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Top 20 Best Anno 1800 Mods [2024]

Top 20 Best Anno 1800 Mods [2024]

Anno 1800 is a city-building and management strategy game developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte. It is the seventh installment of the long-running Anno series and was released for Windows in April 2019.

Set in the 19th-century industrial era, Anno 1800 combines aspects of both traditional city-building games with real-time strategy elements.

Best Mods for Anno 1800

As with most strategy games, modding is an integral part of Anno 1800. Modding can be used to customize, tweak and enhance the game in all sorts of ways.

With that said, here are our top 20 best Anno 1800 mods – all of which will help you take your city-building skills to a new personal best.

20. Production Boosts

Production Boosts

Production in Anno 1800 allows players to craft various items, such as tools, machinery, and ships, using resources gathered from the environment.

It is an essential part of creating a successful city-building strategy and includes constructing production buildings that require specific raw materials as well as managing workers to ensure maximum efficiency.

Make your industrial empire hum with the Production Boosts mod for Anno 1800! This one-of-a-kind feature offers eight modules of exciting new ways to fuel production.

Reduce building times, double service ranges, and halve field limits – all designed to make achieving success a breeze. Get started today, so you can get back to ruling your kingdom in no time flat!

19. More Ship Slots

More Ship Slots

Harnessing the power of ships is essential to success in Anno 1800. Players must craft, maintain and navigate varied ships to explore the world, transport goods, and fight adversaries.

To become a successful shipbuilder, not only must one have the technical proficiency required for such an ambitious task but also sufficient resources to construct and upkeep these vessels.

Enjoy greater freedom of choice with this Anno 1800 mod, granting you the capacity to expand your fleet and explore a whole new world.

18. Industrialized Low Tier Production Buildings

Industrialized Low Tier Production Buildings

Anno 1800 transports players back to the dawn of industrialization, but without advanced production chains, it can be a challenge.

Now you can make manufacturing much more efficient with just one artisan-level building!

With this mod, larger factories cost more and require workers instead of farmers — offering greater rewards for those who invest in industry factors during an age where technological progress was king.

17. Town Hall Monument

Town Hall Monument

Monuments are a powerful way to display both wealth and status in Anno 1800. Not only are they aesthetic additions to the city, but they also provide substantial bonuses to certain aspects of play.

With the right monument, a player can boost their income, raise their population, or increase their production rate.

Upgrade your town with a special 3-stage Townhall!

Not only is it bigger and better than the average building, but you’ll enjoy greater coverage from its extended radius.

Plus, six exclusive slots for items or specialists – customize as much as you can handle to create an unbeatable layout.

16. Project Distinction

Project Distinction

Visual tweaks are an important part of making video games better, and Anno 1800 is no exception.

Players can use visuals to customize their experience, from adjusting the lighting in the game world to changing the color palette of objects. Visual tweaks can improve the atmosphere of a game.

Transform your game’s visuals with a one-of-a-kind mod! Immerse yourself in stunning new textures and buildings, all tailored specifically to the Engineer & Investor tier residents.

Play smarter – play better – experience more.

15. Increase Irrigation Capacity and Range

Increase Irrigation Capacity And Range

Get pretty and powerful irrigation this summertime with this mod!

By taking advantage of its improved water pump capacity and extended canal range, you can unleash your watering skills like you’re the most talented agricultural expert of the century.

The power of the mod will make more land available for you to plant greenery on and go wild with the colors of summer. Get ready to rock those lush fields in no time!

14. Train Stations and Hotels

Train Stations And Hotels

If you’re jonesing for something different in your Anno 1800 experience, why not blast onto the scene with custom train station buildings and hotels?

With this mod, you can add a quirky twist to your gameplay and feel like a true railroad tycoon! It even adjusts the tourist requirements.

Gone are the days of boring, homogenous city building; now, you have the freedom to express some personality within your world by erecting unique structures.

13. Traders – Cheat Gains

Traders Cheat Gains

Cheating in games can be fun because it allows players to have a different perspective on the game than what’s intended by the designer.

It also provides some reward for mastering certain parts of the game that might otherwise be difficult to accomplish.

Cheat Gains changes default traders and NPCs so that they offer all kinds of items – legendary, epic, rares, uncommon, and common. And not just any kind of items, but up to 512 of them!

That means players can get exponentially more out of their Anno 1800 experience with this mod.

All those hours already devoted to the game are about to become even more satisfying for all players.

12. Power Plant Range and Storage Increase

Power Plant Range And Storage Increase

Anno 1800 offers plenty of ways to create a sustained energy supply for your settlement, but Oil and Gas Power Plants are still some of the most efficient.

It helps that they have no long-term storage needs, making them an easy pick. But what if they could do more?

With the right mod, you can increase the range and material storage of these Power Plants, allowing you to make better use of resources while simultaneously powering larger areas at once!

What’s not to like? This mod is the perfect way to take your energy production to the next level.

11. Item Buildings Affect Entire Islands

Item Buildings Affect Entire Islands

Upgrading your island town has never been easier with this aptly-name mod; all it takes is a few strategically placed Buildings!

