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Top 10 Best Enfp Anime Characters [2024]

Top 10 Best Enfp Anime Characters [2024]

We’re continuing our MBTI anime series, and the fun-loving and inspiring ENFPs get the spotlight this time!

If you’re an ENFP or know someone who’s an ENFP, maybe learning about these 10 ENFP anime characters can help you discover more about yourself or the ENFPs in your life.

Well then, let’s not keep our ENFPs waiting. Let’s start!

Enfp Traits

Before we introduce our 10 ENFP anime characters, let’s learn more about this type’s cognitive functions. These are what make an ENFP tick!

Ne is Extraverted Sensing, the dominant function, and this is how ENFPs absorb information. They lean on possibilities, theories, ideas, options, meanings, and connections.

Since they are open to different tangents, they are enthusiastic about your potential. ENFPs seek new experiences and environments.

Fi is Introverted Feeling, their auxiliary function, and what ENFPs use during decision-making.

Their core values guide them, and an ENFP doesn’t go through things if it doesn’t sit right with them.

This is sometimes called their gut feelings. It also makes them empathetic while staying truthful.

Best Enfp Anime Characters Enfp Functions

Te is Extraverted Thinking, a tertiary function. It helps ENFPs organize things in their mind.

With it, they become more aware and logical, like staying on track and completing projects or seeking truths and facts. Unfortunately, development of this function usually happens way later.

Lastly, Si is Introverted Sensing, an ENFPs inferior function. It’s something a lot of ENFPs struggle with. It’s responsible for looking back at past experiences and getting info and data from it.

By reviewing past data and using it for future situations, it helps an ENFP become aware. The function helps them stay on top of schedules or notice that they’re hungry!

Enfp Anime Characters

10. Enoshima Junko (Danganronpa)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Junko

She might not seem like it at first, but Junko’s Ne and Fi are quite twisted!

When the truth about her got revealed, it showed an ENFP with a strong Ne who seeks new experiences and entertainment due to boredom.

Her Fi lets her carry out her goals of spreading despair. And she can’t even be reasoned with – she just feels like it!

9. Fujiwara Chika (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Chika

Chika’s Ne strongly shows through her curiosity of people and her desire to know more about them. Small talk? Not for Chika! This “love detective” wants to talk about dreams and love!

Her bubbly and fun-loving personality also shows when she comes up with fun (and sometimes odd) activities for the council.

With her inferior Si, she can be oblivious to a lot of things, like not noticing the “war” between Kaguya and Miyuki.

8. Chitanda Eru (Hyouka)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Chitanda

Chitanda’s curiosity is a powerful one and she won’t stop until she has gotten to the bottom of things. Her catchphrase literally reflects her strong Ne!

And thanks to her Fi, she was able to stay true to her goal and learn more about her uncle. She just knew there was more to the story. Kininarimasu!

7. Anya Forger (Spy X Family)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Anya

Thanks to her powers, Anya caught early on that some people around her were not what they seemed. But do these secret identities scare or drive her away? Nope!

For an ENFP with a strong Ne, this just presents an exciting new avenue to explore and experience. Anya loves anything spy-related, so she’s always eager to secretly help out her dad.

Her surprisingly mature Te does show up every now and then, like how she would get ahold of her emotions for the sake of the mission.

6. Josuke (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Josuke

Very friendly and always with a pal, Josuke energizes himself when around people.

He passively prowls the streets of Morioh with his friends as its guardian and encounters all sorts of Stand Users. His Ne sure is enjoying all this!

Josuke lashes out when someone insults his hairstyle, although he has admitted that he fully doesn’t know where that wrath comes from. Fi much?

5. Usagi / Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Usagi Sailormoon

This Sailor Senshi of the moon always has her head in the clouds!

Usagi waves the ENFP flag loud and proud with her imaginative and quirky self.

She’s definitely the life of the group, often spouting outlandish and spontaneous ideas, or just being her funny and adorable scatterbrained self.

But make no mistake, Usagi also shows the empathetic Ne side of ENFPs too! She often encourages and supports her fellow Senshi soldiers.

4. Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Howl

Howl’s a wizard full of charisma and wild ideas! Good thing his occupation allows him to express in magical and creative ways.

With his Ne, he always seeks new experiences and adventures. His house literally moves on its own and has a door that opens to different locations!

With Fi, he makes a lot of decisions based on how he feels, like helping Sophie with her curse or even dyeing his hair.

Si made him keep running away from his problems, but thankfully he mustered courage to face all of it in the end with Sophie.

3. Luffy (One Piece)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Luffy

Luffy is definitely an ENFP who dreams big! He always looks on the bright side and possibilities of things.

But like a juggling ENFP, he gets sidetracked all the time. Grand Line or New World goals? Let’s steer the crew to a mini adventure first.

He doesn’t mind the side quests so long as it’s a new adventure and experience.

Also, his inferior Si makes him a bit unaware at times, like not noticing that Sogeking is Usopp!

2. Haruhi (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Haruhi Suzumiya

Her thirst for new experiences to entertain her shows her strong Ne. She often comes up with bold ideas and activities for the sake of fun.

Interestingly, she hasn’t noticed that the majority of her club members are not ordinary humans. Te and Si can be a struggle, huh?

1. Kamina (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Best Enfp Anime Characters Kamina

Kamina’s Ne definitely lets him see potential in others, particularly in Simon. His curiosity about the world and eagerness to explore also supports his Ne.

His Fe makes him unwavering toward his goals. Meanwhile, his Te and Si show whenever he doesn’t have any concrete plans but can surprisingly roll with the unexpected turn of events anyway.

Overall, Kamina is an inspiring ENFP and one of the best!

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