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Top 15 Best Sonic Adventure 2 Mods [2024]

Top 15 Best Sonic Adventure 2 Mods [2024]

Sonic Adventure 2 was the indisputable peak of the entire franchise.

At the time, the Hero and Dark storylines felt like a mountain of content, the playable characters each had stories with distinct motivations, and the varied gameplay meant nothing felt stale while players tried to save the world from or track down the chaos emeralds.

Not the mention City Escape’s song, Escape from the City, is the single most iconic piece of media to come from a Sonic game.

If the epic hero and villain stories weren’t players’ cup of tea, the chao garden offered endless hours of fun raising, feeding, and throwing baby chao.

Initially, on the Dreamcast (the WHAT?), Sonic Adventure 2 made its way into Nintendo Gamecube versions (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle), a PC port, and an Xbox 360 port.

Best Sonic Adventure 2 Mods

The modding scene for Sonic Adventure 2 is unique.

There aren’t many mods compared to other games, but the ones that exist offer more hours of gameplay, QoL upgrades, and more.

Please keep reading to see our picks for the 15 best Sonic Adventure 2 mods to level up your gameplay experience.

15. SA2 Volume Controls

Sa2 Volume Controls

SA2 volume controls gives the player the freedom to adjust the music, sound effects, and voice line volume independently of each other.

Every player hears differently. Older games like this one, even newer games, can leave something to be desired when it comes to sound mixing.

This mod is for creating your perfect blend of sound for an optimal gaming session.

As a bonus, this mod offers a new 3D directional audio update to the game that is an immersive game-changer.

14. Sonic Adventure 2: Full Story

Sonic Adventure 2 Full Story

Full Story puts the interlaced campaigns of the game into chronological order.

This game’s multiple storylines are one of its biggest strengths, but it’s not always clear when each mission is happening relative to another.

While Dr. Eggman was shifting the shape of his ship, what was Rose up to? With this mod, you’ll know!

13. Cream the Rabbit

Cream The Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit is a custom model that replaces Miles “Tails” Prower.

Cream is an iconic character in the Sonic universe, even if she isn’t one of the best-known. This mod lets players play as her through Tails’ hero campaign.

Custom assets include an edit of her Sonic Heroes model, voice lines, UI elements, and polished animations.

Model-swap mods can look messy or feel like they were slapped on; this one does it right.

12. HD Gui: SA2 Edition

Hd Gui Sa2 Edition

This mod adds high-definition into the game interfaces that did not get updated throughout the port process.

There’s no denying that Sonic Adventure 2 is an old game. The original GUI elements looked old.

Many of them got upgraded as the game was reworked for Xbox 360 and eventually PC, but some random bits were left in the dust.

It’s jarring to come across a messy-looking ancient UI element while playing a game in 2022.

This mod polishes up the remaining GUI elements to bring them into our HD world.

11. Blaze the Cat

Blaze The Cat

Another sleeper fan-fave character from the Sonic canon it’s Blaze!

Blaze the Cat is a model-swapping mod that allows players to play as the purple feline in place of Sonic or Amy in their story campaigns.

The creator put a ton of work into this one, with over 80 modified voice clips, a secondary costume, a new mechanic, and more.

The snappy gameplay of Sonic Adventure 2 is already infinitely replayable, but custom characters make for a fresh experience your 30th time around.

10. Highest Quality Textures

Highest Quality Textures

Highest Quality Textures makes the visual presentation of Sonic Adventure 2 more consistent by updating each file and replacing the low-res ones with a high-quality version.

Like with the GUI elements, game textures can be inconsistent. It hurts the seamlessness of the experience as a player when you’re suddenly faced with a sub-PS2 quality grass patch or face texture.

This is not an upscale or ReShade; it simply replaces files that should have been replaced by the developers.

9. Restored Gun Logos

Restored Gun Logos

For some reason, many of the GUN robot enemies lost their defining logo. How will we know which organization we’re up against?

Restored GUN Logos replaces the black, red, white, and blue ‘G’ symbols back onto the beetles, hawks, fighters, rhinos, and trucks.

