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Top 10 Best Ready or Not Mods [2024]

Top 10 Best Ready or Not Mods [2024]

Ready or Not, from VOID Interactive, pushes the idea of realism first. Players can dive into hostile situations as SWAT team members with all the intensity, tactics, and true-to-life, modern-day gameplay.

This game is like a grittier PAYDAY from the opposite perspective.

Best Ready or Not Mods

Ready or Not is widely modded, and the options are numerous. These are our favorites, but there are more gems lurking on Nexus Mods for players to discover.

This modding community is one of the best.

10. Improved Gameplay

Improved Gameplay

Installing a mod like Improved Gameplay changes your experience so much that you’ll never want to take it out of your Ready or Not folder.

The vanilla game is great, but this mod takes it from great to near-perfect.

Rebalances and tweaks include health pools, enemy accuracy, AI behavior, the effectiveness of certain tools like beanbags and pepper balls, and more. It smooths out an already clean experience.

Our favorite adjustment has to be the increased occurrence of explosive traps when the right enemy unit is present. We don’t play Ready or Not to play it safe.

9. Better Enemy Behavior

Better Enemy Behavior

Better Enemy Behavior makes the experience better and less frustrating by reeling in enemies’ reaction time and accuracy to more fair-feeling levels.

This is not an “easy mode” mod. The chance is VERY small; it gives you a few more milliseconds to ascertain the situation and respond to enemies, nothing more.

With over 64,000 downloads, you can trust players are on the same page with this one.

8. Everything Unlocked

Everything Unlocked

Skip the tedium of unlocking each weapon and equipment category with Everything Unlocked.

Whether players choose to opt for a conventionally destructive weapon or select something less lethal, having access to the entire arsenal in Ready or Not ensures that their planning stage is limited only by their tactical skill and experience, not time gates or inaccessible weapons.

This mod has a few bugs with some gun attachments but mostly works fine. Nothing game-breaking.

7. In Game Menu Mod

In Game Menu Mod

The In-Game Menu offers a broad suite of tools for making easy changes to your Ready or Not session.

This is a real universal remote for your game. Players can change levels, increase the player count or lobby limit, kick griefers and AFKers, browse servers, and access mod and server browser menus.

Fellow mod makers will enjoy the blueprint loading and widget integration features. You’ll discover uses you didn’t know you needed with this mod.

6. Colt Canada C8 Iur

Colt Canada C8 Iur

Now that we’re done with utility mods, it’s time for weapons.

The Colt Canada C8 IUR is a replacement for the default M4 in Ready or Not. It features three unique variants: the GV M/10, the 16-Inch barrel, and the 12-Inch barrel.

In addition, there are two magazine variants, each holding 30 rounds. We like the GV M/10.

This is a great looking gun, and the customizations make it even better. Canadian weapons don’t get the attention they deserve in the world of FPSs and action games.

5. Foodwall Remake Mod

Foodwall Remake Mod

Fans of SWAT 4 might remember the Foodwall map. This mod is a faithful recreation.

The Foodwall Remake sports a true 1:1 scale. Props and scenery have been added to bump up the realism of the environment to reflect the increased capabilities of Ready or Not and its modding community.

This map is one of several in the SWAT 4 Remake Project for Ready or Not. The capabilities of Ready or Not really shine if you remember the original map.

4. Super-a Club

Super A Club

From the same devs that created the Foodwall project, this vibrant nightlife map is one of our favorites.

Super-A Club sets the player and their SWAT team into a packed, raging nightclub as it is set upon by a group of terrorists.

The modded club features two underground levels of neon ambiance and chaos. The team must rescue the civilians and the performers while taking care of the suspects besieging the party place.

All the best Ready or Not mods come with story and intrigue made by the modder.

3. Terrorist Hunt Game Mode

Terrorist Hunt Game Mode

As if Ready or Not wasn’t already an adrenaline-pumping game, now there’s Terrorist Hunt.

This mod introduces a new game mode with updated AI to deliver a more frenetic, action gameplay experience.

As a SWAT team, players will penetrate enemy bases and execute swift, efficient missions.

This mode features no civilians, so the only safety you need to consider is your own.

Suspects have been seriously buffed, and each level will contain the MAXIMUM number of enemies. Doors are harder to open. everything is more brutal. It’s great.

2. Wenderley Heights Motel

Wenderley Heights Motel

Hotels and motels are some of the best settings for careful operations in tactical FPS games. There’s something about defiling these liminal living spaces that just feels cool.

The Wenderley Heights Motel siege is a thrilling mission to rescue a kidnapping victim, Sarah, who has been taken to the motel from her home.

This mod has well-crafted ambiance, lighting, and environmental details like the light rain that make this one of the most immersive Ready or Not maps.

Will you backup the LSPD and restore the peace and safety of the motel and Sarah?

1. Old Wenderley Psych Hospital

Old Wenderley Psych Hospital

We’re topping off our list of the best Ready or Not mods with another harrowing SWAT siege in Wenderley. Old hospitals are the gold standard of tense action environments.

As part of Alpha team, players are responding to the abandoned Wenderley Psychiatric Hospital to handle a hostage situation involving drug dealers, charity workers, and homeless people they were trying to help.

After accidentally stumbling into a drug deal in progress, the charity workers who are still trapped in the hospital are in danger. The drug dealers don’t take kindly to being witnessed.

Neutralize the suspects and protect the innocents as you secure this abandoned facility. Are you Ready or Not?

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