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Top 20 Best Mafia 3 Mods [2024]

Top 20 Best Mafia 3 Mods [2024]

The action-packed crime adventure that is Mafia III is an underrated staple of the genre and possibly the strongest entry into the Mafia Trilogy.

Developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2k Games, the mafia games let players live out the tale of Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay as he seeks out bloody revenge for his family against a criminal empire.

They don’t make games like this anymore—a straightforward action adventure with a plot that comes to a satisfying conclusion.

There’s something special about a game that doesn’t rely on an extended universe, incessant DLC, or gimmicks. Mafia I, Mafia II, and III are examples of games that stand above by not doing too much.

They offer combat, ambiance, vehicle gameplay, and exciting characters.

The Best Mafia Iii Mods

Like with most single-player, open-world games, mods for Mafia III focus on tweaks, quality of life improvements, and cosmetic changes.

Obtaining in-game power is not as crucial for games without any competitive or progress-related elements.

In Mafia III: Definitive Edition, even a simple mod can revolutionize the player experience, making a great game even better. Our list will focus on fixes, custom models, and graphical changes.

20. Color Correction and Blur Removal

Color Correction And Blur Removal

The graphics and visual experience can make or break video games; this is a great mod for players focused on aesthetics.

Color Correction and Blur Removal increases the saturation of the colors in-game and removes the stock blur effect.

This makes the game much more striking to look at and easier on the eyes for extended play sessions. These changes also take effect in pre-rendered cutscenes.

Unlike other similar mods, this one does not utilize the 3rd party program ReShade.

We say this mod is essential for players who aren’t afraid of modding games.

19. Mafia Crash Fix

Mafia Crash Fix

Mafia Crash Fix repairs the issue where Mafia 3 would crash on startup. Thank the lord.

This mod needs no justification. Nothing is more frustrating than sitting down to play a new game and running into technical issues like crashes and bugs.

Some unlucky players will find their game crashing when they try to play.

Crash Fix remedies the most common cause of this issue—bugs like this drive players to put the game down and never play again, which is tragic.

If you have this bug, downloading this is a no-brainer.

18. Better Car Camera

Better Car Camera

A sizable number of players have frustrations with the camera in Mafia III while driving. It’s too… tight. It feels less polished than other systems in the game.

The Better Car Camera mod adjusts the camera system while driving for a smoother experience. These differences are hard to explain, but players will feel them immediately.

Players familiar with GTA 5 will be extra comfortable with the tweaks; driving becomes very similar to that series, which is a good thing since that game is all about driving; the A is for Auto.

The modded car camera mechanics are much less jarring and unpredictable, making driving in Mafia 3 way more fun.

17. Mafia 3 Player Model Changer

Mafia 3 Player Model Changer

This Player Model Changer for Mafia III allows you to swap Lincoln Clay’s default model with any other person in the game. Play as anyone in the Mafia universe with a few clicks.

Cosmetic swaps are the bread and butter of single-player modding. With the Model Changer, players can enjoy the story as any character they please.

Take down the crime family as one of their own members! Be a child hell-bent on revenge. The possibilities are endless. Clay’s voice lines coming out of a lady hit differently.

It’s best to save this mod for your second or third playthroughs, as the first time through the story should be as close to the vanilla game as possible to experience the developer’s intended vision.

16. Real Weapon Names

Real Weapon Names

Real Weapon Names replaces the game’s fictionalized names for their real-world versions.

Mafia III is a period piece that takes place in a time rich with history, innovation, and culture… in addition to all the crime taking place.

Players who are fans of real-life firearm technology will love this mod.

The Alfredsson M419 sounds cool, but it could be even cooler if it were called the Smith and Wesson 39, a real weapon. Every name in the game files as an authentic name; this mod reveals them all.

15. No Intro Video

No Intro Video

This type of simple mod is becoming a staple on all of our mod lists. It’s a little fix that’s very worth it.

No Intro Video removes the Hangar 13 and 2K logo clips that play when Mafia 3 boots up.

As a bonus, this can clear up some uncommon crashing issues. Over time, this mod can save players hours of their valuable time.

There’s no need to waste time when you already know who made the game.

Why do developers continue to put these at the start of games? Some of them are sneaky loading screens, but others are just video clips that cannot be skipped.

Players KNOW who made the game; they don’t need a reminder every time.

14. First Person Mod

First Person Mod

This mod adds a first-person camera mode to Mafia 3.

Taking a third-person adventure into the realm of first-person creates a huge, brand-new experience for the player.

Feel like Lincoln Clay instead of just playing as Lincoln Clay. Currently, the mod works while driving. This new feeling of immersion is a welcome addition to the world of Mafia.

Playing as other people is fine, but feeling like part of the action is something only the medium of gaming delivers well.

13. Dlc Unlocker for Mafia Iii

Dlc Unlocker For Mafia Iii

Missing out on pre-order DLC is one of the biggest bummers in gaming. Thankfully, mods are here to help.

The DLC Unlocker adds the Mafia III pre-order exclusive cosmetics: Tommy Angelo’s pinstripe suit and the Shubert Six Cab.

Players can also enjoy Vito Scaletta’s Leather Jacket and Shubert Frigate car. This mod is far easier to use than a time machine.

