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The 25 Best Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Mods [2024]

The 25 Best Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Mods [2024]

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlords’ fans are beyond dedicated to the strategy action medieval war game.

No contemporary games compare to the refined experience of being on the battlefields of Calradia, torn by civil war.

The secret to the PC version of the game’s consistent, moderate success is partly due to the varied multiplayer game modes where you command AND fight with legions of soldiers.

Best Bannerlord Mods

Most games with dedicated player bases and infinite replayability rely on customization (Bannerlord has a surprisingly complex character creation system) and the potential for the players to dictate their own playstyles; naturally, this gives rise to modding communities.

Mods add the visions of the most dedicated players directly into the game and its community.

25. Bannerlord Software Extender

Bannerlord Software Extender

When youadd mods to your games you want to make sure that all of your mods help create more functionality to the game. You want smooth sailing ahead rather than a bumpy ride with glitching and freezing.

The Bannerlord Software Extender or the BLSE helps with just that. It helps increase the general modding capabilities and ensures your game will function. This is a must for anyone considering adding mods to their Bannerlord game.

Once installed, you don’t have to take any more steps. How great is that?

24. Character Manager Mod

Character Manager Mod

Characters play a huge part in any game and Bannerlord is no exception to the rule. However, as great as the characters can be there are limitations which is where this mod comes in.

The Character Manager Mod helps you with any limitations that might exist. It enables you to import or export any character into the game. Best part? You’ll even have the same level you had in the previous save you are importing from!

This is a new/updated version of the former Character Import/Export Mod.

23. Better Exception Window

Better Exception Window

Error messages, freezing, the dreaded looping loading page, and anything that disrupts your play of Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord is annoying, but something to be expected. The most frustrating part is sometimes you don’t even know what caused the error… until now that is.

The Better Exception Window will give you a detailed report of what caused the error. This way you can take steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

22. Equip Best Item

Equip Best Item

The Bannerlord game requires you to manage your fighters, so you’ll want to make sure that you and your army have the best weapons available. This is where this mod comes in.

Equip Best Item is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the updated version of Aleksey’s Afonin’s Equip Best Item Mod that lets you make sure that only the best items from the inventory are equipped.

When going into battle you’ll always want to have the best of the best. This mod here makes sure of that.

21. Fourberie


Do you feel like you’ve wanted to experience Bannerlord under a different playstyle? The Fourberie mod is perfect for you then.

Fourberie means cunning in French which is a fitting name for this mod because it lets you play as a rogue character. What you do with the cunning skills given to your character is your choice. Either get your sneaked on or invest in some schemes that will bring the world in this game to your knees.

Sometimes the quiet way is the best way to play a game.

20. Banner Kings

Banner Kings

The Bannerlord game brings you smackdab into medieval times. There is a heavy emphasis on battle in this game, but sometimes you want to just experience some of the more gameplay that involves no combat.

Banner Kings is a mod that does exactly that. It brings more depth to the non-combat areas of the fame such as populations, settlements, village projects, and feudal titles to name a few.

For those who enjoy the non-combat aspect of Bannerlord II then this mod is something to check out.

19. Butrloader (Launcher)

Butrloader (launcher)

When you are using mods in a game you want to have a launcher that is going to work to the best of its ability. If it doesn’t work, then your mods won’t work! Simple enough.

The Butrloader (Launcher) mod focuses on any issues that might arise with the mod loading order, which can be a huge problem. To be specific, it gives support to players by taking metadata that will eventually fix any issues with the mod loading order.

18. Aggregated Income

Aggregated Income

Generating income and resources can be a hassle so it makes sense that you’ll want to have a mod to help you with this problem.

This help comes in the form of the Aggregated Income mod.Aggerate means to gather many units into one and this is what this mod does. It gathers different forms of income/resources such as influence, food stocks, loyalty, security, and settlement tax to name a few.

17. Settlement Icons Redesign

Settlement Icons Redesign

Don’t roll your eyes at cosmetic mods because their goal is to make the game look better, which can greatly improve your own experience while playing it.

