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Top 10 Best Istj Anime Characters [2024]

Top 10 Best Istj Anime Characters [2024]

Let’s be on our best behavior for our next MBTI anime spotlight. Please welcome the focused, cautious, and responsible ISTJ!

We’ve got serious and interesting characters on our list – from Mikasa of AoT to Aki from the currently trending show Chainsaw Man.

They’re all about efficiency, so let’s not keep our ISTJs waiting.

Istj Cognitive Functions

Before starting our list, let’s learn more about ISTJs first. An ISTJ has Si, Te, Fi, and Ne as their cognitive stack.

Si is Introverted Sensing, the dominant function of ISTJ. Sensory details, experiences, and familiarity are how ISTJ perceives and processes things.

Si makes ISTJs detail-oriented, reliable, and responsible. They appreciate what they have in life and easily feel content.

Best Istj Anime Characters Cognitive Functions

However, its negative side is being closed-off, narrow-minded, and old-fashioned. ISTJs have a tendency to stick to what’s familiar and comfortable, which can make them risk-averse and not open to new things. Sometimes, they’re unable to move on from the past.

Te is Extraverted Thinking and is the auxiliary function. A healthy Te makes ISTJ efficient and has a great work ethic. They become determined, tenacious, and proud of work done well. They learn from mistakes by objectively and systematically reviewing things.

An unhealthy Te can make ISTJ an inflexible workaholic. They don’t like changing plans or ideas and can’t see the nuances. Sadly, they can end up as controlling perfectionists who are humorless killjoys.

Best Istj Anime Characters Negative Traits

Fi is Introverted Feeling, a function that needs developing. This gives ISTJ a sense of who they are. It makes them secure about themselves and their values and morals. It also makes them loyal to loved ones.

But Fi makes them think about how they feel instead of what others feel. They can empathize, but usually with those with similar experiences.

An unhealthy Fi can also make ISTJ justify their close-mindedness with “that’s just how I am” retorts. And if they fail in their personal ideals, they can self-criticize too much.

Best Istj Anime Characters Si Te Fi Ne

Ne is Extraverted Intuition and ISTJ’s weakness. A weak Ne can make ISTJ worry about things going wrong, especially if they don’t have past experiences or knowledge relating to the situation. This worry will push them to their Si and stick to tried-and-true ways.

But a developed Ne can make them deal with new situations with creativity and openness. It can even make ISTJ crack some surprising jokes!

Istj Anime Characters

10. Mai (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

Best Istj Anime Characters Mai

Showbiz is a tough industry. Doubly so if you’re a young actress!

Her dedication to the industry and impeccable work ethic as a young celebrity show her strong Si. Unfortunately, the limelight can also be isolating.

Due to Fi, this internalization of her shortcomings made her drift away and become invisible to people. Thankfully, Sakuta is there for her!

9. Aki (Chainsaw Man)

Best Istj Anime Characters Aki

He might seem cold, distant, and a bit too formal at times, but that’s just his serious Si focusing on work!

Aki tends to observe, collect info, and apply it to the current situation. You see this during fights, which contrasts Denji and Power’s jump-into-action tendencies.

His Fi maintains his personal value of disdain towards demons. He even scolds Denji about befriending them!

However, his Te’s pragmatism in making demon contracts is stronger. Work is work!

8. Giyu (Demon Slayer)

Best Istj Anime Characters Giyu

After seeing someone’s sister turn into a demon, it was supposed to be business as usual for Giyu and eliminate her – a strong Si example. And with Te, he’s rather good at defeating demons as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But after witnessing her protect her brother, this piqued Giyu’s Ne. With his Fi, he chose what he believed was right and decided to spare Nezuko.

7. Megumi (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Best Istj Anime Characters Megumi

With his logic-driven actions and strong personal values, Megumi is a nice example of a balanced ISTJ.

His Si makes him stoic, loyal, rule-abiding and calculating. Meanwhile, his Fi gives him his own sense of right and wrong. Together, Si-Fi is the reason Megumi saved Yuji.

6. Nanami (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Best Istj Anime Characters Nanami

Another great and notable ISTJ from the same show is the calculating sorcerer and bread fanatic Nanami.

His uptight insistence on working and finishing on time is a big Si-Te flag. He’s always so logical and meticulous with details, even with eating bread!

Nanami’s Fi shows in a heartfelt scene where he insists adults have a duty to protect the young. You deserve all the bread and our tears, Nanami.

5. Kageyama (Haikyuu!!)

Best Istj Anime Characters Kageyama

Kageyama’s attention to detail (Si) and dedication to training (Te) made him a spectacular setter.

Unfortunately, his perfectionist nature drove others away from him. He learned the hard way that being “king of the court” is a lonely position.

In Karasuno, he changed his ways and even healthily developed his Fi and Ne.

4. Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Best Istj Anime Characters Rei

Rei follows her duties down to the last detail. She is loyal to Gendo and is reliable and efficient in combat. Gendo knows this and will call for her instead of Shinji.

But why did she pledge herself to such a seemingly heartless person? Simple – it’s all she knows and is her reality. This obvious Si-Te-Fi combo screams ISTJ.

3. Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Best Istj Anime Characters Riza

Riza’s rationale might seem cold, but she sticks to hard facts and values based on past experiences. She is also dutiful and loyal, especially to Roy.

Sadly, her unhealthy Fi makes her too hard on herself. She even thinks she’s someone unimportant! We object, Riza.

2. Mikasa (Attack on Titan)

Best Istj Anime Characters Mikasa

Mikasa views things through the lens of her past. Good and bad, she values her past experiences and memories, which shows her dominant Si. Interestingly, as an Ackerman, her memories can’t be erased.

And her Te? Succinctly, Mikasa is an efficient Titan killing machine. Meanwhile, her care for others only extends to people dear to her, which points to her Fi.

1. Violet (Violet Evergarden)

Best Istj Anime Characters Violet Evergarden

Our top ISTJ choice is someone who gradually discovers and develops her Fi. Violet’s story is a beautiful tale of learning about herself and her emotions through stories from others.

Her Si is still the dominant function. The moment she wakes up, she immediately attends to the orders of her superior. Subsequently, her Ti shows through her careful, organized, and disciplined actions.

In the end, she becomes a healthy and nuanced ISTJ.

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