes more challenging to get an accurate big picture of what you’ve attained and make good decisions.

2. Fixed Launcher

Fixed Launcher

Underwhelming, sure, but vital. The Bannerlord Fixed Launcher mod remedies the frustrating inconsistencies and bugs in the game’s mod launcher.

Stop fighting with the game launcher when there’s this quick fix available.

Mainly if you use a ton of mods, this fix is required to manage your collection, check errors, evaluate missing files, and confirm dependencies between mods.

1. Dawn of an Empire

Dawn Of An Empire

Mods don’t get more ambitious than this. There is a team behind this core mod intended to serve as a platform for future expansion-level narrative and gameplay content.

Win glory! Fight! Download the Dawn of an Empire mod for Bannerlord!

With custom factions, the Eagle Rising team brings us to a different time period of Calraic antiquity (the dawn of the empire we know and love) to explore and experience some rich lore.

There is a discord server to join if you want news about forthcoming updates. Several new factions are planned.


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most of these mods are outdated (some by 3 years!) so i dont think these are good for 2023