Town Halls, Trade Unions, and Harbor Masters Offices can now impact an entire island, so you no longer need to build more than one of each building on each of your islands.

And with their effects stacking, you’re sure to see some impressive improvements all around. But don’t worry about it being too overpowered

The creators have made sure that each structure has an increased cost corresponding to its effect, as well as reducing how much you buy from traders, so resources are better allocated across all islands.

10. Metropolic Skyline

Metropolic Skyline

If you’re looking to give your virtual world a major upgrade, this mod is the perfect solution!

With 19 new buildings featuring remarkable properties, you’ll instantly notice the improvement.

Imagine having access to a variety of magnificent monuments – from tall towers to ancient temples and grandiose gates – that will truly capture the attention of anyone who happens to visit your world.

These buildings have been carefully crafted to look and feel as though they’ve always been there. With them in sight, you’ll be pleased with what your imaginative world has become!

9. Battleship Mod

Battleship Mod

Battleship Mod gives players access to a powerful steam-based warship that can be customized with a unique mesh and textures, adding depth and richness to your in-game experience.

Welcome to a captivating realm of thrilling encounters and wild escapades with this latest addition!

As you fight your way through the most difficult of skirmishes, this mod will provide an unrivaled level of authority over how your vessel appears and maneuvers when tackling daunting tasks.

Reinvigorate your strategy games with this Anno 1800 mod! It’s sure to liven up any stale gaming experience.

8. Cheat Mod

Cheat Mod

Cheat Mod is a mod for Anno 1800 that lets you do things like get more items or make your power plants work better. It can help you win the game faster and have more fun.

This mod provides you with a competitive advantage to make the most out of your gaming experience.

Utilize it for skipping levels, accelerating research and production processes, or any other task that will give you an edge in the game.

Cheat Mod takes away some of the grind from playing Anno 1800 and allows you to enjoy more of what the game has to offer.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to up your game, this mod is definitely worth checking out!

7. Ship Unlocker

Ship Unlocker

Anno 1800 is a fun and challenging game, but having to wait for rare legendary drops in order to unlock the best ships can be a pain.

Thankfully, with Ship Unlocker you no longer need to wait; all of the exclusive ships are now available as soon as you have a single Artisan and their respective shipyard.

As an added bonus, this also unlocks ships for both shipyards!

If you’ve been waiting to sail those unique vessels in Anno 1800, now’s your chance – the mod is definitely worth checking out!

6. Anno 1800 Mod Manager

Anno 1800 Mod Manager

AMM is the perfect companion for Anno 1800, whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran of the acclaimed city-building simulation game.

It’s not only an intuitive mod manager and convenient game launcher, but it also keeps you up to date with news and updates from the ever-evolving world of Anno 1800.

From custom skins to specialty add-ons, AMM helps you make your city unique as you build it up through the ages.

AMM is a great way to make your Anno 1800 experience more exciting and challenging! With all the different things you can do in AMM, you’re only limited by your imagination.

5. Incipium’s Tweaks and Enhancements

Incipium's Tweaks And Enhancements

Experienced players know that using mods to customize their game experience can bring a whole new level of excitement.

The perfect one-stop mod for the game has arrived.

This one takes into account the latest update and works in all regions, from Old World to Enbesa.

Better still, it comes neatly categorized and documented so you can find exactly what you need with ease, tweaking values with incredible precision.

Even better, there’s a wide variety of tweaks and enhancements available – giving you unparalleled control over your game experience. Perfect for those looking to give their gameplay a creative boost!

4. Free Farm Field Placement

Free Farm Field Placement

Now you can build your farm exactly how you want it with Free Farm Field Placement.

It removes the restriction of having to place farmfields adjacent to one another and also eliminates the location stipulation that tractor barns and silos need to be built near the main building.

Players no longer have to worry about inconvenient placements or workarounds, so they can finally design their farms however they desire.

With this mod, nothing is stopping players from creating awesome farming utopias in their own image!

3. All Items Unlocked at Traders

All Items Unlocked At Traders

Being able to purchase any item in the game at any time is a great addition to Anno 1800. With the All Items Unlocked at Traders mod, players now have access to every item they need at all times.

Through modding, more experienced players can now unlock all slotables and equipables that the traders in their towns possess.

It’s a great way to maximize your profits while expanding your island empire — after all, what better way to succeed than having access to the most advanced goods at a trader’s market?

2. Spice It Up

Spice It Up

With the Spice It Up mod pack for Anno 1800, players can customize their gaming experience to optimize it exactly as they prefer — including dozens of add-ons and quality-of-life improvements!

From cosmetic changes like total UI overhauls to hardcore features such as alternate victory conditions and improved sandbox mechanics, this mod pack has something for everyone.

1. Jakob’s Collection

Jakob's Collection

Jakob’s Collection is the best set of mods and add-ons for Anno 1800.

With tiers, products, industries, and more than 300 new visual assets up for grabs, you’ll be sure to impress visitors and residents alike.

Get ready to wow with custom models, variations, skins, skyscraper levels that provide housing for workers and artisans, plus three red brick town halls (a large one plus two smaller tower-style ones).

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