The Settlement Icons Redesign takes the original look for the settlement names and turns it on its head. It gives it a few tweaks and helps it look more visually appealing. In addition, the relationship indicator is given a unique color depending on what faction it is.

It can’t get any better than that!

16. Bannerlord Autotrader

Bannerlord Software Extender

In such a game you’re going to need to make money and this mod helps improve the quality of life for your game, making the ability to buy and sell items much easier.

The Bannerlord Autotrader allows the player to sell and buy items automatically. All you have to do is decide if the mod is going to handle your trades or just sell your items.

It takes the headache out of buying and selling items and if you don’t want to use it anymore? Just turn it off until when/if you want to use it again.

15. Kill Bandits Raise Relations

Kill Bandits Raise Relations

It’s important to build relationships in Bannerlord, but sometimes it isn’t that easy to do it. What if there was a way you could raise relations by just fighting? Lucky for you there exists such a mod.

Kill Bandits Raise Relations takes this concept and applies it to a mod. It lets you gain relationship points from notables in nearby towns and villages. All you need to do is kill nearby bandits!

Sometimes, diplomacy is the way but in the case of this mod you’ll want to go the fighting route.

14. Diplomacy


It seems fitting that the Diplomacy mod is sitting at number 14, right below the Killing Bandits mod. Irony? Possibly. An accident? Definitely.

Diplomacy is exactly as it sounds. It’s a nonviolent way to do things and if you add this to your Bannerlord game, you’ll be able to impact the world in interesting ways that don’t involve sticking a sword in someone’s belly.

13. Bannerlord Cheats

Bannerlord Cheats

There are times when it’s convenient to have a large number of cheats at your disposal all at once. Who wants to add thirty different mods with different cheats when you can just add one that contains 50+ cheats? If this sounds like you then you’re going to want to check out this mod here.

Bannerlord Cheats is a mod that does just that. It adds more than 50 cheats you can access right in the in-game menu, making for easy access. Some will make the game easier or more difficult, depending on your preference and this is just one cheat this mod gives you to improve the game.

12. Open Source Armory

Open Source Armory

When playing Bannerlord you are going to want to make sure you have good armor and weapons. Not only for your disposal but also for your army. It’s essential if you want to have any level of success. If you end up with terrible and badly put together weapons, then you are going to be driven out of town.

Open Source Armory is the perfect mod to use if this sounds like you. It adds more than 1600 custom armor, 137 weapons, and 83 shields. You especially have a lot of options when it comes to armor.

Ever heard of mixing and matching armor? Well, it exists now! You’ll have enough choices for your player character, ensuring you will never run out of options.

11. Tournaments Expanded

Tournaments Expanded

Have you ever done the tournaments in Bannerlord and thought: I want something a little bit more? Well, this mod is the answer to all of those problems.

Tournaments Expanded simply states that it makes tournaments awesome. It does this by adding new options, extra rewards with prize choices, and making it more customizable than ever.

It gives the player a lot more autonomy when it comes to the tournament aspect of Bannerlord. As the description says, it makes it more awesome!

10. Serve as Solider

Serve As Solider

This mod takes the Freelancer Template mod, expands on it, and makes it better.

Serve as Solider mod lets you play the role of a solider, as you would imagine. This modified version lets you climb through the hierarchy of the army. You get additional perks for combat and healing as well as the ability to recruit your party that you won.

Playing Bannerlord through the perspective of a soldier adds a unique experience for players who want something a little different for their playthrough.

9. Simple Bank

Simple Bank

Banking is a profession that has existed for centuries, and it should be no surprise that a mod has been created for Bannerlord related to banking.

Simple Bank is a bank simulation mod that comes with a functional bank for one. With this mod, you can create an account and gain interest on your money, withdraw it, and even borrow against it.

It also lets you send money to the lord, and deal with caravans, and fiefs as long as you meet the requirements. If only this could mean more money in real life!

While it might not translate to money in reality, your characters in the game will be more than comfortable.

8. Changing Culture

Changing Culture

There are times when you want to change up your game and this mod enables you to do this.

