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Top 8 Best Alien Isolation Mods [2024]

Top 8 Best Alien Isolation Mods [2024]

Ridley Scott’s Alien film is beyond iconic. It pushed the sci-fi horror genre forward, arguably creating its niche, and inspires survival horror to this day. Ellen Ripley and her crew made history.

Creative Assembly Limited struck gold when they brought the iconic space station and monster into the world of gaming with 2014’s Alien Isolation.

Survival horror games were already trendy, but this set a new bar for them all.

Best Alien Isolation Mods

This list contains our favorite mods for making the game more enjoyable, visually pleasing, more challenging, or less aggravating.

8. Improved Graphics

Improved Graphics

In our opinion, the visual aspect of a true survival horror game is more than half the experience.

This mod, Improved Graphics, increases the graphical performance of Alien Isolation.

Longer view distance, modified planar reflections, and higher resolution shadows make Sevastopol Station all the more terrifying and more realistic for the player.

7. Lens Flare Be Gone

Lens Flare Be Gone

The official title of this mod uses the word “disgusting,” but we think that’s a little unfair.

Lens Flare Be Gone removes the lens flare in Alien Isolation while preserving all of the other lighting effects.

The resounding consensus among players is staunchly anti-flare. This simple mod is one of the most popular of all time for this game.

In truth, it does make the game much more playable; it’s easier to use the flamethrower, among other things.

We might agree with the strong dislike.

6. Flamethrower Use Less Ammo

Flamethrower Use Less Ammo

Our flamethrowers in Alien Isolation burn through fuel WAY too fast.

The Flamethrower Use Less Ammo mod makes the fuel last longer while wielding the flamethrower.

Players can choose between medium or easy versions of this adjustment to get more or less advantage.Making the weapon-of-choice for most people more usable increases player confidence even if the raw ability to survive doesn’t increase as much. Confidence is half the battle when playing a survival horror game.

We found the medium version to be the perfect balance between quality of life and difficulty. To be honest, it doesn’t make the game much easier at all at higher difficulties.

5. No Save Noise

No Save Noise

No Save Noise removes the beep sound that plays at save box stations in the game.

The save box noise is the audio version of the much-maligned lens flare.

With this mod, players’ ears never need to suffer the pain of that loud, sharp beep. It is distracting enough to be immersion-breaking.

Even though this mod is wildly popular, we could not rank it higher because it just removes a sound. We do consider this mod essential, however.

4. Alien Domination – 1979

Alien Domination 1979

Alien Domination is a ReShade preset that makes Alien Isolation resemble the actual Ridley Scott film from 1979.

As a director, Scott is legendary for his stark style of framing and lighting. His artistic vision creates empty, oppressive environments that surpass any other.

This pre-made file of settings for ReShade enhances the atmosphere in Isolation to a surprising degree.

Nothing screams Alien or Ridley Scott like the stark, low-saturation lighting that this mod creates.

ReShade is an easy-to-use standalone program that offers lightweight graphical adjustments to various PC games.

3. Softcore


There’s no shame in using this mod. Alien Isolation was made to be enjoyed; more people experiencing a piece of media is a good thing. Accessibility in gaming!

Softcore is a moderate rework for Alien Isolation that re-balances weapons and equipment to make survival easier without damaging the intended gameplay experience.

This mod lets players carry more. That means more light, fuel, weapons, and supplies. That’s a lot of “more.” Plus, some weapons and tools are enhanced.

Softcore is the polar opposite of our top pick.

2. Bay’s Alien Isolation Overhaul

Bay's Alien Isolation Overhaul

There are a handful of mods for Alien Isolation that reshape the experience to what the creators think the experience should be; this is one of our personal favorites.

Bay’s Overhaul makes Alien Isolation more realistic while focusing more on the horror elements. The alien’s AI, weapons, and hack tool received painstaking modifications.

There is also an optional toggle to make the alien quieter or completely silent. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Kitty Isolation

Kitty Isolation

Don’t be fooled by the friendly name; this is the most brutal version of the Alien Isolation gameplay.

Kitty Isolation is a new, ultra-hard difficulty that creates an unprecedented challenge through MANY changes to the game.

Made as a challenge for dedicated speedrunners, this mod decreases ammo limits, adjusts damage formulas, empowers the alien’s senses and speed, and much more.

There are dozens of ways Kitty Isolation makes the game harder, well beyond the highest built-in difficulty.

Kitty Isolation’s difficulty exponentially increases the replay value of this incredible game for players with the skills and determination to give it a try.

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