12. Real Mob Suit for Clay

Real Mob Suit For Clay

Lincoln Clay deserves to exact his revenge on the crime family in style.

Actual Mob Suit for Clay replaces his default 3-piece suit with a historically accurate mobster suit.

This new look makes Clay all the more intimidating and dapper. Instead of looking like an angry car salesperson, he seems like someone who means business and should be feared, which is more on-brand for what he’s trying to accomplish.

Mafia I, II, and III all take place in iconic eras of fashion in the United States, and the protagonist’s appearance should reflect that.

11. Playstation Icons

Playstation Icons

This PlayStation Icons mod replaces the Xbox controller icons with the classic Dualshock controller symbols.

Every game with a modding community has its own version of this mod. It’s the law, pretty much.

Many players prefer the feel of PlayStation controllers to the Xbox ones.

There are a ton of easy ways to make any controller compatible, but if a game doesn’t have the visual assets that match.

Minor fixes like this make the game experience more seamless. It’s less-than-fun being reminded about system details while playing.

10. Restore Sammy’s Burned Bar

Restore Sammy's Burned Bar

Restore Sammy’s Bar replaces the post-fire structure with Sammy’s bar in its nice and clean state before the fire.

This mod gives players who don’t want to play the “Sign of the Times” DLC the option to return to the corner bar.

No regular activity, such as employees or other customers, come back; it just restores the location.

Players don’t get much replayability, but the freedom to return to this key location is good for screenshots or recording videos.

9. Mafia Iii New Haircuts Mod

Mafia Iii New Haircuts Mod

This collection of models offers a selection of new hairstyles for Lincoln Clay, the playable character.

Just because he’s off expressing a blood vendetta, that doesn’t mean he can’t experiment with his style.

With these new in-game hairstyles, players can customize their Clay to suit them better or to look as ridiculous as possible. We think they all look really good; a lot of work went into them.

Either way, this kind of cosmetic mod adds light-hearted replayability potential to any game.

8. Improved Crosshairs

Mafia III isn’t a fully-fledged FPS or anything, but combat improvements are still a welcome addition.

These modded Improved Crosshairs replace the default ones when aiming a weapon. Players can choose to use a dot targeting method or a reticle.

They can also opt for no crosshair at all for more immersion. Having a better crosshair makes for more accurate shooting and a more fun time.

7. Racket Damage Mission Removal

Racket Damage Mission Removal

Racket Damage Mission Removal lets the player skip the damage missions in Mafia III.

Killing or recruiting the racket bosses is necessary, but the missions that come before are arduous and repetitive.

Even if one reduces the damage threshold, why do them at all? This mod simply deletes the most tedious part of the game.

Certain missions like the Strip Club, Smack, Moonshine, and Plow House cannot be removed.

6. Open Bridge Gate to the Marcano’s Casino

Open Bridge Gate To The Marcano's Casino

This mod opens the gate to the Marcano’s Casino immediately after starting the main story campaign.

Sometimes Mr. Lincoln Clay just needs to gamble, and there is no time to wait for the Casino’s bridge gate to open up.

This mod lets players get to exactly where they want as soon as they enter the game.

We don’t recommend this mod for first-timers, as the story events are important and should be done in the correct order.

5. Lincoln Clay Beard Mod

Lincoln Clay Beard Mod

Beard Mod lets players play as Clay with a beard.

Unlike other mods, this one is a true beard mod, not just a wonky skin retexture.

These beards are compatible with ALL in-game outfits, too! We think Lincoln looks extra tough with a beard.

4. Mafia Iii Save Game Perfect 100% Story, Dlc, and Collectables

Mafia Iii Save Game Perfect 100% Story, Dlc, And Collectables

This is a downloadable save file for Mafia 3 that has full story completion, DLC completion, all collectibles obtained, all street races won, and all skills, weapons, and cars unlocked.

Perfect save files are for players that want a fun, open-ended sandbox experience.

It’s definitely for those who have already beaten the game on their own but prefer not to complete games by hand.

The world of Mafia is at your fingertips with everything this save files gives access to.

3. Old Time Reality Mod

Old Time Reality Mod

Graphical overhauls and tweaks can change the whole tone of a video game.

Old Time Reality is a non-ReShade visual rework that focuses on lighting and color.

This mod provides a more moody, realistic tone to Mafia III, especially at night while driving.

By fiddling with street lights, sun, and car lighting, Old Time Reality adds a stylistic flair to the game that is captivating. The world feels more alive.

2. Mission Replayability

Mission Replayability

Many story-centric games have no option to redo missions once the plot has progressed, which is a shame when certain scenes are particularly epic or fun.

Mission Replayability lets players replay campaign missions. In our opinion, more games of this genre should come with this feature from the start.

With this mod, you don’t have to start a new save file or collect save files at the start of favorite missions anymore. No mod adds as much literal replayability as this one does.

1. Scripthook Revamped

Scripthook Revamped

Every game has its definitive cheat table or engine.

Scripthook Revamped is a collection of scripts (cheats) for Mafia III.

Players can enjoy superpowers like Noclip, Godmode, unlimited ammo, control over police spawn, create cars, mess with physics, teleport, and so much more.

Being the only true game-bending mod on the list, we made sure it could do absolutely everything. You can even make unlimited money or obtain any weapon.

This mod requires the Lua script loader for Mafia III.

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