The Changing Culture mod allows you to do exactly as it says. You can change the culture of a Kingdom, settlement, or clan. As long as the requirement is met then you’ll be able to change it now and again.

It doesn’t require a new game either but do make sure to back up your save first. Better to be safe than sorry.

7. Realistic Battle Mod

Realistic Battle Mod

Who doesn’t love realism added to their game? This mod brings some realism to the combat aspect of Bannerlord, making for a unique experience.

The Realistic Battle Mod helps make the combat in the game a lot more realistic. It does this by making weapons attack faster, units can parry/block and climb ladders during the siege, and projectile damage is issued based on a little something called kinetic energy.

Not only that but the AI tactics are improved in the game as well so this will add an extra challenge for players who want one.

6. Swadian Armory

Swadian Armory

We know that not all mods are created equal. Some might turn their head at fun cosmetic mods that don’t add much to the gameplay, other than making it look visually cool. Don’t count these mods out because they can enhance your experience!

Swadian Armory is a mod created by ADamnSexyName that is still being updated to this day. It adds a bunch of pieces of armor such as 37 different helmets, 5 plate boots, 3 shoulder pieces, and 4 high body armor to name a few.

All of them also have different variations which isawesome. Variation is the spice of life! Well, it’s actually variety is the spice of life but you get the idea.

5. Fast Dialogue

Fast Dialogue

Ever been playing a game and found that the dialogue is insanely slow? You want to speed through it, but not all games enable you to do this. So, you’re forced to just sit there and wait for the dialogue to finish. Thankfully, there is a mod that fixes this problem for those who are in a hurry or just don’t want to wait.

Fast Dialogue mod is an update of the original mod created by Dallen1393. It makes the dialogue moves faster and also means you have no loading screens when it comes to certain interactions.

4. I Don’t Care Campaign Log Filter

I Don’t Care Campaign Log Filter

The name of this mod might give you a bit of a chuckle but when you sit down and read about what it does, you’ll realize two things. One, you’ll realize it’s a fitting name and two it’s very useful for your gameplay.

I Don’tCare goes to your campaign log and gets rid of all the information that is considered useless. So, say you want to go check out the log to find out something or refresh your memory. This way you don’t have to read a bunch of pointless crap to find what you need.

It makes for less reading and more focus on what you want: the gameplay.

3. Character Reload Fix

Character Reload Fix

The player character and even the nonplayer characters play an important part in your gameplay. For the player character especially, the customization option is essential in helping you craft your game to your liking.

The Character Reload Fix mod creates detailed customization so you can tweak even the smallest thing about your character! Not only that but it also lets you modify your level, skills, traits, and personality as well. Finally, the most interesting thing it does is that it lets you modify NPC appearances.

This mod is still being updated today, which is great news for Bannerlord players.

2. Novus Bannerlord Launcher

Novus Bannerlord Launcher

The number 2 mod on our best list of Bannerlord mods is a mod that makes the mod launcher a little easier to use. Less headache means better gameplay, right?

Novus BannerlordLauncher helps take the headache out of mod launching. When you use this mod, it helps support your game when it comes to load orders. You can go ahead and tweak the load order without any trouble.

The best part is that you don’t even need to start the game to be able to get to some of these game settings if you use this mod. That’s what makes it so useful.

1. CA Eagle Rising Dawn of an Empire

Ca Eagle Rising Dawn Of An Empire

Here we have our number 1 Bannerlord mod. This mod is still being worked on today so new content can certainly be expected to be added sometime shortly.

CA Eagle Rising Dawn of an Empire is a mod whose goal is to eventually have a theme based on Ancient Calradia. Currently, there are still more factions to be added to this mod. However, don’t worry because there are current factions you can choose from. These include:

  • The Imperium
  • The Dryatics
  • The Saka
  • Quyaz Republic
  • The Battanii

The planned factions include:

  • Darshia
  • Germanic Tribes
  • Laconia

This mod adds so many possibilities and goodies to Bannerlord that it’ll expand your gameplay for hours.

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