They look like they were meant to in the original version of the game.

8. SA 2 Mod Loader

Sa 2 Mod Loader

There’s nothing better than an easy-to-use mod loader that takes all the guesswork and know-how out of installing mods for your favorite games.

The SA2 Mod Loader is a program that can download and install mods for Sonic Adventure 2 with a single click.

Most mods on the popular modding repository for this game offer a one-click option right from the website; it doesn’t get more seamless than that.

Most recent AAA games don’t even have that.

7. Character Select Plus

Character Select Plus

This is one of those mods that adds such a smooth feature to the game; you wonder why the devs didn’t think of it.

Character Select PLUS adds a simple character select menu to the start of each stage as well as to the chao world menu.

A neat side-feature allows players to shift characters into their alternative costumes with a simple press of X or Y.

You can certainly get by without this mod, but if you want to switch characters often or play in chronological order, this is super helpful.

6. Cutscene Revamp

Cutscene Revamp

The rough port-making process that this game went through left so many loose ends for modders to tie up.

Cutscene Revamp overhauls the game’s cutscenes to bring them in line with how they looked in the original release.

As with the overall texture pack and GUI elements, the cutscenes in Sonic Adventure 2 got rough in the ports.

This mod touches up the aspect ratio, inserts imported assets, and provides workarounds for things that just aren’t working right.

The resulting cutscenes are easy to watch, as they should be.

5. Modern Sonic Adventure 2: Complete Edition

Modern Sonic Adventure 2 Complete Edition

This is the most ambitious mod on the list.

Modern Sonic Adventure 2 is a feature-packed update for the Sonic Adventure 2 port.

This mod imports shiny new HD gameplay models, fresh voice clips and sound effects, and music from other media to modernize the soundtrack.

Without changing the soul of the game, this mod offers a surprisingly new experience, even if the playthroughs are as familiar as they’ve ever been.

Hearing Doctor Who music out of nowhere is a bit of a shock, but it works.

4. Better Radar

Better Radar

The Emerald Radar is THE most frustrating feature of Sonic Adventure 2. Playing as Rouge and Knuckles is fun but can turn nightmarish real quick.

Better Radar enhances the in-game emerald radar for the two emerald shard characters: Knuckles the Echidna and Rouge the Bat.

With Better Radar, players can track all of the emeralds at the same time. Plus, new color indicators add upgraded precision to the tracking.

As a cherry on top, spatial radar sound allows players to determine where to go with greater ease.

The only stage you want to have to spend MORE time in is Pumpkin Hill. We would turn off this mod for that area, for sure.

3. SA2 Past Garden

Sa2 Past Garden

SA2 Past Garden brings the Emerald Altar map from Sonic Adventure 1 into its sequel.

Fans of the first Sonic Adventure will remember the Master Emerald Altar we see before Chaos smashes it.

Now, this mod allows you to revisit it and use it as a chao garden!

This map is mysterious, serene, secluded, and elite. It’s perfect for raising chao and reminiscing on the events of SA1. Tikal even makes an appearance! Remember her?

2. Enhanced Chao World

Enhanced Chao World

Enhanced Chao World builds the chao garden activity into a more substantial standalone activity.

The new, upgraded Chao World features intricate option menus, the ability to customize individual chao, a breeding mutation mechanic, a more in-depth fruit system, unique character chaos, new toys, and a new exclusive chao type you have to see to believe.

Not to mention fixes for the numerous rendering errors that occur in the garden.

Most Sonic Adventure 2 players will agree that the chao garden was the real game, anyway; now it feels like it.

1. Chao World Extended

Chao World Extended

Yes, another chao mod.

Chao World Extended is a professional-tier expansion to the chao garden system.

It includes equipable cosmetics for your chao like eye lenses and wings, new jewels, a system to upgrade stats, X Grade chao, new animals, activities for the chao, and so so much more.

Chao World Extended turns the chao garden into a game in its own right that could have been a solo release. Nostalgic gamers could pour a hundred hours into it easily.

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